Multiflora Honey 100% Pure, 35.2-Ounce Jars

Multiflora Honey is a distinctive blend of pure, GM Free honeys sourced from New Zealand’s forests and pastures. Multiflora Honey is processed using state-of-the-art equipment and our world-renowned “creamed” honey process to create a honey with a beautifully smooth texture and superb spreadability. Honey contains life supporting vitamins and minerals, as well as occurring enzymes, which aid functions such as digestion, cell regeneration, tissue repair, bone maintenance, muscle activity and even our ability to think! The retention of natural goodness is vital, so this honey is cool-treated (raw) to ensure the honey stays rich in nutrients and full of flavour. This means that the valuable natural sugars in bio-available glucose and fructose form are also retained, providing slow release, sustained energy for hours.

Quick facts

  • Harvested from a clean New Zealand environment
  • Cool processed, not heated
  • Contains all the properties of raw honey

Top reviews


Once again I did NOT receive COMVITA Raw Honey. This is not the first time that the supplier substituted another New Zealand honey for the Comvita Honey which I had ordered. The two are not the same and I will not order the 35.2 ounce jars again because I do not have this problem when I order Comvita honey packaged in small jars.
IngeCanton, ME

rating wild honey

I have tried many good honeys but this is by far the best ever,you’ll never want clover or orange blossom after this!Please keep stocking this as there is no substitute nearly as good.
HedwigCambridge, OH

Not Comvita

This is good, but not Comvita honey. Comvita is more expensive and better. This is an acceptable alternative at a cheaper price.
RanaCarlinville, IL

NOT Comvita

The honey is a mid amber color. It was good but not the best honey I’ve had. Sweet and thick. Be warned, you will probably NOT receive the Comvita honey pictured. Instead I received a generic New Zealand Raw honey.
EileenCallender, IA

Best eating right from jar

This is one finger licking good honey.Don’t waste in tea or on toast.Keep this for eating right from jar.Taste is the best i’ve have yet.Eat 2-3 tea a day makes me feel great every day.
LouieFlat, AK

Amazing Honey

This Honey is perfect, it has just the right consistency and the flavor is great, if you arent used to REAL honey the look
and texture may throw you off a bit but trust me dont worry, after using it several times I have fallen in love with it and
knowing it is All Natural truly puts my mind at ease! Thanks for this great product!
RoselynKearny, AZ