Mushroom Pate

Mushroom pate with marsala wine.

Quick facts

  • One of the “Good Little Cans” that goes all over the world!
  • chill before serving

Top reviews

A very appealing pate for the price

Once I got over the feeling that I was opening and serving myself a jar of cat food, I was quite pleased by the taste and texture of this pate. It has a surprisingly subtle mix of flavors and strikes the right balance between the earthiness of the mushrooms, a smoky marsala wine, and the rich butteriness of a pate. I really enjoy the pate with Carr’s Poppy And Sesame Crackers.

If you’re going to serve this to guests, I’d recommend carefully spreading this on crackers or stirring it up in a serving dish ahead of time to avoid any can-shaped chunks from turning people off.

PauletteBoyle, MS