My Color M&M’s PINK

For the M&M lovers… now you can choose your own colors! Each bag contains 7oz. of M&M’s with the color of your choice! Great for partes!! M&M’s are not returnable. Please consider PRIORITY MAIL during the summer months to avoid melting during transit.

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not good

They came to me as if they had melted in the bag at some time and got returned by a customer. The bag had 1/2 the pink coating of the M&M’s adhered to the bag. And it was winter than they were delivered. Some of the M&M’s were broken, choc exposed due to pink coating was off of them. WHat a waste of money. Wont even be able to use them. Looks like they had been laying around for a couple of years and/ or sent around the world and back. Would not recommend this Merchant
JadaHartford, WI