Myojo Chukazanmai Instant Ramen Soy Sauce Flavor with Chili Oil, 3.79-Ounce

Myojo Instant Ramen Soy Sauce Flavor with chili oil is in a plastic bag for a delicious instant meal.

Quick facts

  • High quality instant ramen
  • Single serving instant meal
  • Imported from Japan

Top reviews

With your own topping this makes perfect ramen

Myojo makes excellent instant ramen. All you need to add is protein of your choice, vegetables of your choice, soft boiled egg, nori, etc and you will have perfect ramen. The noodle itself is excellent quality but when you make ramen, you have to eat it right away or noodles will get soft.
MarlonMassena, NY

pretty good

These are quite tasty–soy sauce flavored but not too salty, which is misleading since it does contain plenty of salt( you probably shouldn’t finish all of the soup, for health reasons). Another problem with these instant ramen is the lack of an expiration date on the package—I ordered Myojo’s yakisoba along w/ this and had to throw most of it away.
MilanMunson, PA

Salt for Today and Till Noon Tomorrow

I bought these on advice of a few other sites, aka why I would pay $2.60 for a bag of ramen noodles. Starting with the bad, they contain 130% of daily recommended dose of salt, as well as: MSG, High Fructose Syrup and a ton of other industrial ingredients. But, then again who eats packaged ramen for its health benefits… They are really only Noodles, Broth and Oil with a very few little onion flakes, not the big chunks of vegetables or tofu some packs come with. With all that said, they taste really good. The broth has a very good flavor and surprisingly isn’t supper salty. The noodles themselves where good but didn’t stand out as better then most quality fried noodles.
Because of the salt and the cost, I doubt I would buy them again, however I can’t complain about trying them as they tasted great.
RayMoose Lake, MN