Mystic Chai Spiced Tea – 6 – 2 lb cans

Curl up with a cup of chai and feel yourself relax and unwind from your day. This drink, great when served hot or cold, is a refreshing blend of tea and exotic spices. Item includes six 2 lb. cans of delicious Mystic Chai Spiced tea. Each can has the ability to produce 26 servings and each serving measures out to 8 fl. oz. Whenever you receive your chai tea, you can make yourself a quick cup almostly instantly with the help of the useful scoop that is included in each can. Per 8 fl. oz. serving, there is 65 mg of caffeine.

Quick facts

  • Spiced Chai tea powdered drink mix
  • 6 pack
  • 2 lbs each
  • Makes 26 eight fl oz servings per can
  • Scoop included in each can Delicious hot, iced or as a blended beverage 65 mg caffeine per 8 fl oz serving

Top reviews

Best Chai Ever

I have tried every kind of chai I could find, this is better than the Tazzo served at Starbucks. Try it, you will like it.
DominqueOrestes, IN

Yummiest chai EVER

I used to get this stuff from Sam’s Club but am not able to find it any more. I’ve tried various other brands and nothing was ever as creamy and delicious. There is just something about the spice blend and super smooth texture in Mystic Chai!
LeontineEunice, MO

Great Chia Tea!

I have tasted alot of Chia Tea Mixes. This one is the best. Beats paying $5 at gormet coffee house.
DarinNixa, MO

Mystic Chai Tea Spiced

An awesome chai that is an incredibly enjoyable treat after a long day’s work, a soothing evening beverage, or for any time really. The fabulous blend of spice flavoring is quite pleasing and I savor every sip. I mix with hot water or use just a little if mixed with hot milk. Truly a quality addition to any pantry. This beverage allows your imagination to take you to exotic lands.
KatrinaCulloden, GA