N-Bone Cat Chew Treats – 20 pieces per bag Chicken

N-Bone products are made from all natural ingredients. There are no preservatives or artificial colors in any N-Bone product and will not stain carpet or upholstery. They are totally edible and highly digestible. N-Bone products are veterinarian approved and recommended. N-Bone Cat Chew Treats have a taste cats love. It is low in ash and magnesium. Taurine is added.

Quick facts

  • N-Bone products are made from all natural ingredients.
  • There are no preservatives or artificial colors in any N-Bone product and will not stain carpet or upholstery.

Top reviews

Major choking hazard

Warning – do not buy these for your cat. They are a major choking hazard. I narrowly averted disaster when my cat chewed off an eraser sized piece about 30 seconds into gnawing on this stick. The piece was hard and not easily chewed or ground up. In other words, it’s not like food, but more like the consistency of a hard piece of wax. He would have choked on it if I hadn’t quickly taken it out of his mouth. I threw the rest of the package away.

I thought these were chew toys and they dissolved like rawhide (or not at all). I did not expect them to break off into pieces that could be choked on. I am horrified that these are being marketed and sold for pets. Amazon shame on you for carrying this product.

TomasaLonsdale, AR

It needs a new shape

It’s an ok product. I got it for my kitten to teeth on. Because it’s a stick, he had a hard time getting his mouth around it to pick it up when it’s on a flat surface like the kitchen floor so he would just swat it around until he lost it under the refridgerator. So I decided to put it in the microwave for eight seconds until it became soft and then held it in a spiral shape until it cooled off and became hard again. This gave it some dimension and was then easier for my kitten to get a hold of and chew on. He loved it after that. It helped him greatly with his teeth growing in.
MelissiaBooneville, AR

Primary Ingredient is Soy

I’ve seen these at my local Petco where I looked over the ingredient list. Soy or Soy protein is either the first or second ingredient. Soy is something I avoid in anything I give my cat. Soy isn’t very digestible by cats and is often a common food allergen. Also soy is also considered bad for your cat’s thyroid gland. In addition soy may also impact the amount of Taurine your cat absorbs; a lack of Taurine can cause blindness in cats.
GrazynaPaloma, IL

cat chews

My cat loves these and it keeps her from chewing the wrong things. I wish it was available in pet food stores rather than just over the


KortneyMarmaduke, AR

My Cat Loves Them!

AT first my cat was not really sure what to do with them other than play with them but he figured out really quickly that they where treats. Also having these around has kept him from chewing on everything so much. This was a really awesome buy and I plan on keeping these on hand at all times.
ContessaTalbotton, GA

cat chews

My kitten( 11 months) who likes to chew on everything loves these treats. They are sort of like kitty raw hides. She knows where I keep them and goes to look for them. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is I wish they lasted longer, she can chew and eat one in just a couple of minutes.
BrettNeffs, PA

Great Chew Treats for Dental Cleaning!

These chew treats are great and my cat loves them. I have not been able to find them at any retail locations and get them exclusively with KV VetSupply. The problem most cats have is the size. I find it is best to hold one end and let your cat knaw on the other end. I would not leave with them unsupervised. My cat really chews on them like a dog and scrapes his back teeth good with them. I would buy them by the case if I could afford it.
AnisaMc Kenzie, TN

Almost plastic-like

Strange smooth, plastic-like texture that my cats didn’t care for. My oldest cat likes to chew on my Beagle’s bones and rawhides so hardness isn’t an issue & both my male cats will eat just about anything. Even fruits and veggies. I’m thinking that the flavor/smell (or lack there of) wasn’t enticing to them. Oh well, at least the dog will eat them so they won’t go to waste. If your cat likes electrical cords or other similar tasteless, yet firm items-these chews just might be for you!
JanethLong Green, MD

Great for Older Kitten

I didn’t mind my kitten teething on my finger when she was smaller, but she’s 9 months old now and hasn’t lost her urge to chew on things. She was constantly after a certain consistency – something firm, but not completely hard, like a pencil topper, electrical cord. etc. This chew treat is perfect – firm enough for her, but still something she can sink her teeth into. I’m thrilled, and will definitely be getting more. The suggestion to heat it up and re-shape it by another reviewer was really helpful and made it much easier for my kitten to play with independently (vs. me holding it). Also, I wouldn’t recommend it for small kittens, as pieces will break off and your kitten/cat needs to be able to chew it up before swallowing. My kitten is a small 9-month old and doesn’t have any problems with these.
CherishSylacauga, AL

Two Paws Down

My cat is the most food oriented animal I have ever had. He was a scavenger before we adopted him; eating out of dumpsters and who knows what else. It took us months and many rolls of duct tape to train him to stay out of our kitchen trash. He will eat anything except for salsa, peanut butter, chocolate, and food with too much cinnamon. Notice that jalapeno potato chips, bread of any type (through the plastic bag), carrots, and bird seed were not mentioned in the list of food he won’t eat? Well add these cat chew treats to list of things he won’t eat. He won’t even touch them. He shows absolutely no interest in these once he sniffs them. They may help with tartar, but only if the cat eats them. Will not purchase again.
NoelCrapo, MD

My kitten loves them

My cat is just over a year old and loves to chew. He was chewing on the hose from the toilet and a lot of other inappropriate things. He really likes these. We got them at Petco. It’s hard to find chew toys/treats for cats. He didn’t like the rubbery/plastic dog toys. These are a perfect solution and keep his teeth healthy.
TemekaOrient, SD

finger saver

N-Bone Cat Chew Treats have solved the problem of my cat wanting to chew on my fingers first thing in the morning . . . substitute nursing? She is delighted (can cats be delighted?) to accept my holding the treat while she bites off bits. Then we can both get up satisfied and intact. Great product! Great company! Many thanks!
CheyenneWhitelaw, WI

Cat doesnt like, and he’s not particuliar at all.

Could be my cat, but too hard for him to chew, and doesnt like taste. Other products from this seller are great though. HAS NOTHING TO DO WITJH SELLER, IT’S THE PRODUCT.*I’m a STICKLER on *DELIVERY! “Great job, A+ “
LucioElliott, IA

Treats for the chew-inclined cat

We have two cats from the same litter. One is inclined to chew on things, like telephone and electric cords, and the other doesn’t. The one that chews, loves these treats and the other one just sniffs and walks away. If your cat tends to chew things, try these. Also, spray your electric cords with Bitter End, or another training spray, to prolong the life of your cat!
AurelioFarmersburg, IA

Waste of money!

My cat doesn’t like them, she sniffs the sticks a little but that is all. Maybe they would be good for a dog, but not for a cat.
MartaMather, CA