Nabisco Ginger Snaps, Made with Real Ginger & Molasses, 16-Ounce Boxes

Nabisco Ginger Snaps is made with real ginger and molasses for authentic old fashioned flavor. Its a classic crunchy cookie with the fresh zing of ginger and sweetness of molasses. Contains no saturated fats.

Quick facts

  • Case of six 16-ounce boxes of ginger snap cookies (96 total ounces)
  • Made with real ginger and molasses for authentic old-fashioned flavor; Kosher certified
  • No saturated fats; 6% RDA of iron per serving
  • Classic crunchy cookie with the fresh zing of ginger and sweetness of molasses
  • Perfect for tea time or an after-dinner treat

Top reviews

The Best

Same flavor and taste as I remember as a kid 60yrs ago. Not as big as they use to be, but still very good.
LieselotteNashville, TN

I love ginger snaps…

…but these taste like cardboard. The texture is reminiscent of cardboard too. I grew up loving ginger snaps and when our go-to brand was no longer available at our grocery store, we gave these a try. Needless to say, I soon stopped eating ginger snaps. They are hard as rocks out of the box, yet when they get stale you can bend them almost in half before they fall apart. Stay away. I just picked up a different brand after all these years and now I’m reminded what I’ve been missing.
JeanCallery, PA

The Best Cookies and The Best Service.

My order of Ginger Snaps are always delivered on time without broken cookies in the box, this I truly appreciate.
I also like the reasonably priced product plus the inexpensive shipping.

Thanks A Million, Amazon.

SyreetaCrane, MT

Nabisco Ginger Snaps-The BEST

These are crunchy and very tasty! I order these on a regular basis as I do not want to be out of them. Great for snacks, wonderful for many recipes or to put together with pudding, and so much more!
MariaOto, IA

great cookie!!

Just had some of these over the holiday weekend and remembered how much I like them. A good crisp and tasty cookie, with just the right amount in ginger flavor. Not as strong as some, so if you really like a lot of ginger, these might not be right for you, but I think most people who like ginger snap cookies will enjoy them.
SenaidaOld Washington, OH