Nabisco Ritz Crackers, 10 Count, 37.7 Ounce

Classic buttery goodness that flakes perfectly once it hits your lips.

Quick facts

  • Ritz Crackers Ten Stay Fresh Packs Value Box
  • Ten stay fresh packs included in this box

Top reviews

Puttin’ on the Ritz !!!

Ritz crackers by Nabisco have always been one of my favorites. I remember eating them in kindergarten at snack time–I always wanted a couple extra! These crackers have stood the test of time because they are very tasty and great to eat as a snack.

Ritz crackers are rather low in fat (4.5 grams of fat per serving) and they have almost no carbohydrates. They are cholesterol free as well–hooray! In addition, this product is kosher if that matters to you. The nutrition label indicates that there are no trans-fats but I did notice a bit of partially hydrogenated ingredients on the label–it may be that the amount of trans-fats this generates is negligible.

Ritz crackers can be eaten by themselves but feel free to get creative! They can help out when it’s time to make snacks for company. Just put a bit of cheese (or melted cheese and ham) on them and you’re serving up great appetizers or snack in no time! They go great with a little bit of butter on them, too.

Overall, Ritz crackers really hit the spot when I crave a snack before bedtime. I simply take a slice of two of regular cheese and place little bits of the cheese on top of the crackers and with a small beverage it’s awesome!

I highly recommend Ritz crackers as one of the healthier crackers that will satisfy you, too. Great!

LeolaThurston, OH