Nagatanien – Nori Chazuke


Quick facts

  • Chazuke is a bowl of cooked rice mixed with tea and other tasty ingredients like seaweed
  • Just add hot water! Makes a great warm snack or meal
  • Also available with umeboshi flavoring
  • Contains four packages of chazuke mix
  • Net Wt. 0.85 Oz.

Top reviews

Seems *way* pricey

I confess that I have not bought this product as listed. I’m writing to alert the seller and any potential buyers that this price, $7.99 for one packet of four chazuke servings, is ridiculously high. Is the description wrong, and this is actually more than one packet? Is the seller really trying to get a 300% markup over regular retail just for selling through Amazon? If you’re thinking of buying Nagatanien ochazuke, you’re better off buying the ones sold by Uwajimaya. Amazon carries these as well, under the “More Buying Choices” box that (for me at least) shows up on the right of the screen.
PreciousRonald, WA


Nagatanien Nori Chazuke is delicious and savory and I prefer it to any other rice seasonings I’ve tried. The seaweed flakes are small and fresh, the salmon bits don’t taste overly “fishy”, and it makes a nice broth when you pour hot water over it. However, I like the salty seaweed flavor undimmed, so I sometimes even just sprinkle a package over a bowl of steamed rice and skip the hot water. My kids, ages 6 and 8, love it as well, though a whole packet is too salty for them. They each only need half a packet, so you can ‘stretch’ it to your liking.

It definitely shines best when paired with sticky Jasmine rice, steamed rather than boiled.

KimberleyHazlet, NJ