Naleczowianka Carbonated Mineral Water, 16.9-Ounce

Naleczowianka is appreciated for: low sodium level – prevents hypertension. Diuretic effects help prevent formation of kidney stones.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 16.9-Ounce (Total of 202.8-Ounces)
  • Help prevent formation of kidney stones
  • Perfect source of daily refreshment

Top reviews


Not only does it help prevent kidney stones…it removes them! Have Warts? No problem! Unwanted Moles? Spray it on and Forget it! This stuff is like car dent remover for the body. Lack or energy, Sad? Take a sip…get a good grip….give the concoction 30 minutes to synergize inside the Gut and you will Feel just like when you crawled fresh out of your mothers womb…Amazing!

Uncle claims this also works great on clogged drains, removing unsightly rust, potent insect Killer (including fireants) and can even be used to spay your pets. The new bottle design is now made of highly durable plastic…much more stable than the old Ruski plastik that would spontaneously combust or explode upon daylight exposure. The days of having to lock up your Naleczowianka are gone! Naleczowianka is harvested and bottled in Poland (country in Europe). Warning: After sampling the Naleczowianka Polish Jokes will cease to be funny and completely stop making sense. Since starting to drink Naleczowianka i have lost 45 pounds, stopped wearing shoes and have this urge to start my own talk show. Searching for the meaning of life? Well you just find it!

PS: In All honesty highly recommend – Tastes great.

-Naleczowianka Fan

CharlynCollinston, UT