Namaste Foods, Gluten Free Bread Mix, 16-Ounce Bags

Namaste Foods products are free of wheat, gluten, corn, soy, dairy, casein, potato, tree nuts & peanuts

Quick facts

  • Case of 6 mixes (total of 96 oz) Makes one 1 pound loaf
  • Wheat Free, Gluten Free
  • Dairy, Corn, Soy, Potato, Casein & Nut Free
  • Dedicated Facility, made in the USA
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Top reviews

A mistake and a real disappointment!

I ordered this item by mistake. I thought I was ordering the Pizza Crust which our family just loves. When I saw that I have made the mistake, I decided to give it a try – we now had 6 packages. But this was the worst GF bread we have ever made. Had to keep putting it back in the oven because the middle was raw and outside was hard as a rock. We tried to eat it, but just threw it out – the first time I have ever hated a GF item so much!
ChrisDayton, KY

Great Gluten-Free Bread by Namaste

After trying several recipes for gluten-free bread, I find many taste

like cardboard. Namaste makes a great mix which I found is made even better

by adding fennel and rye seeds to it. Very tasty. I highly recommend all the

Namaste products. I have tried and love the pizza mix, the waffle mix which I make blueberry pancakes out of,

and the chocolate cake mix which I make cupcakes out of. That way I can

freeze some for later. All mixes are free of: gluten, wheat, potato, soy,

dairy and casein, but not free of taste!

MargotJonesville, SC


For an allergen free family, including gluten, dairy, soy, and egg, this bread mix is a delight! I replace the eggs with flax meal. 3 Tablespoons flax meal and 9 Tablespoons hot water. Let the flax meal sit for 10 minutes to gel, then add with liquids to the bread mix. I have to bake at 350 for 1 1/2 hours. If you make rolls, they bake in about 30 minutes–delicious too!
ErikHudson, NC

Finally, a good GF bread mix

As a lifelong baker of all sorts of breads and other family recipes using regular flour, when I unexpectedly developed an intolerance for gluten I thought it would be easy to find good recipes using substitute ingredients for the flour. I spent a lot of time and money trying GF bread recipes. I bought recipe books, used all kinds of flours, and was ultimately not satisfied with any of them. The breads were crumbly or not a pleasing texture in the mouth or, in the case of garbanzo bean flour, bubbly in the tummy. And forget the store bought GF breads — what do they do to some of them that they last for months on the shelf (?!), and others that are kept in the store refrigerator seem dry and tasteless.

Then I stumbled upon the Namaste bread mix. I love it. Bread that tastes, smells and feels like a real bread!

I do make a few alterations to the package instructions. I add a teaspoon of sugar to the yeast/water mixture to boost the proofing. Sometimes I add caraway seeds and Italian herbs to the dough, or cinnamon+a teaspoon vanilla+1/8 C. sugar. And as soon as I take the bread hot out of the baking pan, I butter or olive oil the top and wrap the whole loaf in aluminum foil to keep in the moisture while it cools. Then I slice the cooled bread, put pieces of wax paper between the slices and freeze the loaf in a freezer bag. That makes it easy to pop one slice at a time in the microwave for 30 seconds (served warm, it’s even more moist and tasty). One of these days I’m going to try making hamburger buns by baking the dough in small bowls.

This bread mix is easy and, compared to buying GF bread in the stores or the price of amassing the various ingredients to try to make your own from scratch, it’s not all that expensive. I buy it in boxes of 6 from Amazon because it’s the best price by far that I’ve found anywhere.

QuinnKirvin, TX

Husband’s choice!

I have bought several kinds of gluten free bread mixes. I have made GF bread from scratch. Namaste is the bread my husband always tells me is the tastiest, although he has no idea which brand he is eating. I add ground nuts and some almond flour to all bread mixes because he preferred whole wheat bread before the GF diet. The nuts make the texture more like whole wheat. I have used walnuts, pecans and almonds chopped in a small processor.
TeodoraWhitney, PA

Namaste Gluten Free and Yummy!

My husband and I went wheat free a few months ago and at first I bought a very expensive loaf of Rice bread which was so dry and nasty I gave it to the dogs. I bought a bread machine and purchase Namaste Gluten free bread mix with fear and loathing. We were so relieved and happy when we tried the finished product. It is moist and quite tasty!

One thing you should know – each loaf requires 1 whole egg and 3 egg whites! We ended up with a lot of left-over yolks! (the dogs were happy). I purchased some White’s Only and all is well.

The Mix works wonderfully in a bread machine.

WilsonOrdinary, VA

Best bread out there for allergic people

My daughter is allergic to everything this item is free of. She is so happy to be able to eat bread again. She says it is delicious. We love namaste products because they don’t make her sick and they all taste good. How awsome that now I can buy them for so much less at Amazon I was paying $6 a bag a the local co-op.
JuanaCentralia, WV

Best gluten free bread out there!

Wow as always Namaste has delivered again.This bread taste so good that my gluten eating hubby thought it was great.It stays fresh longer then store bought brands.The directions call for baking it in the oven but i bake it in my bread machine and it comes out sooo warm and yummy.
JonahFreeman, MO

Pretty Good Bread

This is a pretty good gluten-free bread, but in my family’s view, not as super delicious as Pamela’s. I like this bread for a basic sandwich bread–it has a decent texture and no strong or off flavors. And rises to a nice size. However, I found it to be much dryer than Pamela’s GF bread mix. I’m not sure what the solution to the dryness is–I’m going to try the strategies other reviewers recommended about putting olive oil on the top or adding applesauce to the mix. (Note, though, that even though I say this loaf is somewhat dry, that’s in comparison to Pamela’s; Namaste is far moister than the typical Bread For Life, Kinnikinnick premade breads. So it’s a huge improvement over those and worth making just for that reason). Note that it is also much less sweet than Pamela’s bread, which my children eat like candy when I cut it open warm. Thus, it may be better for people who have diabetic concerns (I’m just guessing, but Pamela’s bread is VERY sweet). Note that I’ve tested both breads only by using a bread maker. The breads worked beautifully that way.
ChrisJefferson, MA

My Search is Over

This bread mix is moist, stays fresh, and doesn’t crumble, tastes like “real bread”, and passes my 7-year old’s taste test. I’ve tried many bread mixes and have given the whole loaf to the birds in the back yard (one mix even wasn’t eaten by the animals).

I added a little applesauce to mine for added moisture. Doesn’t affect the flavor.

JesusaPierceton, IN

A win for all of us who can’t do gluten!

So far, this is HANDS DOWN the best gluten free bread mix I’ve tried. It was super easy, the instructions are right on the bag. I substituted almond milk for the water and it’s very tasty, and I used coconut oil as the oil. Beware though, if you can’t do eggs this mix isn’t for you, unless you know the magic of egg substitution. Fortunately, I can do eggs. I left it in for an extra ten minutes after the foil was on it, and that was a good choice, it gave the bread the perfect texture. It’s slightly on the texture of a good wheat bread, but it has just the right flavor for toast or sandwiches with no weird aftertaste, and makes a large loaf. Now the only dangers are eating all of it too fast and not having more mix to make another loaf!
TameikaKyle, TX

pretty good

Not my favorite bread mix as it has a little bit of a “gluten free” taste to it, but better than most. Also, very easy to make as you can prepare it on the one-hour gluten free setting of a bread maker. It’s a pretty good option.
NarcisaTemple Bar Marina, AZ

Delicious and soft bread mix, the whole family loves it!

For Christmas I got my family a breadmaker from Breadman TR875 2-Pound Breadmaker, Stainless Steel, and looked around for a bread mix to go with it. My wife is allergic to wheat and dairy and soy, and my son is on the Feingold Diet, so needless to say, that narrowed down the selection of mixes. I finally settled on this Namaste Gluten Free bread mix, and oh boy, is this a winner or what. The whole family loves it. It bakes in just over an hour in the Breadman Breadmaker, and the bread is just wonderful. It’s soft, fluffy, chewy, just like regular wheat bread. I signed up for the Subscribe and Save program through to ensure regular delivery and also extra savings. Highly recommended!
AdrienneTalisheek, LA

Wonderful gluten free bread!

This is THE best gluten-free bread I have tasted. I baked it in a loaf as well as in a muffin pan so I had dinner rolls. Yummy!!!
PazSolomon, AZ

Best gluten free white bread

This is the best gluten free “white bread” that I have ever had. It is a little expensive, but it is worth every penny. Also check out the Bob’s Red Mill Hearty Whole Grain bread mix and Chebe line of products if you can’t have any gluten.
YeeMacedonia, OH

too many eggs needed

I was disappointed to find this bread needs 4 eggs – 1 whole and 3 egg whites. Yes, it is good, but why have all those allergens eliminated and then use 4 eggs? Most any bread can be made delicious with the addition of a bunch of eggs. It is good bread and if you don’t mind using all those eggs give it a try. I am just moving toward vegan and eggs are moving out of my diet. I would not have bought them had I known.
RossSelma, OR

very good gfcf bread with good texture

This is a good tasting, gfcfsf bread, which is hard to find.
Makes a good size loaf in the breadmaker.
MelaniaDonora, PA

Namaste Bread Mix

This is a good product, especially for those on a wheat-free, gluton-free diet. It is a little heavy, but tastes good, especially as toast.I tried Pamela’s bread mix, but found it to be too sweet for my taste. I do think Pamela’s baking mix is excellent, however. I use it for pancakes and any baking that calls for flour.
HoustonDerby, VT

Wish there was a “Package Contains” on it.

I have tried other GF Bread Mixes and here is my delema; My bread machine has a Gluten Free setting. It automatically goes to a 1 1/2 lb loaf. One mix I have used (Gluten Free Pantry)contained ingredients for a 2 lb loaf. Needless to say it didn’t bake long enough.

In this one “I think” each package contains ingredients for a 1 lb loaf; hence I will have to use 1 1/2 bags per loaf of bread..? Is there yeast in the package just like the Gluten Free Pantry Bread Mix (I would prefer to use my own)? I guess I will find out when I receive my order. I may add some honey and flax to my recipe and see how it goes. I think this one will produce a more nutritious, lower calorie bread so that is why I am purchasing it. Thank you to all the reviewers.

DebbiMansfield, PA

Great Gluten Free,Soy Free Bread!

Very good gluten free & soy free bread. I added 1/2 cups of chpped pecans and used Bobs Red Mill Egg subsitute.I made it in a bread machine on the whole wheat setting. I have tried over 20 gluten free breads & mixes over the last 2 years. This is a keeper.My daughter eats it as fast as I can make it. I dont need to look any further or waste any more money.
MichaelaNew Holland, OH

Very convenient and tastes great

This bread mix is one of the healthiest mixes I’ve found, and definitely healthier than any of the pre-made GF breads in the store. I always just use 2 whole eggs, rather than the four partial eggs the recipe calls for, and a friend who is egg-free uses flax or chia gel as a replacer. I have had great success adding bean and lentil flours to the mix (with additional water) to add more protein.
ClassieEast Saint Johnsbury, VT

Tasty but had to modify

Since I’ve found the gluten-free breads in the market to be pricey, brick hard and barely palatable, I thought I’d give Namaste a try. After all, it got rave reviews.

The directions say to follow your manufacturer’s recipe if you have a bread machine, so that’s what I did……with a bit of modification as I just couldn’t see wasting 3 perfectly good egg yolks (the recipe provided calls for 1 egg and 3 whites). So I used all of the 4 eggs, but the mixture looked way too runny. So I added 2/3 cup tapioca flour and 1/2 cup rice flour and VOILA! The loaf turned out PERFECT – light, fluffy, very tasty. None of the qualities of the flavorless bricks I’d been buying in the market. Had Namaste included the flour I had to add myself, I would have given it a 5-star review.

HildredNorcross, MN

Best gluten-free bread

I have been using the Namaste GF bread mix for a couple of years now and really like it. When I first went gluten free, I tried many different brands of pre-baked GF bread as well as bread mixes. They were always too sweet for my taste. I was so excited when I found the Namaste mix because it’s not sweet. I now live an hour away from the closest store that sells the mix, so I looked for it online and found it at Amazon. I now buy it by the carton, which saves me time and gas. I highly recommend it for anyone who needs to avoid gluten. It’s so tasty that my husband even likes it.
YanWhite Plains, VA

Gluten free bread

I am very pleased with this gluten free bread mix. It has very good flavor. It even smells like real bread baking.
LynwoodMichigan City, IN