Nantucket Off-Shore Mt. Olympus Rub, 1.6-Ounce Tins

Also Available: Bayou Spice Rub, Dragon Spice Rub, Garden Spice Rub, Nantcuket Spice Rub, Prairie Spice Rub, Pueblo Spice Rub, Raj Spice Rub, Rasta Spice Rub, Renaissance Spice Rub, Shellfish Boil, St. Remy Spice Rub, Turkey Spice Rub

Quick facts

  • Case of six 1.6-ounce tins of Mt. Olympus Rub seasoning blend (total of 9.6 ounces)
  • Savory blend of flowering herbs, garlic and lemon
  • All-natural ingredients; salt- and sugar-free
  • Great for rubbing on chicken, lamb, and potatoes
  • Add olive oil, wine, and other liquid ingredients to make a marinade

Top reviews

Nantucket Offshore Rubs

I have been using this Mt. Olympus Rub and the Prairie rub for some time but can no longer find it in our local stores so I am pleased to find that Amazon is selling it. They are very tasty on lamb and beef and easy to use. Having no salt, they are great for people like me who must stick to a low sodium diet.
HienOcean City, NJ

Love this rub, great for low sodium diets

I had actually purchased this product from our local grocery store for a much higher price. Since I was using a lot of it I was happy to see it on Amazon. My husband is on a low sodium diet (no we’re not even 30 yet) and it’s always a challenge to find tasty seasoning blends. I have used this blend on everything, most recently steak on the grill, yum. The spices are in large pieces and I most strongly get rosemary and lemon flavor from them. It’s a good all purpose grill seasoning blend. I just purchased the 8 pack with almost all of the blends so will soon be reviewing more if anyone is interested.
LucyMount Hermon, KY

can’t live (cook) without it

A friend brought me a tin of the Mount Olympus rub as a gift several years ago. I have since become addicted to it, as well as several of the other Nantucket rubs (Rasta, and Prairie are also terrific for meats, and the Veggie rub does wonders for freshly steamed produce). It works with any sort of meat, whether you’re grilling or broiling or baking. The fact that there’s no salt added is fantastic. I wish I could find it in my local market – hence the reason for buying the 6 pack. And, a couple of different Nantucket rubs does make a great hostess gift! Check out the other rubs from Nantucket, too.
ShariceStockett, MT