Napoleon Extra Virgin Olive Oil Commemorative Tin, 33.8-Ounce Tins

Napoleon extra virgin olive oil commemorative tin, 33.8-ounce tins (pack of 2)has rather amazing properties that will help make your meals healthier and more delicious. Studies indicate olive oil can lower serum cholesterol and also has a positive effect on blood pressure and blood sugar.

Quick facts

  • Pack of two, 33.8-ounce tins(total of 67.6-ounces)
  • Positive effects on blood pressure and blood sugar
  • Can lower serum cholesterol

Top reviews

Great Buy

I am a chef, love Olive oil cook everything with Oive oil(at home) and almost try every brand in the market.Napoleon Extra Virgin is in top five, great for salad and very good for cooking.and the price is much better than supermrket.
TeodoraCape Charles, VA

good buy for the money.

While it was a good buy for the money, i wouldn’t call it a spectacular ollive oil. don’t get me wrong, its perfectly fine. I use it for making dressings and marinades, but as a finishing oil, its just a bit too light. the flavor, however, is a still a nice one, and for the price, its still a better buy than most of those grocery store brands.
KassandraTinsley, MS

difficult to pour

This olive oil is good. I like to have it in a tin like this so it doesn’t get exposed to light. However, I found the container difficult to pour from. The little plastic insert doesn’t pull out like the one in the ZOE can does. The oil spills all over the can top and is difficult to control where it will fall. It’s messy!
DelsieLake Hughes, CA

decent olive oil for cooking, good value

This olive oil doesn’t have a lot of flavor, but it is fine for cooking and a good value. I highly doubt that it is really “extra virgin” as claimed.
LatriciaStar City, IN

Excellent olive oil

This is wonderful olive oil and adds and great flavor to any of your cooking. In my opinion this is a very high quality product.
JamarNiverville, NY