Napoleon Tortellini – Tricolor, 8-Ounce Boxes

Napoleon raviolini/tortellini provides a high quality meal for the family, with less than 15 minutes cooking time. You will find our brand offers not only a good value when compared to other brands, but also costs much less than fresh. It is, then, consistent with other Napoleon ingredients – easy to use, great taste and value. Our family-size box serves four hungry people. So when you want a great family meal that fits your busy lifestyle, go with Napoleon Raviolini or Tortellini.

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Good Flavor

This tortellini was even better than I expected. It didn’t taste like a boxed variety, more like the kind you buy in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. Also, I was pleased that the tomato and spinach pasta didn’t have a gross, healthy taste, and the flavor of the cheese really came through. I make this with pasta sauce from the jar, and it’s great for a quick meal.
ShandaAmericus, GA