Native Forest Organic Sliced Asian Pears, 15-Ounce Cans

Organic Sliced Asian Pears packed in organic fruit juice USDA Certified Organic No Sugar Added.

Quick facts

  • Gluten Free Kosher Dairy Free Egg Free Yeast Free No Artificial Colors or Flavors
  • Packed in organic fruit juice
  • Vegan
  • All Natural
  • Gluten Free

Top reviews

Can they really be considered organic?

These are fairly tasty, but they are “organic” pears from CHINA and the cans are lined in BPA (a known endocrine disruptor). If you’re familiar with organic certifications, you may have heard that China is well known for selling non-organic foods as organic. The Chinese have become masters at fooling certifying organizations. It is really hard to trust any certifications(organic, fair trade, etc.) from China so I don’t trust these. Solana Gold and Columbia Gorge both sell organic canned pears grown in the USA and certified by Oregon Tilth. Amazon Fresh sells Solana Gold for $2.99 a can!
DemetriusEdisto Island, SC

Igredients list is not complete in this listing

Just received these and have not and will not taste them because they contain CITRIC ACID. For those who have a sensitivity to this ingredient it is important to know these contain it before you purchase it. Also that Citric Acid is made from Corn (possibly GMO, since these are from China) and Aspergillus Niger (A fermented fungus combo)and is basically a mold extract and certainly not derived from citrus.
The Peaches made by this same company however, do not have citric acid in them and are tasty and very sweet.
CieraRand, CO

They are good, but overpriced.

These were a little out of my price range but I got them anyway. I will not be buying them again until I am much more prosperous! They taste like pears, they’re organic, and they will last a long time in storage. I probably should say that I’m not too picky when it comes to fruit, as it’s all good and sweet really. They were certainly not soft pears, but I didn’t mind at all.
JacquettaBartow, WV

Not as Good as The Peaches/Pineapples but BPA Free

I buy the Native Forest peaches, pineapples, and these pears. The pears are probably my least favorite of the three (I rated the other two 5 stars here on amazon) but they’re still pretty good. Not as flavor packed as the peaches and pineapples, but still enjoyable.

BPA issue — I emailed Edward and Son’s (company that makes Native Forest brand) to find out about the BPA issue after reading a bunch of negative reviews about these cans being BPA lined. The answer is that some Native Forest cans are “cans specified to be BPA free” according to the Edward and Son’s rep. The peaches, pineapples, and pears I bought were on the list I received in the email, so I continued to buy them with confidence. The asparagus and baby corn I bought were not on the list, so I stopped purchasing them.

As I did with the peaches and pineapples reviews, I’ll include the list of Native Forest brand BPA free cans I was given in the comments below. But overall, these are my least favorite of the 3 Native Forest canned fruits I buy, still pretty good though.

HungTroutdale, OR

Dented cans, tinny taste

I bought a case of both the Native Forest Orgainc Asian Pears and their Peaches. As others have noted, nearly all the cans were significantly dented. The fruit had a tinny taste (not uncommon in canned vegetables, but less expected in organic produce.) I do not intend to purchase again.
JulietaContoocook, NH