Native Forest Organic Tropical Fruit Salad, 14-Ounce Cans

USDA organic. In organic pineapple & passion fruit juices. Vegan. Native Fruit Organic Fruits are conscientiously grown and packed according to principals of organic agriculture. Our mission is to offer you the most delicious and healthful natural fruits, while renewing the fertility of the soil using time tested, organic methods. We believe organic practices make sense for the land, the people, and the product. We hand select ripe organic fruits, cutting and packing them in organic juice at the peak of freshness. You and your family will love the great flavor of Native Forest Organic Tropical Fruit Salad: consistently sweet, tender, and delicious. The quality that you taste is only a hint of the care and expertise behind every Native Forest product. Enjoy! Product of Sri Lanka. Gluten-Free

Quick facts

  • Pack of six 14-ounce cans (total of 84 ounces)
  • Certified USDA organic pineapple, mango, papaya, watermelon in organic pineapple/passionfruit juice
  • Use also for smoothies
  • Harvested and packed according to fair-trade and sustainable-agriculture principles
  • Harvested and packed in Sri Lanka

Top reviews

Inside of can corroded

After I enptied the can, I noticed it was black in an area at the top of the can and appeared to be corroded. Of course I was afraid to eat the fruit, so I threw it away. I am waiting for a response from Native Forest to ascertain the type of metal can and if it is harmful. One would expect if they went to the effort to be certified as organic, they would use safe canning. I will post an addendum w/ their response.
AndrewBellamy, VA

Not Safe!

After reading a previous review I carefully inspected the cans when they arrived. The cans were immaculate and very clean so I felt relieved. After cooling in the fridge I ate the first can. The fruit was very mushy and not attractive to look at and frankly a disapointment but did not taste rotten per say. Only minutes later though my mouth felt like acid was eating at it and was very painful for hours even after washing out my mouth. I eat much canned and fresh fruit and this was a first for me. Only days later my teeth and gums were infected and I had to go to the dentist for the pain was so bad. He found infection and I had to undergo a treatment of antibiotics and painkillers before I was finally ok again after about 2 weeks. SHEESH! Needless to say I threw out the remaining cans of fruit! The problem must be at the source as the cans and packaging were 1st rate and shining clean. Quality control must really suck. I’m all for natural but great care must be taken so contamination is avoided. This is a foreign product and their health standards may be lacking there. I would stay far away from this stuff if you value your health!
DaysiCuster, MI

Great Dessert!

This is great chilled and topped with fresh whipped cream. It is my husband’s new favorite dessert.

I don’t find the texture off-putting. Of course, is isn’t as crunchy as fresh fruit, but the taste is great.

If I can get my husband to eat fruit instead of ice cream it gets an A in my book!

LoreanShawboro, NC

Best canned fruit I have ever eatten

My 1 yr old Granddaughter, and I cannot get enough.
and it is good for you!
LuigiSalisbury, MD

Organic Fruit Review

This fruit would be fine if it were not for the soft slimey textured watermelon and some other fruit that is in this can that is just slimey and icky. There are certain fruit that shouldn’t be canned, and otherwise the crunchy pieces are fine. Much of the soft fruit I had to discard. Albeit, this item is good frozen and added to other fruit to make smoothie’s then you don’t have to taste the slime.
NellOxford, NE

Tastes like mushy pineapple

This product was a complete disappointment. Tastes like mushy pineapple. There was no papaya taste.
AldaGeneva, IL

Rotten, spoiled taste and look!!

I will never buy this item again!! I was addicted to it until the last order!! Fruits had foul smell, tasted rotten!! Was the expiration dates forged!?
MarylandFreeland, MI

Great Option for Keeping Fruit at Work

I was amazed at how good this is for canned fruit (which I normally won’t touch). In particular I adore papayas and mangos. The fruit juice instead of syrup is also very nice. The easy pull-top on the can makes this a great item to stash in my desk drawer at work, so that I can have a fruit snack easily even if I was too busy or forgot to bring lunch. So far I haven’t gotten a can that had any problems. The watermelon isn’t crunchy – of course not! – but it’s good, and certainly not “slimy”.
TheaBox Elder, MT

tropical fruit

I tried Tropical Pineapple it was delicious. I gave a bad review for Tropical Fruit Salad becuase it had watermelon and pineapple in it I think the two of these were competeing for the flavor. I see now thats what I think it was, probably not a bad product at all. Sue
LynelleHermosa, SD