Natur Vet GrassSaver Tablets, 250-Count

A healthy dietary supplement that stops dog urine from yellowing your lawn. GrassSaver is beef flavored and your dog will love the taste. This unique formula contains a synergistic combination of B-Complex vitamins and amino acids. Imagine how green your lawn can look. Simply feed GrassSaver® to your dog and rid your lawn of yellow spots. Analysis per tablet: Each tablet contains 133 mg. of dl-Methionine.

Quick facts

  • Veterinarian Formulated And Recommended
  • 100% Made In The Use With All Natural Ingredients
  • Happy pets make happy owners, use Nature for all your Pets Needs
  • Stop Yellow Spots On Your Lawn
  • Chewable Flavored Tabs100% Money Back Guaranteed
  • Chewable Flavored Tabs
  • 100% Money Back Guaranteed

Top reviews

Works great

We have two large dogs whose urine yellows our lawn. We give them the recommended dosage with their dinner and it has significantly stopped the yellowing of the grass. Good call.

Bottom line- buy it.

LaureQuincy, WA