Natural Balance Alpha Grain-Free Chicken, Turkey Meal, and Duck Formula for Cats, 10-Pound Bag

Natural Balance Alpha Grain-Free Chicken, Turkey Meal, and Duck Formula for Cats is a grain-free blend of multiple, high quality proteins, fruits and vegetables. Natural Balance has balanced your cat’s nutritional needs with a formula that goes back to the grain-free benefits of the wild. A unique combination of proteins combined with the novel source of garbanzo beans to provide a balanced diet for your cat’s overall well-being. Grain-free carbohydrate sources, like sweet potatoes, provide the energy your cat needs to thrive in their natural form. Prebiotics feed the beneficial bacteria that reside in a healthy digestive tract so that your cat can maintain optimal digestion. In addition to the legume garbanzo beans, an excellent source of fiber and protein, Natural Balance has also added pumpkin, cranberries and blueberries to help your cat achieve a harmonious balance that is both healthy and delicious. Garden greens have also been added to satisfy your cat’s cravings. Complete and balanced for all breeds, from kittens to adults. Size: 10-Pound.

Quick facts

  • Grain-free diet, contains no wheat, barley, rice, or corn
  • Contains essential amino acids to help maintain strong muscles
  • Unique blend of fresh, high quality proteins

Top reviews

Just what I needed.

My cat is allergic to wheat so this is one of the few products she can eat. She loves it, and I only know of one place in town to buy it so looked on-line for other options. On-line was the same price as in the store, and with free shipping, you can’t beat not having to run to the specialty store for this chow. Shipping was quick, the product is fresh and I would do this again in the future.
CarsonSultan, WA