Natural Balance Indoor Platefulls Cat Pouch, Pack of 24

This savory entrée features high-quality chicken and chicken liver mixed with wholesome vegetables and fruit including peas, carrots, cranberries, and more. Scientifically designed to support the needs of adult indoor cats, this grain-free diet is also served in a tasty gravy. Your cat will love to lap up and devour the delicious meal inside our Platefuls Indoor Chicken & Chicken Liver Formula in Gravy Cat Food Pouch!

Quick facts

  • Contains 24 – 3-ounce pouches of cat food
  • Grain free cat food
  • Made with high-quality chicken & chicken liver, and a healthy blend of vegetables and fruit
  • Supports healthy digestion for indoor cats
  • Made without artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives

Top reviews

great food!

My kitty eats all the flavors of Natural Balance Platefulls on rotation, and loves all of them equally. He gets dry food in the morning, and a pouch for dinner every night. His coat is GORGEOUSLY soft and shiny, and these pouches don’t give him nasty gas or rowdy bad breath like some other canned/pouch foods. When I first opened a pouch, I saw that it had peas and carrots in it, and I figured those would be left behind in the bowl. Cats just…don’t eat vegetables. To my surprise, the bowl was licked clean! And after 3 months, he still licks the bowl clean every night!
BeatriceTalala, OK

Great for picky and/or chubby kitties!

My two cats are picky and a little overweight (they are indoor couch potatoes – ha). They really loved this Natural Balance food in a pouch, much better than some of the other canned brands we had been buying. I wasn’t sure what the “indoor” formula was all about, but I did some research and found out it’s supposed to help with their coats and litter cleanup. Since giving this to them, I have noticed less of an odor in the litter box, so needless to say I’m happy and so are my kitties! My only complaint is that they keep asking for more!
RussellBattle Ground, IN

very good!

Very good! I bought this food at my local Chuck and Don’s store as a treat for my cat. I would consider it wet food even though it’s not listed as such. I’m not actually sure if this is the flavor I purchased for my cat, but the one I had had appetizing chicken chunks and what looked like some vegetables in a gravy sauce. This is saying a lot since I’m a vegetarian. It was much easier to open than canned cat food I’ve given my cat before. Instead of having to dish out the food with a spoon or plopping it into and desirable lump in my cats bowl, I just removed the top and poured it out hassle free. My cat loved it and I wasn’t grossed out. In a few words, I highly recommend this.
JavierRenton, WA