Natural Balance Indoor Ultra Dry Cat Food

Indoor Ultra Chicken Meal & Salmon Meal Formula Dry Cat Food offers complete and balanced nutrition for all breeds of adult cats. Made with premium quality ingredients, this special formula targets the unique needs of indoor felines, such as weight management and digestive health support—all with a taste that cats crave! Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 30.0% minimum Crude Fat 14.0% minimum Crude Fiber 8.0% maximum Moisture 10.0% maximum Taurine 0.12% minimum Omega-6 Fatty Acids* 2.5% minimum Omega-3 Fatty Acids* 0.4% minimum *Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Cat Food Nutrient Profiles.

Quick facts

  • Contains 1 – 15-pound bag of cat food
  • Helps maintain healthy weight
  • Supports healthy skin, shiny coat, and digestive health
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • Optimal balance of premium proteins & key nutrients created by Natural Balance’s expert nutritionists

Top reviews

Natural Balance Dry Cat Food

Don’t buy this product. Company would like you to think it is healthy, but it isn’t. Made my cat sick, throwing up. Now I find out it is made by Diamond Foods and is in the recall list just anounced 5/30/2012. Diamond Foods makes alot of pet food products and has a very poor rating for safe products. They had to shut down 3 of their plants because of contamination. I had to throw this product away, and it cost over $30.00. Save the money and don’t buy this crap!!!
WayneHarrisville, PA

Good food

edited 7/8/12. So sorry for the horrible typos.

Bought this because it was top consumer choice or something for the not cheap, but not the really expensive dry cat foods ((basically, top rated for the middle of the road priced foods)). Switched them from Purina kitten food to this. Their poop is still “unnaturally stinky” as my husband says. It’s been a couple months too so I don’t know. Their kitten food was a different brand too, so I’m not blaming food for their stankiness. I think they’re just gasy kitties.

Just annoying that I can only find it online. Amazon is the best price I’ve found so far. Wish I could do that thing where you get a discount if you have it automatically ordered every month or so. That would be awesome since I do buy it every month (for 2 cats. Would probably last 2 months for 1 cat).

AliceBroaddus, TX

Great cat food for a good price!

I looked for a long time for a healthy cat food that didnt cost a ton of money..with it being gone within a month. This cat food had a good price, 34 for a 15 pound bag..not to mention it lasts a long time, probably 2 months. The food does so well with my cats and no more diarrhea for them either. They like it, and it does very well on their tummies. I would recommend it..previously I used wellness indoor and it caused diarrhea. I dont know why the other reviewer said bad things, maybe it wasnt the food. Definitely buy:)
KevaWilliston, TN

No More Barf!

I have two cats who were barfing on a daily basis. I thought that was normal until I started talking to other people. My cats had been on Purina which I thought was a decent cat food. I started doing research and found out that was far from the truth. We switched to Natural Balance because it was the most affordable of the good cat foods available in our area. One of the cats loved it right off the bat. The other one took a week to warm up to it, but he eats it now. They’ve been on Natural Balance for close to 4 months and other than the occasional fur ball, there’s been no puke on my carpet! They get a small scoop in the morning, and share a can of wet food in the evenings. So far I have zero complaints about this cat food. It doesn’t get 5 stars simply because picky cats might take a while to warm up to it, as our picky boy did. He prefers the smelly bad for him Purina, silly boy.
EarnestKirklin, IN

My cats loved it

I received a bag that was labeled slightly different from the picture shown. Mine was labeled “Chicken Meal & Salmon Meal.” I was not sure my cats would like it since they were used to the original flavor. Well, as it turns out, they loved it!!
MarishaGresham, OR

Cat seems to like it

Can’t give it five starts because I am not the end user of this product, but the cat seems to eat it, so it can’t be that bad. She comes running when I put the food in the bowl if that means anything. Not like she has another choice. I wish I could be excited about eating the same thing everyday…
JaeJunction City, KY

My four cats love it.

Natural Balance Indoor Ultra dry cat food is a product that my cats love. At least I guess they do because they vote with their eating behavior. This is one of two products they will choose to eat and that doesn’t make them throw up. Of the two products this is by far the healthiest. It even makes their poop smell okay and that is saying a lot for a cat.
MallieLewisburg, PA

My cats love it

I fed my cats Natural Balance because it is good value for good quality. My vet approves it (and she have high fived me before for taking care of the cats so well: wet and dry food, not just dry food).
YevetteLatham, NY

My cat thrives on it!

Our 2 year old cat has been eating this since we adopted her and ran out of the Science Diet we got from the shelter. She does very well on it (no hairballs, no diarrhea, minimal vomiting, no illnesses) and it’s a great value here on Amazon.
MaryellenTy Ty, GA