Natural Balance Lamb Roll-A-Rounds Dog Treats

Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Roll-A-Rounds Treats are made from our Lamb Formula Dog Food Rolls. Natural Balance Roll-A-Rounds are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. They also contain flaxseed and kelp. Natural Balance Roll-A-Rounds contain no BHA, BHT, or ethoxyquin. Rich in nutrients and energy, Natural Balance Roll-A-Rounds Treats are economical, convenient, and great for travel! Excellent Training Treat or Reward For the enthusiast, trainer, show handler or breeder, Natural Balance is the #1 Choice for the ultimate in bait, response time, incredible focus, fabulous palatability as well as excellent nutrition. Available in 8 oz.

Quick facts

  • Meaty, crunchy Baked Lamb formula treats are made from Natural Balance Lamb Formula Dog Food Rolls
  • Excellent training treat or reward
  • Rich in nutrients and energy

Top reviews

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my dogs did not show any ecitement over this treat. not saying there is anything wrong with it my chihs just don’t care for them.
ElmerGrassy Butte, ND

Great treat that my picky dog loved.

When we got my dog from a shelter 3 weeks ago she would barely eat or drink anything we would give her. She had been in the shelter for 7 months so was pretty stressed out when we brought her home.

On the advice of our vet we picked up these treats as a ‘sure fire’ treat that she would love. And sure enough she did.

The disks are a bit large about the size of a silver dollar but break apart easy enough – and they were a home run with my dog.

OcieEagar, AZ

Great for training sessions or for multiple dog handouts

These treats are the perfect size for training sessions with your dog — you can hold one and break it apart to keep a constant stream of treats coming when necessary. I also use them on walks with my three dogs. Again, one round can be broken up and used to reward all of them. Plus I’ve found that even finicky dogs like them. I highly recommend them!
JinaWilmington, VT


My dog loves these healthy treats! Great quality for the price and no worries about the recent food scare.
JannetteCloverdale, CA

Our favorite treats, hands down!

All my dogs go crazy for these treats! And I like buying them because they are much healthier than a lot of treats that are out there these days. They are very crunchy, which all the dogs seem to especially enjoy, and we use them for training the puppies up to rewarding my eleven year old Sheltie. We buy lots of products from this brand and I can’t think of any Natural Balance complaints.
RashidaNew Straitsville, OH

For even the fussiest of eaters…

I have four very picky Chihuahua’s and all four LOVE this treat! Petco used to carry them but do not anymore-I am happy that I found them on Amazon, although I hate to pay shipping.
IleanaAlbertson, NY

My dogs love this item!

These cost as much here as they do in the stores – but in my new community they aren’t available. My dogs love these treats.
JeffereyCarlisle, MA