Natural Balance Synergy Formula Ultra Premium Dog Food, 28-Pound Bag

Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Synergy Ultra Dog Formula is for your extraordinary dog for a synergistic diet combining the benefits of healthy digestion, excellent skin and coat, and superior stool quality. Prebiotics promote healthy digestion and a strong immune system. This formula contains a unique blend of complex fiber sources, including psyllium seed husks, oat fiber, and beet pulp for lower stool volume and less backyard clean up. High quality proteins such as fresh chicken, lamb meal, and salmon meal provide muscular support. Balanced omega fatty acids, salmon oil and flaxseed, produce a vibrant skin and coat. Complete and balanced for all breeds from puppies to adults. Size: 28-Pound.

Quick facts

  • Grain-free diet, contains no wheat, barley, rice, or corn
  • Complete and balanced for all breeds and life stages
  • Limited ingredients to aid in preventing food sensitivity

Top reviews

Natural Balance Synergy a life saver for us!

Length:: 1:06 Mins

The Natural Balance Synergy line was a life saver for our 10 week old Boxer Male. I’m a huge fan and recorded this review to tell our story.

Our Boxer had issues with intensive vomiting. They started at the breeder and when he came home with us, he was throwing up 3-12 times per day. Everywhere. A clueless vet put us on a prescription dog food that turned out to be poor quality and I finally made the switch to this product. His issues stopped on the first day he was on this food and haven’t come back. It’s a God send and I can’t say enough good about it.

Natural Balance Synergy Formula Ultra Premium Dog Food, 28-Pound Bag

BeatriceConesus, NY

Synergy Ultra

We have a 1yr old silver lab that has anal gland problems. This is the only food that seems to help her last longer between vet/groomer visits. Our older 2 labs also eat it. I really wish they made a bag bigger than 29lbs! The price is great @ Amazon. I get to see my UPS guy every 3 wks… 😉
OdiliaBig Lake, AK

Only food our dog likes

Great food. Good balance of carbs and protein. Nothing artificial. Our dog is very picky, but she loves this. Also like the omega fatty acids in it.
LacyReynolds, MO

Great Food

We have two dogs, a 16-year old female lab mix with age-related digestive issues and a 2 year old collie-mix. This food works beautifully for both of them. Both love it and although it is pricey, as other reviewers have said, they fill up more quickly and eat less of this food than many of the cheaper products. It is cleared up their digestive issues (we were able ready to give up for our old female who constantly had tummy issues) and they love it. Their coats are beautiful – shiny and full, even our old female looks great. We’re sold on this food.
DanikaFalcon, MS

Great for balancing dogs digestion!

One of my foster dogs started having upset stomach and diarrhea in the back yard. Probably from his new environment and nerves. I had seen this food and wanted to try it on my other dogs as well, so I bought a bag and it was a big hit with everyone! Plus it cleared up Zip’s digestion issues. When I read about it online it claimed to reduce backyard cleanup, and let me tell you IT DOES! We are sticking to this food, it’s a winner!
DelindaCanastota, NY

Natural Balance Synergy

I purchase this food for my two pugs and it not only keeps them healty and active, but they are lean as well. If you know anything about pugs, they tend to be on the heavy side. This food has natural ingredients which makes me feel good about giving it to them. I recommend this product to all dog owners!
AntonySatsuma, AL

My dog loves it and i love it because it helped stabilize his stomach.

So my dog (Male Boxer) has a really weak stomach due to an infection he has had as a puppy (I assume)
This food has helped stabilize his stomach within 4 days of using it.
Solid dog poops all the way 🙂
Even though pricey i only use about a cup and a half of this dog food and he is full. He always leaves about half a cup when i feed him the recommended dosage of two cups.
With cheaper foods it was totally different, i’d have to use up to 4.5 cups.

This food is awesome!

ShawanaJewett, OH

NB Premium Dog Dog

I was pleased at the price for this product. In the store it sell for a lot more. Also, the fact that it was shipped at no cost to me, was a plus. I was amazed at how fast I got my order.
KrystinElmo, MO