Natural Balance Ultra Premium Cat 16.6lb

Natural Balance Ultra Premium Formula Dry Cat FoodNatural Balance® “Ultra Premium” is for all breeds and all life stages. This formula has been tested on pregnant queens, countless litters of kittens through fully developed adults, as well as beloved senior cats…all with outstanding results. Made with fresh human grade chicken and duck meat. This unique blend of fresh high quality proteins provide the essential amino acids to help maintain strong muscle tone and a healthy, shiny coat. To maintain freshness, Natural Balance uses only mixed tocopherols (Vitamin E) in all of its formulas and will always be free of artificial flavors, colors and chemical preservatives. NOTE: Free shipping does not apply to this product

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  • 15-lb bag

Top reviews

4 happy cats

I recently switched to this brand for dry and wet and Castor&Pollux’s dry food. Since they all like the gravy based wet foods, I do add water to the canned food which they then happily devour. My 17 yo cat is very overweight, has bad teeth which cannot be cleaned again due to his age. Otherwise the vet thinks he’s healthy. By accident I stumbled on some web based cat food reviews and was appalled at what I had been feeding my babies. I was naive in thinking Purina was healthy food. Since making the switch they all eat less although there is no change in the litterboxes. For now I’m sticking to these brands and possibly adding Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul brand as they really enjoy the sample bag as bedtime treats.
CarryBoone, CO

Wonderful Dry Food My Cat Loves

And more importantly, it loves my cat. I am the owner of a new cat that I started out on a supermarket indoor cat formula, since he had been fed dry food while at the shelter. While the cat ate this other food heartily, he soon began vomiting on a daily basis. I did some research on the internet and found that this food, Natural Balance, is considered to be among the best cat foods out there of the dry variety. Since my cat would not really touch wet food at the time, I decided to give it a try. Not only did my cat love it, but all of his problems with vomiting disappeared overnight. I am currently feeding him a combination of Natural Balance Original dry and a variety of wet foods. He is doing great so far…lots of energy…and he really looks forward to mealtime. My cat and I recommend this food! 🙂
EloyPine Valley, CA

Great Quality Cat Food

We are breeders of sphynx (hairless) cats. Prior to Natural Balance, the only way we could get our cats to eat dry food was to mix it with warm water and a half can of canned cat food, usually Iams or Friskies when money was low. Our local feed store recommended Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance as a healthy and tasty alternative. Our adult cats love it…no more “hunger strikes” holding out for canned food. Even our kittens started eating it at only 8 weeks, when mixed with a bit of warm water. Since there are no ‘fillers’, the cats are eating less to become full, which to me justifies the higher price. EDIT NOVEMBER 2011: Six years later, this is the only food we buy for our cats and they still love it.
DeneenCordova, IL

Great stuff!

Some time ago I started looking into what is in pet food and was horrified, so I decided to find better food for them. I usually buy one bag of this brand and one bag of AvoDerm and mix them together. I’ve long been a believer that cats should eat fruits and vegetables, and this food has some of both in it, so they get more variety than they would with most cat foods.

I’m not sure of what changes the cats may have had since eating this food, but it does seem like the food lasts longer than it used to. Whatever the case, the cats are all healthy and love this food. One of the cats has gained a few too many pounds since she got spayed a couple years ago, so I’m going to get the reduced calorie formula for her and see if that helps.

FerminMc Kinney, KY

Healthy and high quality food that my cat loves

I got my kitten through a rescue group when he was about 7 months old. He had been a stray and was very thin, had bad breath, diarrhea, poor coat and missing hair on his ears. He has been on this Natural Balance dry food for the last seven months or so and he’s now a very healthy 14 pounds, has a gorgeous shiny coat, no diarrhea, his breath is good and has a great energy level. It’s hard to believe he’s the same cat. I’m very happy with this food and so is he. He loves the taste and never gets tired of it. Yes, it’s a little more costly than buying the generic brand of cat food at the grocery store but I save on vet bills because my cat is never sick. I have tried other brands of food, but he prefers the taste of this one and I’m happy he’s doing so well on it.
KirstinRobinson, IL

My cat didn’t like it

Per pound, more expensive than canned tuna, pork roast or steak. Ended up giving my purchase to neighbor’s dog, because my cat wouldn’t eat it. “None” of those ‘designer’ cat foods are worth their price.

If protein is so important in your purchase decision, buy steak, (per pound) it’s cheaper. Base your pet food purchase on logic, not guilt.

AlysiaMeherrin, VA