Natural Nectar Gluten Free Cracklebred, Multigrain, 3.5-Ounce Boxes

Multigrain Cracklebred is a light, crispy gourmet flatbread with a delicate taste, perfect for topping with cheeses, spreads, or salads. Made with all natural ingredients including Non-GMO Wheat, Corn, Rice and Oats, for an airy, delicate crunch with w

Quick facts

  • 3.5 Ounces

Top reviews

Better than rice cakes and you will not get bored!

I always recommend you buy one pack first before you buy multiple packs. The crackle bred is very very light and crispy. I found it. Is a great alternative to the heavier gf bread and holds it’s form when compared with rice cakes. As many newbie gf knows, you end up making many costly mistakes before you find the ‘one’. I prefer the multigrain as it primarily uses brown rice and everything tastes good on it from deli meat, cheese, smoked salmon, peanut butter. I have been eating this for weeks and I am not tired of it like i have with some of the other gf bread/rice cakes. I wish amazon does a 6-pack as the only one with gluten sensitive in the family, it is alot in one delivery even though this has an expiry date greater than 6 months.
VanCommerce City, CO

Crunchy goodness

One of the best tasting crackers ever! Even if I wasn’t gluten free, I would really like these. Flavorful, light and very crunchy. I eat them with cheese, tuna, avacado or plain. They handle that need for crunch and are nutritionally a good choice!
LouProspect, VA

Low calories and big crunch in these gluten-free crackers

My wife found these in a store while on a business trip and tried them because they were gluten-free. These quickly became her favorite crackers. She introduced them to me, and I have to say, I like them, too. You can’t beat their low-calorie, gluten-free crunch. She’ll put a slice of lunchmeat, like a nice turkey pastrami or capacollo, calabrese or proscuitto along with a slice of cheese and make a little mini snack/sandwich. If you want a gluten-free cracker with crunch and few calories, this is a good way to go.
LezlieWestby, MT

light and tasty

These are very light and crispy, perfect as an accompaniment to salad. Also, low calorie unless you eat the whole package.
RuthHiseville, KY