Nature Made SAM-e Complete 200 mg Tabs, 24 ct

Healthy mood joint comfort

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  • Naturally restores a healthy mood

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This stuff works wonders!

I went through a pretty rough patch in my life. I lost 2 dogs, 1 cat, and my best friend/roommate to cancer all within 2 years.

My doctor placed me on Welbutrin but that stuff made me completely insane! 1 day I was angry, 1 day I was completely miserable, 1 day I was unbearably tired. I also had a horrible headache when I was taking it. I felt like was a mindless zombie on Welbutrin. I decided to stop taking the Welbutrin before it settled into my system.

I figured I would try and go the more natural route after reading all the side effects of the other anti-depressant medications they have available. I first tried Kira St Johns Wort Tablets – 45 Tablets. These seemed to help, but it was very mild and not consistent in keeping my mood up.

Then…there was Nature Made Sam-E. I tried some of the store brand Sam-E’s to try and keep costs down, however, none of the other brands even came close to working as good as Nature’s Made. And if you shop around you can usually find a buy one get one free at Walgreens, Giant, CVS, or even Amazon for a total of $45 bucks for 76 400mg tablets.

This stuff helped me through the roughest time of my life. I’ve been using Sam-e well over 2 years now and if I even missed one dose I would immediately notice a huge change in my mood. I have been taking 1 400mg pill a day since I started. Once in a while I would take took 2 or 3 in a day.

I just started taking 1 pill every other day to give my body a break because I do not like to be dependent on any type of medication. But for those super hard times, this stuff really helped to get me through.

I highly recommend trying Sam-E. I prefer the 400mg. They are a better value and work much better. Especially before trying any prescription anti-depressants. It is a natural approach to overcoming depression, has low to no side effects at all (I never experienced any), and even if it does not help with improving your mental health, at least it is supporting your joints. 😉

Hope this helps!

DonellaPreston, KY