Nature Valley Chewy Trail Mix Fruit and Nut Bars Forty-Eight 1.2 Ounce bars

Nature valley chewy trail mix fruit and nut bars – 48 1.2 oz bars is delicious all natural wheat and dairy free. This healthy snack bar contains no trans fats. It s a rich source of fiber low in sodium.

Quick facts

  • A good source of whole grain
  • Great for a quick snack or pick me up
  • Perfect for lunch boxes, camp lunches, field trips
  • Fruit and nut bars include almond, raisin, peanut, and cranberries

Top reviews

Too much cereal

I had bought this elsewhere and found the packaging graphics and text quite deceptive.
There is not that much nut or berry content, just dry tasting cereal that leaves you thirsty and wishing you did not buy and use it.
MatildeHaleiwa, HI

Quite good. Not enough nuts though

Like the title says. There just aren’t that many nuts. The picture shows a good amount of almonds,peanuts and cranberry. But the bars are mostly made of oats w/ high maltose corn syrup……Whatever that is. But those are really the first 2 ingredients. Other wise it’s actually a pretty good bar. Probably not as healthy as a kind bar. But a lot cheaper. If you have sam’s club member ship look into buying these there. You can get a pack of 30- 1.2 oz bars for $10.
NicoletteFair Oaks, IN

Keep in the refrigerator

I always keep a box of these bars in my refrigerator.

If I had never seen the Fruit and Nut bars before, one look at the label would tell me that they are not particularly healthful. The ingredients include corn syrup, honey, and sugar listed twice. In fact, there are 14 grams of sugar in every 34 gram bar. That is forty percent! Although the label does claim all natural ingredients, that does not necessarily mean that the contents are all good for you.

The sugar seems to be what holds the fruit and nuts together. The reason that I keep them in the refrigerator is that when the bars get warm, they do not hold their shape. You do not want to put one in your pocket on a warm day. They become a sticky blob.

So why do I keep a big supply of them around? I like them. When cooled, they keep their shape as a crunchy rectangle of nuts and fruit. Their nutty texture is very nice. The taste is great, although the sugar does make its presence known. I do not eat them every day or take them with me to go hiking. For that, I like the Oats and Honey, Almond, or Peanut Butter varieties of Nature Valley granola bars. Those varieties have a more reasonable sugar content. However, I like a Fruit and Nut bar as an occasional treat to go with tea or coffee. Maybe I am addicted to them.

GwenSmithfield, RI

does not meet quantity as advertised

This ad is for a box of 48 bars. I recieved a box of 30 but charged the price of $19 and change.
RichAndover, SD

I’m in love. 🙂

Great chewy bars. Very tasty, easy to chew. I finished the box over the weekend.
I’m in college, this is a great to keep my brain working.
MaureenKieler, WI


I’ve been eating these bars for years and I’ve notice that lately that the quality is not
as good as they were before. They have these hard things in them that can break your
teeth! So quality control is not being monitored and I’m going to call the company and
let them know that the last 4 boxes I’ve purchased are not up to par. They taste really
good as long as you don’t bite into something hard. It’s like biting into a nutshell
and they need to know this asap.
ManieWheeling, MO

Could have been….

Could have been a bit fresher tasting, seems like the packages in the box had gotten hot, not sure how they were stored before shipment but all in all pleased with the product.
IonaRiverdale, ND

I love these granola bars but the condition was not great

Ok. I love these granola bars and I purchased a large box of them for a very good price. They taste great and I will reorder. I gave a sort of low rating for 1 reason. The bars must have been stored in a hot warehouse or truck, because you know the stuff that the nuts and granola are covered with, and that holds the bar together? Well it’s like it melted and ran to one side of the bar. I am not confused. I am not talking about the sweet and salty nut granola bar with a praline layer. I am talking about these bars. Again though, they still taste just fine and I will order more.
GeoffreyNorwood, NJ

Great deal for soft granola bars

This is a staple in our office. All love it! Product is consistent in taste and quality. Recommend it for an inexpensive snack for the office team.
BreanneHarrisburg, OR

One Of My Favorites

These Nature Valley bars are one of my favorite granola bars. They taste great, don’t have tons of calories, and are just the right size for a quick snack. Much better than the “crunchy” variety of Nature Valley bars.
MeldaLucama, NC