Nature Valley Chocolate Chip Chewy Granola Bar, 0.89-Ounce Bars

Dark chocolate and nut is one of the newest flavors in the delicious, 100 percent natural line up of nature valley chewy trail mix bars. This great tasting snack combines rolled oats and crisp rice with favorite trail mix ingredients – dark chocolate, raisins and nuts.

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Taste like granola, not sugar

Even with the chocolate chunks, these bars taste far less sweeter than most granola bars out there and I really appreciated that.

They have 110 calories each and 8 grams sugar which is less than Kudos Chocolate Chip (120 cal, 12 sugar) or a Cascadian Farms Chocolate Chip granola bar (140 cal, 10 sugar). When I need a quick snack, I can eat one with a glass of sparkling water and I feel full until the next meal. If I need a quick meal I eat one of these with two string cheeses, a large apple and water — I can make it until dinner.

I would recommend these to anyone looking for a tasty and quick snack.

GertieHolland, KY