Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars, Roasted Almond, 12 Bars in 6 – 1.49 Ounce 2 Bar Pouches

Roasted almond granola bars blend almond pieces with rolled oats to make a crunchy, chewy snack. The bars are a completely natural energy boost that’s high in fiber and protein but low in saturated fat. Whether you’re exploring the outdoors or just need a quick burst of energy in your day, roasted almond granola bars provide an invigorating source of quality whole grain. Bringing natural goodness to snacking since introducing the first granola bar in 1975, the folks at nature valley are proud to introduce bite sized granola nut clusters. Imagine a lightly sweet, yet salty, combination of roasted almonds gently rolled in nature valley granola and a touch of honey. It’s a taste of nature, one delicious bite at a time. Our brands are known around the world for quality, beginning with gold medal flour in 1880, which to this day remains the No. 1 Selling flour in the United States. Several of our other brands also occupy the No. 1 or No. 2 market positions from Pillsbury refrigerated dough to green giant frounceen vegetables, and from cheerios cereal to Betty Crocker dessert mixes. We’re one of the largest food companies in the world, marketing in more than 100 countries on six continents. About half of our 33,000 employees work outside the United States. Starting with two flour mills in the 1860s, general mills revolutionized the milling industry, producing flour with superior baking properties.

Quick facts

  • Case of twelve, 12-count packages of granola bars (total of 144 bars)
  • Made with whole grain rolled oats, crisp rice, and almonds
  • 100% natural; excellent source of whole grain
  • Packed in pouches, two bars per pouch
  • Crunchy, satisfying taste you can take anywhere; made in the United States

Top reviews





ColbyAberdeen, SD

Nice and crunchy.

If you like almonds and cruchy granola bars these bars are for you. They are higher in fat than I would like them to be. But they are delicious. Great for a quick breakfast or snack. There are 2 bars in each packett and I usually eat one for breakfast and then one later for a snack.
DarrickOld Saybrook, CT


These are my favorite crunchy granola bar. I would buy the product here by the price is higher than my local grocery stores price, so I only gave four stars for
SimonePort Clyde, ME

Awesome Granola Bars

These are the best granola bars I have ever had, they have a wonderful almond flavor & aren’t to sweet like alot of granola bars, I eat these for breakfast almost every morning, they are awesome!!!
PatSaint Joseph, MN

Shockingly good – even if you’re not a fan of granola bars

I discovered this bar quite by accident in the vending machine at work. Since it was a new addition, I knew it would be fresh (our machine vendor sometimes forgets packages have expiration dates!), and I gave it a whirl. I am not a fan of chocolate, or even sweets – but there are a few exceptions. I LOVE marzipan – so anything sweet with almonds is something I’m willing to try once. I will be having these again, let me tell you. These are thin and crunchy bars – and unlike many granola bars I’ve had over the years, it isn’t overly flaky (ie, you are not wearing more of it than you eat of it) and it’s neither bland or overly sweet… it’s just right – and it tastes very fresh. I’ve had some other brands in which the texture is off-putting, or even though it’s sealed and the date is current – there is something akin to a ‘dusty’ aftertaste. Not with this brand and flavor. I wouldn’t say this is quite as awesome as marzipan, but for a granola bar, I’ve got to say it’s the best one I’ve ever had in my life. Nature Valley – you have a new customer!
JessicaFort Hill, PA


I love this Granola Bar, there always fresh and crispy. They make great snacks and easy to eat on the run. Plus they are healthy for you too.
EarnestinePilot Station, AK

Nature Valley Granola Bars

I LOVE these bars because they are dairy, rice AND gluten free (I am allergic to all of those. They fill me up and keep me going longer than most other granola bars do, and they also taste delicious.
MichalWalnut Hill, IL

Love these.

Got a good price on these and they were fresh. Great snack for work / school.
MinhLipscomb, TX

Great almond taste!

The whole family likes these the best of all the Nature Valley Granola Bars. The roasted almond flavor tastes kind of like those almond cookies that you can get in Chinese restaurants. Only drawback is that you need to buy 12 boxes at a time (that’s a lot of granola bars)!
LizzieSeneca, WI

Tasty, substantial granola bars

These are my standard breakfast at work, companion on travel, substanance on hikes. Always taste good, plenty of texture. Being crunchy they are suseptable to being beaten into crumbs if badly packed
JordanGolf, IL

If you like almond-flavored granola, this is for you!

I absolutely love the flavor of these granola bars, and have them on my Subscribe and Save list! With the discount, they average out to just under $2.50 a box. They’re great for tossing into a totebag or backpack, and eating on the go, or at home, for breakfast or a quick snack! If you love the flavor of almonds, and the crunchiness of granola, you’ll surely be quite pleasantly satisfied with these
KevinSteele, MO

product is good…

product is good but i received only 1 box out of 12, 2 times in a row. Amazon was amazing; they returned my money.
KatyFarnham, NY