Nature’s Baby Organics Organic Ah-Choo! Chest Rub, Eucalyptus, 2-Ounce Jars

Soothe yourself and baby with this creamy, spreadable salve. Formulated to help, soothe, support clearing and promote wellness. Made with more than 95% Certified Organic Ingredients. Featured in People Magazine as a favorite amongst celebrity moms.

Quick facts

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Specially formulated for infants

Top reviews

Wonderful Product!

I LOVE this product! Ah-Choo Chest Rub is the first product I turn to when my children start coming down with a cold. It has a very strong, yet pleasant lavender and eucalyptus scent, and a natural yellow color. It does help relieve congestion and it seems to reduce night-time coughing in my kids. They love having Ah-Choo rubbed on their chests and backs, and sometimes directly under their noses. I have even used this rub to clear up minor rashes and dry skin. If you have the choice between Nature’s Baby Organics and Vicks, go with the clear winner- Nature’s Baby Organics. Vicks is petroleum (yuck!) based and contains “fragrance” and other chemicals. Ingredients in products applied to skin go to directly into the blood stream, so it’s wise, especially when a child’s immune system is already compromised, to apply a natural rub when the option is available. Highly recommend this product!
StefaniCounce, TN

Effective for mama..but irritating to baby!

This ointment is very good on my sensitive skin and my husband’s..non-irritating and gentle. We use it for stuffiness during a common cold episode. On the other hand, our toddler son who has sensitive skin cannot use this product as I’d hoped and bought it for. I love the natural ingredients of the product but there is something that I can’t pinpoint in this product that broke my toddler son out in a rash. I used it on his chest, back, and a small bit under his nose during a common cold episode. Subsequently, his cheeks became a little irritated. Also, his back and chest broke out in a rash. Luckily it went away when I discontinued use on him. I knew that this ointment was the contributing factor because although he has sensitive skin, I have narrowed down what works for him without breaking him out. I cannot say that it won’t work for other toddlers/babies but I can say that proceeding with caution is one’s best bet as there may be irritants in this product…so be very careful. It’s a good thing though that by me having two jars, my husband and I can still use the ointment without a problem. I have to say that it did seem to calm my boy before bedtime and helped to clear his nasal passages. Overall, an OK product but I have to keep looking for another natural ointment that will not irritate my boy’s skin.
AnnelleMaben, MS

Great for Babes and Kids and Adults!

A soothing product with only the best ingredients! What I love about Nature’s Baby Organics is that they are consistently reliable with their products. I never have to worry about whether they’ve changed the ingredients and I know it’s good quality stuff. If it weren’t for this product, I would have to make it myself because nothing else on the market compares. My whole family has really enjoyed this chest rub, even when no one has a cold. It’s great for under little noses, too!
DrewGoodwine, IL


This stuff really works!!!!! I use it on my daughter and it’s not messy and literally begins working within minutes and lasts all night!!
KaceyRimrock, AZ

Great Product!!

Great product for congested baby!
Certified organic – Amazing product! A must have!!
Smell is nice as well! Non greasy.
Great for all ages!
SandaCarroll, OH

Not sure if it helps with congestion

Our 9 month old has had chronic runny nose since he was about 2 months old. Bought this to help him breathe better at night. He still wakes up with a stuffy nose, so I’m not sure how much it’s actually helping. However, I do love the smell (it smells amazing) so I will continue to use it on him.
IsabelViola, AR

Not sure if this is the right stuff

We are major Ah-Choo disciples, and have been using it for several months now on our toddlers. Unfortunately, the couple of Ah-Choo!s that were sent to us seem fake. I actually smell Vaseline more than anything else. I can barely smell the eucalyptus. What I liked about Ah-Choo! is that just by sniffing it, I felt calmer and my nostrils felt clearer. My son always used to sleep better with the Ah-Choo! rubbed on chest. We always purchased our Ah-Choo!s from our local organic supermarket, but they had no more of it so we resorted to purchasing it from Amazon. I feel absolutely nothing from what was sent to me, and my son remains congested. Have they changed the formula of Ah-Choo? (Companies, I know, do that all the time.) Or, is what was sent to me fake? Well, we are disappointed in the product now.
StanleyLowell, IN

Just ok

for me, this product is just like the vick’s but has a much more stronger smell. It didn’t really help all that much with my baby’s stuffy nose maybe it’ll help more with the cough.
RoderickPratt, KS