Nature’s Baby Organics Silky Dusting Powder, Fragrance Free, 4-Ounce Container

Finish diaper changes with a delightful, feather-soft puff of powder. This 100% talc free powder is made with highly absorbent tapioca starch able to absorb both moisture and oils. To further soothe and calm irritated skin, we added certified organic aloe. Dust over baby’s bottom to absorb wetness and relieve chaffing. The whole family can use it to stay fresh and comfortable despite heat or exercise-induced perspiration.

Quick facts

  • Made with Certified Organic Aloe, Chamomile and Calendula
  • Preservative Free
  • USDA Certified Organic

Top reviews

Eczema relief for baby — Talc and Corn starch free!

When my baby started rolling over and sleeping on her stomach, she would wake up from naps and bedtime even more flared up than during the day. I wanted a talc and corn starch free alternative and found this product that claimed to provide eczema relief. I use it as part of my baby’s daily regimen to help our fight against her eczema flare ups. I do not use it in her diaper area (I use raw shea butter to keep her diaper area rash free, check out my listmania for more info on the shea butter that I use.) I use this dusting powder on her chest, stomach, back of knees and right across her belly button along her sides where the pamper is tightest because of the straps. This dusting powder is very gentle and helps keep a barrier between her sensitive skin and any friction arising from her pamper, clothes or simply her rolling around on her stomach while sleeping.
TorriePine River, MN

Fabulous Product

This powder is super! I feel so confident using it knowing that there are no chemicals in it that will absorb into my sons skin. It smells great, works wonderfully. I did read reviews before I bought this and saw that some people had pproblems with the packaging – I will agree that the top does seem a bit flimsy, and poking the hole in to acces the powder the first time is slightly dificult, BUT, so far so good! I have not had the top fall off yet, but I will be quite disappointed if it does because of how expensive this powder is. All in all, this is a super product and totally worth the money. My son smiles everytime we pat him dry with this wonderful powder.
StaceySummit, AR

packaging is horrible

The powder itself is good, but the container is horrible. I tapped the top to clear the dispenser and the entire bottom fell out! This powder is not cheap…
TomikaBallengee, WV

Works great!

This product works wonderful when coupled with chemical free diapers. Our little girl is 3 months old and we have only had one bout with diaper rash- which happened before we had this powder. I agree with others that the packaging isn’t the best, but the benefits outweigh this for us. It is hard to break the plastic tab on top and the sprinkle holes get clogged so you could be there all day trying to get enough out. We set it to half of the large opening and gently tap- seems to work good this way:) Got this 2 pack first through Amazon and it seems they don’t have this anymore. Unfortunately,we have had to find this elsewhere for a more reasonable price. It is worth shopping around for.
ErleneWaverly, FL


This powder is fragrance free which is for some reason hard to find in local stores. It is a great product!
NakeshaLinefork, KY

Great Baby Powder.

I use this on my baby and I love it; it keeps him dry and I don’t have to worry about any smell.
ShaynePeninsula, OH