Nature’s Hollow Honey Substitute 10 OZ

CarbSmart is where to buy Sugar Free Honey. Nature’s Hollow sugar free “Taste like Honey”, is made with the great tasting healthful natural sweetener called Xylitol. Xylitol is a 5-carbon sugar alcohol that is ideal for diabetics and those concerned about sugar intake. Unlike sugar, Xylitol has a very low glycemic index, has fewer calories, and is good for your teeth. Enjoy this sugar free honey product on low carb muffins, hot cereal, crackers, or use it to sweeten your favorite beverage.

Quick facts

  • Sugar free honey flavoring
  • Made with tasty, healthy, natural sweetener called xylitol
  • Ideal for diabetics and sugar patients
  • Very low glycemic index and calories
  • Enjoy with your favorite snacks and bakes

Top reviews

sugar-free honey

This is a very good sugar-free syrup but I can’t say that it tastes much like honey, though it is thicker than ordinary pancake syrup. If you want more honey flavor you will have to mix in a little real honey and make it a low-sugar honey. Overall, it’s pretty good.
EarlDaniel, WY

I Love Natur’s Hallow’s Sugar Free Honey Substitute!!!!!

This stuff has a really really great taste!!!!!! At first, I was a bit worried about what it was going to taste like by the Reviews that were posted here on But like most things, everyone has different taste buds, and what one person might dislike, another might love. So, I gave it a try, and I found that I really like the taste of this honey substitute. One of the the first things I tried Nature’s Hallow Honey Substitute on was a piece of buttered toast Wow! I was really surprised. So, I had to have another piece, but this time I added cinnamon (King Arthur’s Vietnamese Cinnamon, which was also was another new product for me.) Wow WOW. . . .that was the best Cinnamon Honey Toast ever.

Now, I did personally feel that this product mimicked the texture of Honey. . .and If any one has tried different varieties of honey, they know that honey comes in a variety of taste and texture. I myself prefer a lighter tasting HONEY, and I felt for me this Honey Substitute mimicked that very closely. No it was not completely Honey in texture, but close. . . .

I know there are going to be others, who will not agree with me and that’s OK. . .But those of you who have not tried Nature’s Hallow Honey Substitute, please don’t let the negative reviews stop you from at least trying it once. I think some of you will be pleasantly surprised, and in a good way.

My next plans are to bake with Nature’s Hallow Sugar Free Honey Substitute, and hopefully it will replace honey and Agave Nectar in recipes where it is asked for. . .It’s worth the try!!!!!!!

JohnnyChocowinity, NC

Honey Lite taste

Unlike many of Nature’s Hollow’s other great tasting products this one didn’t my expectations. The flavor is very mild or weak compared to real honey. Most of the other products that Nature’s Hallow puts out taste just as good or better then the regular product with sugar.
ClarindaBelleville, WI

Doesn’t Fool Me!

I am in the OWL phase of Atkins (Ongoing Weight Loss)and started missing Greek Yogurt with honey, thought this would be great to put on my Oikos yogurt. After reading a good review from another customer who used it for this exact purpose I thought I could not go wrong, but boy I sure did. I really don’t understand how anyone can say this tastes like honey! I know I have been sugar-deprived for about 3 months now but this has ABSOLUTELY no honey flavor to me at all. It is sweet and syrupy but doesn’t have any taste whatsoever. So if you are doing low-carb and craving a honey flavor, pass this one up. If you just want something sweet on your toast or in your yogurt, save your $$ and use the sugar-free pancake syrup, at least it has an actual flavor. I will wait until I am in maintenance phase & go back to the real honey, just use less.
SudieNewville, AL

Love baking with it!

So many natural recipes call for honey, but sugar isn’t for me. I bought this to make almond flour chocolate chip cookies and it worked perfectly – I will now use it in other almond flour baked goods and easily maintain my weight. Xylitol is perfect – no bad side effects. Worth every penny to find such a versatile product!
CameronDecatur, GA

Great on Oat Bran pancake for Dukan Diet…

Although this can replace my raw organic honey, this is a great substitute for drizzling over the Oat Bran pancake (french toast style) for the Dukan Diet. It also tastes good in tea. But if you like milk and honey, then this will not do.
AleshiaDexter, MI

Nature’s Hollow Honey Substitute

This honey is great! By taste, you wouldn’t know it’s a substitute. Instead of sugar, it has xylitol, a natural sweetener, found in the fibers of many fruits and vegetables, It has 40% fewer calories than sugar, is gluten-free, and is recommended for diabetics.
KendrickHoyt, KS

Honey Anyone?

Great alternative to the real thing. Will be buying again real soon. Recommended to my family and friends. Great find.
PabloPiqua, OH

Weak Flavor

I bought a bottle of this product, along with a bottle of Natrazyle Kosher Honey Substitute, for a side-by-side comparison with the Honey Tree Imitation Honey I currently use. This product did not have the slightly slimy appearance and “mouth-feel” I experianced with the Natrazyle. However, it still lacked the strong honey flavor of the Honey Tree. Although it does not cause the gas “problem” with excess consumption, I will stay with the Honey Tree. Note: I have used Honey Tree instead of Karo syrup to make almond-crusted pecan pies. It produces a pronounced gas effect, as I always eat large slices of pecan pie. I intend to make a pecan pie with this product and if I believe it is better than the Honey Tree pies, I will report back.
CaritaMongaup Valley, NY

Good product

Was very surprized with this product. Blends well, used in tea, baking and on toast. Just like honey. Consistency just a titch gelatin-like but overall excellent product.
AllenFort Spring, WV

Nature’s Honey

First, the transaction and deliver went very smoothly and the package was well-packed. I just tasted it and it tastes delicious. I will not hesitate to do do business with this Company and product in the future.
ReaSwayzee, IN

Funny Hunny

I didn’t think this resembled honey in any way shape or form. Its more like thin, runny corn syrup. BUT, its not horrible and I think it will work out perfect for certain recipes. I’m going to use mine to make some sugar free / low carb BBQ sauce.
SandraStantonville, TN

Tastes Like Honey

This product is sugar free and really tastes like honey, I cannot tell the difference. Who needs the calories and insulin spike of real honey when you can use this product. I even make a honey dijon dressing with it!
AntoinetteTrego, WI

to runny

Thought this might be worth a try to replace honey because of diabetes. It would do in a pinch, pretty thin and watery. Just didn’t do anything for taste.
LorraineHubbell, NE

Good product

Received in a timely manner. Great sugar free, honey product. Pleased to have purchased this product.
ThomasenaSandborn, IN

Would fool a bee

I enjoy honey on Greek yogurt but since being diagnosed with diabetes I thought that was over. Now I can enjoy it again and it tastes the same.
WillettaCarbon, IA