Nature’s Path Organic Flax Plus Maple Pecan Crunch Cereal, 11.5-Ounce Boxes

Toasted crunchy flax flakes are combined with a breakfast granola made of golden-hued, real maple syrup and roasted pecans.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 6 (total 69 oz)
  • Whole Grain
  • Source of Omega-3’s
  • High in fiber
  • Certified organic

Top reviews

Very very delicious cereal

Nature’s Path Maple Pecan Crunch is by far the tastiest cereal I’ve had in a very long time. You can feel good about supporting this company because they are committed to sustainable farming and Earth-friendlier business practices (according to the marketing on the box anyway). Even if you didn’t care about that, you’ll like the cereal. I’m eating it right now straight out of the box as I write this review. It’s very hard to stop! The flax flakes and rolled oat clusters are very crunchy and satisfying. I can also clearly taste the maple syrup flavor.

One box is 6 servings, with each serving providing 220 calories (60 from fat) and 20% of your daily dietary fiber intake (5g). If I had any complaints, it’s that the box is a bit small. It is only 11.5 ounces compared to 13 or 14 for other Nature’s Path cereal which contain 7 servings. Secondly, the sugar content could perhaps be toned down a bit to trim back some calories because it’s very sweet. One serving is counted as 3/4 cup, compared to 1 cup for many other cereals. Because of the pecans, it packs more energy (calories) into a smaller volume than, say, Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Cereal, which counts 1 cup as a serving, with 190 calories (15 from fat).

At any rate, it’s a very delicious cereal and one I’ll be buying it again!

MaudeCanal Fulton, OH

Surprisingly good

I got these on a “health whim”, you know those times when you really know you should be eating better. I thought I would hate them, but they are okay. No, they don’t make me as happy as Cookie Crisps or Frosted Flakes, but they are pretty good for a health food and something I have been able to incorporate in to my diet. Yes, them I am eating them I sometimes wonder if I would still get the health benefit is a rolled them in melted butter and melted marshmallows making little “flax crispy treats”, but there isn’t a more tasty way to get this much fiber in your breakfast – so feel good trying them even if you aren’t a “health nut”. I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be getting flax in my diet any other way!
RenataVest, KY

Should be called Maple Flakes!

I bought a 6 pack case of this when it first came out and liked it so much I set up a subscription. Half way through my second order I finally asked my wife if the cereal seemed to have less pecans and less bunches. When I asked she told me she was wondering the same thing. Well I just received my third case and I have no need to ask anyone. My first bowl had almost no pecans in it and no crunchy clusters. Just to be sure this wasn’t a fluke of a bowl I pulled the cereal from the box and found myself staring at what looked like a plain bran flake cereal. I really had to look hard to see anything other than bran flakes.

I’m very disappointed with what started off as a very good cereal. My subscription has been cancelled.

GwynethOrgan, NM

Bargain in bulk

Make note of the ozs / box, as it’s not your typical junk cereal. Organic and nutritious ingredients keep you full with less, and you don’t crash mid-morning. @ $7.98 for 6 (it’s $5/box elsewhere), we couldn’t pass it up. The taste takes some getting used to if you’re accustomed to garbage, but the subtle sweetness really grows on you.
FrankPorter Corners, NY

Great Healthy Cereal!

This cereal is filling,lots of fiber and has a distinct Maple flavor. The value was great but I only buy if it is. I did not give 5 stars because I always think there is room for improvement! Good tasting and very good for you.
VashtiVance, MS

Delicious Cereal

This is a favorite in our house. There are many different variations of this cereal, but the Maple Pecan Crunch is our favorite. It is a little high in sugar (10mg per 3/4 cup), but that is to be expected with “Maple” in it. There are 5g of fiber per 3/4 cup, so that is great.
KarissaBerlin, NJ

Outstanding Healthy Cereal

Nutritionally solid and very flavorful cereal, USDA organic which is about the only guarantee that the ingredients are wholesome, perfect start to your day. To add to that Natures Path has a great environmentally friendly business model which is a terrific bonus
JerroldNaples, FL

Arrived stale

I ordered this cereal based on very good reviews. Unfortunately, when we opened the cereal box upon delivery, there was a strong stale odor. When I checked the expiry date on the package, it indicated the product was set to expire within 5 months. The cereal had gone rancid and I don’t know if it was because of the hot summer weather the case was presumably subjected to during shipping. We had to throw all the cases away and could not return the product because it is not eligible for returns.
MiaAlexander, IL

Best cereal in the world!!!

I fell in love with this cereal about 2 years ago, when i bought it at the local organic store for 5 $
now i found it again buying bulk of it saved me a lot of money..
This cereal gives me the energy to rob a bank..
This is the best cereal in world because its real, 100% organic..
the taste, the health benefits..
packaging was great, delivery was too..
Expect more from me. i will probally donate some to my poor country, Vietnam, thank you! WOOO HOOOOOOO
LareeLenoxville, PA

Closing expiration date

I ordered 6 boxes of cereal. The order is received in a well prepared Amazon package. However, all six boxes has expiration date in April, 2012 … One of the six has part of the package teared apart
SeleneWinton, CA

smells like turpentine

I did not open right away, I had ordered another kind of cereal and started that kind first. Therefore was not able to return, as I missed the deadline by a couple of days. The cereal smells like turpentine. Will not be ordering this again. After a while smell comes through and even the box starts to smell like this. I have asked others about it just to make sure it was as I had perceived it. No one else had a different opinion. They too say it stinks.
I will feed the grandkids the sugar-laden cereals before this “healthy” one.
HelenMorristown, IN

The best cereal!

This cereal had been a favorite for awhile. In the stores around here, it costs as much as $4.79 per box. Occasionally, it was on sale at kroger, but never as low as Amazon. I bought 12 boxes!
GaleEdgard, LA

Irresistably delicious!

Favorite cereal ever. The only downside is it’s so delicious, that I am tempted to eat it not just for breakfast but after dinner for a snack/dessert. Actually in the past I’d only eat cereal maybe 1 or 2 times a week, but the Maple Pecan Crunch has changed that. You can both taste and smell that it’s genuine maple syrup. The cereal is just the right amount of sweet – not overly sweetened. Nice crunch. It would be even better if it had more pecans, but that’s easily added.
PearlManly, IA


I always thought I hated anything with flax in it. Yuck! Well, who knew??? This cereal is without a doubt the best I have EVER eaten. It’s so good I order it by subscription from Amazon so I never run out of it. I don’t know what possessed me to buy it for the first time because I had never enjoyed “healthy” breakfast food. Mostly, they tasted like cardboard. Well all that’s changed. Now we eat it for breakfast, snacks (dry) and sometimes dinner! Try it, you’ll LOVE it.
SibylDunmore, WV

It’s like having dessert for breakfast

This cereal tastes so delicious I almost feel guilty for eating it for breakfast. It’s almost like having dessert first thing in the morning! Sweet crunch maple clusters bursting with flavor yet not overly sweet, it’s perfectly balanced…Yum! Decent fiber content is also a plus.
I found myself grazing on it all day for a snack.
KamilahBiddeford Pool, ME

Sweet treat and healthy too. Strong maple taste.

Bought it on sale and am fully satisfied with product. Beats most other organic offerings in breakfast section.
Little more sweet than usual cereals but in line with muesli and granola.
Kids still prefer the chex or life but this is so much healthier.
We sometimes do dinner with it.
VioletArizona City, AZ

really good!

I thought as a healthy organic cereal, the taste would be rather lackluster.

However, this is probably one of the best tasting cereals out there! It is a little on the sweet side as one might expect, but it’s nice knowing that this cereal isn’t drowned in hfcs like so many other cereals.

They certainly did not skimp out on the pecans and the flax and oat clusters. The flakes also hardly get the really soggy feel like when you leave corn flakes in milk for too long.

As a plus, the company is committed to sustainability and healthy products.

JoannieGreeley, CO


Hubby’s on a health kick right now, so when this cereal went on major sale, I purchased it. Luckily, it was very very good. ๐Ÿ™‚ The whole family enjoys it. Will def buy again, but only when it’s on a really good sale again.
ArnulfoHardin, TX

Maple Pecan Nature’s Path cereal

I thought it was good, too sweet, but good. I mixed my cereal with rice crispies or cornflakes and I liked the result a lot better. I’d probably buy again for the right price, knowing I’d be mixing it half and half with another cereal.
FloydMilliken, CO

Delicious but dangerous

I like it because of the following reasons:
Maple syrup gives good aroma,
Pecan nuts provides healthy fat, and
cereal is crisp.
These satisfy me.
It is hard to stop eating.
TiffaniePowell, OH

A bit too much maple

Because its called Flax Plus Maple, I shouldn’t have been surprised that it was maple flavored, but they went a bit too heavy handed with the maple. Its overwhelming. However, if cut with 75% of another cereal, such as muesli or granola, you get just the right amount of maple. However, if you love to flood your pancakes with more syrup than pancakes, this would be perfect right out of the box.
RaymundoWirtz, VA

Light and Healthy

I bought a six pack of this cereal when I saw it on sale because I eat a lot of cereal and therefore get sick of the various brands and makes pretty quickly. I had never tried this but had seen it in the store (usually for double the price of Amazon)so I thought I would give it a try.
I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. If you like maple flavor, you will probably enjoy this. It has pecan chunks, which aren’t super healthy but do taste good. It also has oatmeal clusters that are somehow very light and add nicely to the flavor of the flakes which taste good as well. There is a decent amount of flax seed in the mix as well, which I am trying to eat more of. Overall it is sweet enough that my 4-year-old enjoys it but probably healthier than most of the sugar cereals out there. I bought three more six packs a week later and have yet to get sick of it. I will probably order this again.
ShondaLakewood, NJ

Sooooo good!!!!!

I actually had to think about this product for a couple of weeks before purchasing it. I was nervous about the organic and flax. I didn’t want to purchase something that would taste like cardboard. But with maple and pecan how could it be bad?? So I decided to give it a try and I am so happy that I did. The crunch pieces are huge and they are not cheap with the pecans. This cereal is great. Boxes are kind of small though.
DonaOld Fort, NC

Has wheat in it. Not GF

This cereal came up listed among the other GF cereals. Probably because there is a similar cereal by same company that is GF. So I wasted some grocery money on it. Hope my hubby likes it, I can’t eat it. I should have looked closer before purchasing.
AndriaNewport, NH

cook mama

Nice to have these organic granola cereal. My kids love them and they are a healthy snack. I give them at their lunch for an extra treat. Love the taste.
JosefineMantachie, MS

NOT gluten free!!

The one star rating is really for the way this product is listed, not the actual cereal. This cereal is listed under gluten free cereals in Amazon, and it is not gluten free. Wheat is the first ingredient. The name is very similar to Nature’s Path Organic Crunchy Maple Sunrise, which I thought I was buying, not realizing there were two cereals with similar names made by the same company. Now I have 6 boxes of unusable cereal in my house. Things I learned: don’t take Amazon’s search results at face value; read every ingredient on the label of everything I buy, even if I think it’s safe.
KatlynBrodheadsville, PA

Got 6 packs, then 4 packs left to feed my chickens.

Ok, I don’t like it all! The cereal tasted like cardboard box, and has nasty flavor. Finally I had 4 boxes left cause nobody wanted to eat them. I didn’t want to waste them, so I used them to feed my chicken.
BartonGlenn, GA

Taste Great!

There is not much more to say. There’s a nice balance; not too much sugar, but enough to enjoy. The flavor is surprising, in that usually something that carries this many healthy items generally will need to be forced down. I only got to the bottom of the fourth box, as my seventeen year old seems to enjoy it as well. That being said, I’m not sure if there were not enough nuts/pecans, or that they all fell into his bowls. I hope the price doesn’t go up. There was one other cereal we kept religiously with maple and pecans from a health food store, but the price shot up to four and five dollars, plus, so we stopped buying that one. Thanks Nature’s Path.
MargariteBelzoni, MS

Very good

My husband started a gluten free diet for Celiac and cereal is a daily meal for breakfast. This box did not last 3 days.
DarlineNorthfork, WV

love this cereal!

The combination of flakes, maple and pecans makes this cereal unique. I first bought it from the grocery store and got hooked. My grocery store only had it in stock once in a while, and then stopped entirely. I love the Amazon Subscribe and Save program not only because I get my favorite cereal cheaper, but I never have to worry that it won’t be on the shelves when I shop.
MichelRussellville, AL