Nature’s Path Organic, Heritage Flakes, Whole Grains Cereal, 13.25-Ounce Boxes

Our special blend of ancient grains, including wheat, barley, quinoa, and spelt are lightly sweetened with honey, evaporated cane juice; it also contains 6 grams of fiber.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 6 (total 80 oz)
  • Certified organic; Kosher ingredients;including kamut wheat bran, smelt flour, whole wheat meal, and honey
  • Only 130 mgs of sodium ; 5 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, and 10% RDA of iron
  • As part of a fiber-rich diet, may reduce the risk of some types of cancer
  • Product of Canada

Top reviews

Be Careful, Organic is not always true.

I purchased six boxes of Heritage Flakes and I really like the flavor. I opened the fifth box and tried to eat the cereal and noticed there was a chemical taste much like biting into a medicinal pill inadvertently. I sent a message to the Nature’s Path people concerning the contamination and have yet to hear back. Being that this product is a “natural” product, there should be NO POSSIBILITY FOR CHEMICAL contamination in the processing of this product. This is perhaps the first time in my life that I have ever returned a product for any type of contamination. I believe it says volumes about the essential BS that natural products are perceived as safer than regular products.
PierreRiverside, AL


I could care less that this cereal is “organic.” All I know is that it’s delicious, one of the tastiest cereals on the market. The flavor is substantial and satisfying. For reference, my other favorites are Wheat Chex, Post Bran Flakes (not the sugary Kelloggs brand), and Weetabix Flakes & Fiber. But Heritage is tastier than all the others. Top recommendation.
PandoraHayes, SD

The Flakes of Champions

We combine this flake cereal with Smart Bran from the same company. They are exceptional, high in protein and fiber. Best cereal we’ve ever tried. Eat it every morning, along with blueberries and other fruits, almonds. Complete breakfast. Excellent delivery too.
CarminaChillicothe, MO

Delicious & Nutritious!

This multigrain cereal includes grains not commonly found in cereal: spelt, barley, millet, and quinoa. It is tasty and keeps its crunch well after the milk has been poured on.
JewellBrewster, OH

Crispy Crunchy

If you like a flake cereal that doesn’t sog up in milk, this is it. I personally prefer to have my cereal crunchy down to the bottom of the bowl. My 91yr old father, who has dentures, likes the taste but has a problem chewing them.
CarryFirth, NE

my wife is relieved

My wife was in love with Nature’s Path 8 grain synergy cereal and had been eating it for year. Naturally, Nature’s Path discontinued that product. After trying many other healthy cereals, she found Nature’s Path Heritage Flakes and she is once again, a very happy lady. She thinks its taste, crispiness and healthfulness equal her beloved 8 grain synergy. We currently buy this cereal from Amazon through their subscribe and save program which saves money and keep the product available in our household.
YoungHiltons, VA


Love this cereal and have been buying in local grocery store for several months. Tastes really good and is soooooo healthy! 5g fiber per serving and all organic. Found it on Amazon, ordered via auto shipment and first batch came on time, tasted great, no difference except a much better price. 2nd shipment comes in few weeks and can’t wait. I’m addicted to this cereal!
HaAvon, IN

Delicious & Healthy

This cereal’s crisp flakes have great flavor without a large amount of sugar or salt. The texture is a little harder than corn flakes, but not too crunchy. Makes a great snack or breakfast. I unpack mine and keep it in air tight glass jars to extend its life. Very delicious with fresh blueberries!
JuliennePhilip, SD

Great Flakes

We have enjoyed these for quite a while, then suddenly they were off the shelves at local stores so we began ordering through Amazon.
MaryettaShickley, NE

Product quality and nutrition

Another great, nutritious breakfast cereal product from Nature’s Path. I love variety in breakfast ready-to-eat cereal, and this one is included in my inventory of healthy organic cereals.
EarlineWest Camp, NY


I found this cereal only a couple of months ago, and I’m addicted! These little flakes are DELICIOUS! The flakes are just a little thicker than your normal mainstream flake, and are wonderful in milk or munching alone (which i find that i do as I’m preparing my bowl of cereal). For all cold cereal eaters (love!) and for those who are not… you’ll LOVE THIS CEREAL. Try a box from your local store, and then come back to Amazon and order the case, because you’ll save a lot and you’ll eat through it pretty quickly. ENJOY!!!!
ArtiePalouse, WA

Nature’s Path Heritage Cereal

Excellent cereal,tastes good and is good for you. By purchasing from Amazon you save a bundle.
StefanyDenison, TX

Best Cereal Ever!

These flakes are really good for you and they taste great. Buying them from Amazon makes the price affordable also.
LeonieHouma, LA

Absolutely The Best!!!

After having tried so many “flake-type” cereals, this one is the best. It is very crunchy, even in milk. It also has a taste that is indescribable. The fact that it is low in sodium and high in fiber are an added plus. I would definitely recommend this cereal to all who want something better. This is the one you have been looking for!
LeroyArapaho, OK

New Recipe! Why mess with a good thing?

I have purchased this cereal by the case for years because it is that good. When I ordered this at the end of February 2012, we thought I ordered the wrong thing as there was a definite change. Thinner flakes, less flavor, and not as sweet. Not that this cereal is very sweet anyway, but there was just a hint of sweetness that was perfect for eating without feeling the need to add any sugar to it. Why in the heck did they mess with perfection? Now it’s just OK, nothing special. Might as well eat mostly flavorless Total because that’s what it reminds me of now.
ErichWashington Boro, PA

Amazing taste

You don’t expect a healthy cereal to taste good but imagine my surprise to find a such a nutty, tasty product. A splash of soy milk, a dash of Agave Nectar, and you’re all set.
FernandoPatrick Springs, VA


Excellent cereal. Great taste and pretty darn nutritious as well. And the 6 box deal is outstanding. This cereal sells for close to 6 dollars a box at my local grocery store, so this price is impossible to pass up.
AustinKeytesville, MO

Crunchy to the Last Bite

I had first tried this cereal at my sister’s house and knew I had to buy it. The ingredients are all natural, which is a plus. There’s no outstanding flavor but the texture is nice and it does not get soggy in the milk. I priced it in the local supermarket just yesterday and it was $4.49.
BerryGaston, IN

Fanstastic Cereal

I have been trying a ton of organic and ” good for you ” cereals lately. This one is deff at the top of my list. The flakes stand up well in soy and/or almond milk. You can tell that these are hearty whole grain flakes. They have a very nice crunch and a slightly sweet. Like the box i did add blueberries to mine. I really enjoy this cereal and recommend it to others.
HelaineCoatsville, MO

Tasty and high in fiber!

This is a very tasty flavor of flake cereal with good ingredients. It stays crunchy in milk or soy for a good while. Has surprisingly high fiber for the flavor. Cannot tell by the good taste, but it has great fiber effects. Good enough to eat every day.
AndrewSatellite Beach, FL

Nature’s Path Whole Grain Heritage Flakes

I use to buy these in 32 ounce bags but they don’t seem to be available anymore. These are like the two-packs at Costco but are almost the same price wise. Yes, I order online and get them without leaving home. Easy. Good. Love to add slivered almonds and raisins or dried cranberries to them to sweeten it up a little.

Try it, Mikie, you will love these great crispy flakes of whole ancient grains! They really have a great taste, too.

SierraBim, WV

The best flakes ever!

These are by far the best flake cereal I have ever had. The taste is wonderful. The sweetness is very mild, not overpowering. The whole grain flavor is excellent…no bitterness. The texture is great…very firm and crunchy and holds up in milk, either soy or regular. I would highly recommend this cereal to anyone who wants a tasty, crunchy flake!
SalinaDell, MT

Delicious & Nutritious!!!

I have been eating this cereal for over 2 years and it’s not only nutritious, but very delicious!! Even my children love it, especially as a snack. Caution though – It’s hard to put the box down once you start eating it!! Definitely worth buying.
TammaraCedarbluff, MS

one of the best cereals

low low fat and tastes great
honestly, not many food products in the entire world like this
wish i had found out about it lot lot sooner
great for health, convenient, delicious – need i say more!
ElkeWayland, KY

crunchy, not too sweet

I am a big fan of Nature’s Path cereals, and have tried most of their varieties. The Heritage Heirloom cereal is in keeping with NP’s quality – very tasty, crunchy, not sugary and feels wholesome. If I had more time in the morning, I’d probably not be eating ready-made cereal, but now that I don’t, the second best thing for me is Nature’s Path.
DanaeReader, WV

A Cereal that lives up to its promise

Remember when all cereal ads promised that their product would remain crunchy in milk but never did? All those soggy spoonfuls of cardboard sludge?

Well, Nature’s Path Heirloom Whole Grains Cereal ACTUALLY stays crunchy!

Around about the time of my third box of the Heirloom cereal, the phone rang just as I was pouring milk over it. I went to the phone and got stuck in a long conversation. After I was finally able to hangup I headed back to the kitchen, thinking, “Just great. My cereal is probably a soggy mush by now.” Imagine my pleasant surprise when I spooned a mouthful of cereal – and found that it was still crunchy! Top that with all the fiber and good taste, I’ve become a Nature’s Path devotee. (So has my daughter, who orders three of their other cereals on a regular basis.)

Don’t you just love it when you find a product that lives up to it’s claims?

JamesSeneca, MO

Best whole grain cereal on the market!

This cereal beats any available at the supermarket, although a few stores do carry it. Low sugar and tasty whole grains. I buy 12 boxes / mo. for my office staff. Everyone loves it.
ShannonNorwood, CO

satisfaction guaranteed

I like a cereal, whether for breakfast or a late snack, that that’s a bit of “work” to eat, has a nice flavor and lasts till the next real meal. This one delivers! It is a nutty, grainy taste, slightly sweet and a very satisfying texture. It stays solidly crunchy to the last bite. LOVE it, and the best part is how it’s organic and healthful. Try this, and you’ll never go back to Wheaties again. I only wish Amazon would post the Nutrition Facts (right from the product label) on every such food product. It ain’t the Bible of good eating, but is useful, especially for comparison with things we already have on hand.
KathlynKingsville, TX