Nature’s Path Organic Honey’d Corn Flakes Cereal, 10.6-Ounce Boxes

What’s good about the cereal? Our corn flakes are a simple but tasty breakfast. The corn we use is certified organic and grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. What’s good about certified organic goodness? Good food. No synthetic pesticides. No synthetic herbicides. No preservatives or additives. No genetically engineered seeds or ingredients. No irradiation, good ecology, enriched with drought resistant soil. Less soil erosion, less groundwater pollution, improved farm biodiversity, a product of the Canada.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 6 (total 64 oz)
  • Certified organic; Kosher ingredients; including corn meal and honey; 100% wheat and gluten free
  • Only 0.5 grams of fat and 105 mg of sodium ; 1 grams of fiber and 2 grams of protein
  • Same amount of cereal, but 10% less box to help preserve the environment
  • Product of Canada

Top reviews

Crunchy, Corny Taste

The texture of this cereal is nice, and

the sweetness is light. Try experimenting

by mixing it up a bit with other favorite cereals,

or some nuts / seeds.

I am hoping that Amazon will start to sell this same brand,

except that the honey is replaced by a FRUIT JUICE sweetner.

A positive alternative for those who avoid honey.

MollyMount Ulla, NC

Best Gluten Free cereal ever.

I absolutely love this cereal. Is has a slight sweetness which satisfies the sweetness you want in a cereal. Also, stays crunchy longer than regular corn flakes.
GabrielleIrwinton, GA

Delicious for celiacs

This is a great cereal and particularly for people with celiac. The same package on the store shelf is about twice what I can get it for at Amazon and it comes right to your door and there is no shipping.
JeanetteIndianapolis, IN


Really good w/milk or w/o milk I would recomend this cereal for anyone who wants too eat healthy.
LunaGlencoe, AR

Best Gluten-Free Cornflakes

This is the best tasting type of gluten-free cornflakes on the market. Even if you are not gluten-free, it is great- everyone in our family likes it and prefers it to any other brand, gluten-free or not.
I used to buy it at Whole Foods, and they stopped carrying it. Instead, they’re now carrying a fruit juice sweetened variety which is made by the same company and it is not nearly as good. They offered that I might possibly get it from Amazon now, and I was happy to find it here.
I will be happy to continue buying it from Amazon. We use it all the time and its the best. (We even grind it in a coffee grinder to make a breading for chicken nuggets!)
DerickHall, NY

Very lightly sweetened

I like these flakes a lot! However, if you are looking for a strong honey flavor, these do not have it. They are so lightly sweetened that I crushed them and used them as a crumb topping for a chicken casserole! We also used them to make peanut butter cereal bars and the sweetness did not interfere with the recipe. They are a thicker flake than traditional corn flakes, crunchy rather than crispy I will continue purchasing them for breakfast and other recipes as well.
AnnieAlbemarle, NC

pretty darn good for gluten free

gluten free food generally tastes like cardboard. And, most corn flakes still ave ingredients that are not gluten free. However, these corn flakes are a real treat. They are sweet from the honey and they do not turn to mush in milk. Most other gluten free cereals need some cinnamon or flavoring, but you can eat these without any additions. Highly recommended!
TrinidadGilmore, AR

Just plain old Corn flakes

They’re not as sweet as I expected. They are very good corn flakes but don’t buy them thinking they’ll be a frosted flakes kind of substitute because they are not sugary at all. And that’s not necessarily bad, I like regular corn flakes, it’s just that the “Honey’d” part of the product name is a bit misleading in that respect.
LingLacey, WA

this cereal is really great!

Nature’s Path Honey’d corn flakes are really great tasting and healthy (only a few simple ingredients) and gluten free too. I highly recommend this cereal.
AhmedSpragueville, IA