Nature’s Path Organic Mesa Sunrise Cereal, 10.6-Ounce Boxes

There’s nothing flakey about us! A gluten-free cereal with rich taste of corn and ancient grains including amaranth.

Quick facts

  • A unique medley of Indian corn, flax, and amaranth blended into crunchy, golden cereal flakes and naturally sweetened
  • Pack of six 10.6-ounce boxes
  • USDA organic certified means that they are grown without synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and nasty chemicals
  • Contains the whole grain goodness of organic flax, buckwheat, and the ancient grains quinoa and amaranth
  • Certified gluten-free and wheat-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization
  • All Nature’s Path products are kosher
  • All Nature’s Path gluten-free products are also non-GMO verified by the Non GMO project–for gluten-free diets, the additional level of purity assures that the foods are in their truest and purest forms and without any genetic modifications
  • Nature’s Path was the first USDA Certified producer of organic breakfast cereal in North America and they are the largest manufacturer of organic cereals to this day

Top reviews

good overall ingredients, very poor proportions

I should have been more careful in checking ingredients and get very angry when products purport to be healthful (ie, organic, gluten free, top-notch and unusual grains) but miss the mark.

Nature’s Path describes this as “…cereal of flax, corn and amaranth.” Now look at the ingredients which, of course, are listed from most to least. The first 2 are cornmeal and corn flour–hardly the most nutritious of grains. Third is organic evaporated cane juice yielding 4 grams of sugar per serving, and then come the flax, buckwheat, quinoa and amaranth.

JUST HOW MUCH OF THESE SUPER GRAINS CAN POSSIBLY BE INCLUDED if the 3rd highest ingredient is the sugar at 4 grams?!

And that’s another pet peeve: why any added sugar at all. Most health-conscious consumers do not want added sugars, even cane juice. And this also leads me to question the “nutrition facts” posted on the products. If cane juice is the 3rd item in quantity, and corn has a relatively high sugar content, can there really be only 4 grams of sugar per serving?

OmarHoney Grove, TX

Best Gluten free cereal so far

By far the best tasting gluten free cereal I have tried. Good cruch, taste. Have tried others but this is one of the 2 that suscribe on Amazon for over an year.
JoleneHartland, VT

Very Good

These are surprisingly satisfying for being gluten free. It’s even better when I add bananas and some pecans to it. I’ve even used these to bread things with and it worked out quite well.
MendySeminole, PA

Nature Path Organic Mesa Sunrise Cereal

I truly like this brand of Cereal. It’s crunchy and low calarie with all good healthy ingredients. The flax taste initially takes a little bit to get used to. I mix in fresh berry fruits such as rasberries, blueberries or blackberries which enhances the cereal flavor. It is also a good deal to purchase under the special promotions for grocery products. The only downside to watch for is the packaging expiration date. I found that the expiration date is relatively short. For example, I purchased this product in May ’09 and it will expire in July ’09. It comes in a pack of 6 boxes each weighing 10.6 oz. If you are a big cereal eater, that shouldn’t be a problem.
LouveniaBrazil, IN

Gluten-free cereale

A very good type of cereal – perfect for someone like me who is gluten-intolerant
what a great way of beginning my days. thank you !
RemediosDauphin, PA


This is one of the best gluten-free organic cereals there is on the market! It actually has fiber. Taste good and is good for you!
NaomaMascotte, FL

Grains from the Land of Enchantment

Nature’s Path Organic Mesa Sunrise Cereal is a delicious alternative to corn flakes. It has a hearty,delicious flavor. It contains quinoa (the revered grain of the Incas) and amaranth (the health grain of the Aztecs) For a cold cereal,it’s quite good. It also makes a great snack! Take a bite,and imagine the mesas and canyons.
ShellieCanon, GA

Very good

Ahhh… Finally a good gluten free cereal with fiber! Almost impossible to find. 3g fiber, 1g fat, low sodium, low sugar, and no funky ingredients. Thanks Nature’s Path! Try their Crunch Maple Sunrise-yum!
DeweyHubbard, OR

outstanding product overall

I am a runner who needs quick fuel when i’m hungry, and this cereal makes perfect snacks for me throughout the day, and especially at night. It’s light enough to munch on to keep my energy up, without giving me a sugar crash later, and the fiber fills me up. It can be difficult to get quality, convenient whole grains on a gluten free diet, but this cereal helps out.
i love that I can fill up a big bowl without consuming tons of calories (I’m a volume eater!)
it has a light sweetness that makes it tasty to snack on plain, and mixed with nuts and dried fruit for a snack to go.
and of course its great with milk, yogurt, and mixed into smoothies. I highly recommend this cereal, its the best gluten free cereal I have tried, and I’ve tried lots!
ShenitaEufaula, AL

Gluten free cereal review.

I’ve used this product for a year and find it really taste good plus it is gluten free which is a requirement for me.
MernaPeterborough, NH

Good, healthy cereal

I and my kids loved this cereal. For having only 4 grams of sugar, it was quite tastey. We have been trying to avoid as much hidden MSG as possible, and this was a pleasant way to do it for breakfast.
KoreySorento, IL


This is my favorite gluten free cereal. Good ingredients, flavor and texture. Only negative is that the price on Amazon isn’t much below the local health food store, and much higher when it’s on sale at the store at 2.99.
KareyWinsted, CT

Very tasty gluten-free cereal

This is a solid staple gluten-free cereal, whether eaten solo or combined with a sweeter cereal to round it out. Highly recommended for nutrition-conscious individuals with or without gluten sensitivities.
KarynHarvest, AL

Best of the gluten free cereals

I’ve tried around a half dozen gluten free cereals and this is by far the best (in my opinion). The down side is that it’s expensive so I purchase it whenever Amazon offers a special deal or it’s on sale at my local health food store.
KarinPiney Woods, MS

Good Stuff!!!!

My husband & I were just recently introduced to the cereal & REALLY like it!
MariettaCorona, CA