Nature’s Path Organic Optimum Power Breakfast Cereal, Blueberry Cinnamon Flax, 14-Ounce Boxes

A fun combo of crunchy strands and flakes loaded with flax, soy and blueberries.

Quick facts

  • Exotic ingredients and unique blends of organic whole grains
  • Organic
  • For those with an active lifestyle cereal
  • Excellent Source of Omega-3
  • Pack of 6 (total 84 oz)
  • Certified organic, Kosher ingredients, including whole wheat bran, whole wheat meal, and flax seeds
  • Hearty blend of fruit and grains makes a healthy start to your day
  • Made without GMOs

Top reviews

Cow Food

This stuff is not good. Grass clippings and tree trimmings would be better. I bought a box at the local food store before deciding to buy a case on Amazon. For once I did the right thing.
TarenAlma, AL

My wife, a supertaster, detected no taste.

I was intrigued by the idea of combining cinnamon and blueberry. I was inclined to like the cereal, as those are both things I like quite a bit.

I bought a box, brought it home. My wife happened to open it up first. She took a spoonful with some milk–and got that look on her face, and put her bowl and spoon down. “This is disgusting. It tastes like cardboard.”

You have to understand my wife is a supertaster–it’s a real thing, look it up!–and so is supersensitive to flavors. She thinks plain Special K tastes quite sweet. She will happily eat simply a bowl of white rice for dinner.

But in this cereal, she detected no flavors at all.

Bizarrely, I thought “no, it couldn’t be that bad. It’s blueberry! And cinnamon! What could possibly go wrong?”

The next morning I tried a bowl myself.

It’s disgusting. It tastes like cardboard.

If there’s cinnamon in it you could have fooled me. There are some little dried blueberries in it, but if you have anything but them in your spoonful, the blueberry flavor is overwhelmed by the styrofoam taste.

Styrofoam plus cardboard plus half-sweetened sugar-smacks cereal. That is what this tastes like.

I don’t know what the people giving this positive reviews are smoking. Note that most of them even admit they prefer to add their own ingredients though…

DarnellNew Orleans, LA

This is tasteless!

I have purchased most sorts of Nature’s Path’s products. I think I love most of them. But this one is really unsatisfactory. I can’t even tell where the blueberry taste is! I wouldn’t recommend wasting money on this garbage!
HerschelWoodrow, CO

Make sure there are blueberries

I’m on my third box, and I have to say this cereal is amazing. It’s crispy and delicious, and the texture variety is pleasing. Great cinnamon flavor and the blueberries, which I thought would be more a garnish than a flavor element, surprised me with their robust, fresh taste.

Starting with the very first box, each day that began with a bowl of Optimum was a wonderful day. Great things started happening to me, too. Romance was rekindled between my ladyfriend and myself, and I even won a sizable amount of money from various lotteries. The universe kind of aligned itself in my favor, and I think it directly correlated with my consumption of this cereal.

Then I hit the second box. While the first had tons of blueberries, and you got one in nearly every spoonful, there were exactly TWO blueberries in the second box. They were both in the first bowl. That was when things started going wrong, and all the great things that had been going on in my life started to crumble in front of me. My hours got cut at work, my car broke down, etc. It sounds silly, but I think whatever forces are behind this cereal’s effects are directly related to the number of blueberries in each box.

Box number three had lots on top though, so I’m crossing my fingers, and hoping things start looking up again. If you order this cereal, be sure to ask for the boxes with blueberries in them!

WilburSurprise, AZ

Very unhealthy “organic cereal”

We purchased this thinking we were getting a healthy breakfast alternative. I wish I had read the ingredients first. (my bad)
This product is extremely high in both sodium and sugar, a very bad combination to start your day. In fact, it has more sugar than many junk cereals that you find on the grocer’s shelf.
To me, this borders on false advertising on the part of the manufacturer.
IrishTioga, ND

My Favorite Cereal!

Nature’s Path is my favorite cereal brand, and OPTIMUM Blueberry is my favorite of them all.

I’ve been enjoying this cereal for well over 5 years.
It’s organic, and full of wonderful beneficial whole grains etc. – just read the ingredients list!
It has a mixture of textures, with “twigs”, “puffs”, flakes, seeds and the little dried blueberries.
It’s great with soy milk, dairy milk, yogurt, and even right out of the box as a snack.

I haven’t bought it for awhile because it never seems to go on sale anymore, so I was thrilled to find it here on sale for $2.20 a box!

I just got my shipment from Amazon, and want to add a few notes:
While the cereal seems very fresh, I couldn’t find an expiration date anywhere on the boxes.
They have changed the packaging, making it even more eco-friendly, and also slightly reformulated the cereal. The box says “Now with 25% less sugar than our previous recipe” Yay! (Don’t worry, if you’ve had this cereal before the change, the taste is still wonderful.) So the “Nutrition Facts” have changed (not drastically) from what Amazon shows, but the fiber has dropped from 10g to 7g. The serving size is still the same at 1 cup (55g).

Here are some of the differences that may be important to you:
Calories were 190, now 200
Protein was 8g, now 9g
Total Fat was 2.5g, now 3g (Still none are saturated fat)
Total Carbs were 40g, now 38g
Fiber was 10g, now 7g (Boo!)
Sugars were 16g, now 9g (Yay!)
Sodium was 200mg, now 230mg

The cinnamon flavor is very mild, I usually add more for flavor and health benefits. I also add a small amount of walnuts (for extra EFA’s, taste and crunch), or pecans. Read Update below for more additions.

Unless you are hooked on the average sickeningly-sweet, unhealthy, over-processed mainstream cereals, I think you will love this as much as I do! If you want to try a box before you buy it in bulk here, I’ve found it at most health food stores, Fry’s / Kroger’s in their health food sections, and Sprouts.

Even if you are hooked on the other stuff, give this a try, you might be pleasantly surprised. I had bought this for my parents and their verdict is: Dad loves it, Mom likes it.

Update 6/6/09: I just responded with these comments in another review, and thought they might be helpful:

I too would enjoy more berries in the cereal, but it would probably make the price astronomical, so I usually add a little of “Just Tomatoes” brand of freeze dried mixed fruit which is yummy and has a good mix of fruit – though I could do without the raisins, they’re not so good freeze dried.
Just Tomatoes Just Fruit Munchies, 8-Ounce Tubs (Pack of 2)

They also have only blueberries
Just Tomatoes Just Blueberries, 8-Ounce Tub
plus strawberries, raspberries, apples, pineapple etc. just search “just tomatoes” – without quotes – in the grocery drop down in the search box.

I first found them at my local upscale grocery store (in smaller sized containers) and they are a little less expensive here, but I also like to support the local store, so I buy them from both places.

There is another brand that I haven’t tried, but has gotten great reviews called Traverse Bay that has dried blueberries
Traverse Bay Dried Blueberries, 8-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3)
Traverse Bay Dried Blueberries, 4 lbs

You don’t need to use a whole lot in the cereal so they last for awhile. One tip is to keep them in the freezer so they stay crunchy.

Hope this helps!

ZinaOden, MI

Satisfaction Depends on Your Priorities

Nature’s Path Organic Optimum cereal has an impeccable pedigree for the health conscious.
According to Nature’s Path the cereal has “Certified Organic Goodness.”
This means:
No synthetic pesticides
No synthetic herbicides
No artificial preservatives or additives
No genetically engineered seeds or ingredients
No irradiation

Optimum is high fiber, low fat, and whole grain cereal with 25% less sugar than the previous recipe. The only sweetener listed in the ingredients is “organic evaporated cane juice.”

Fine. Optimum is probably a healthy breakfast choice and doesn’t contain any of the nasties that the health conscious take pains to avoid. All of the cereals qualities and nutritional benefits are important to me too, but so is flavor.
After eating Optimum blueberry cinnamon cereal, I’m left to wonder why can’t one have good taste and good nutrition in an organic cereal?

My first taste of Optimum was straight out of the box. It didn’t make much of an impression. The anticipated burst of cinnamon and blueberry flavors just weren’t there. There’s not improvement when the cereal is swimming in milk. The taste is bland and unimpressive. If one eats the blueberries individually, one can taste the blueberries though they are far from sweet. As far as cinnamon flavor goes, I detected none, not even a hint. It’s also obvious that there’s been a reduction in sugar content. I sprinkle sugar on this cereal, but it does little to improve the taste or eating enjoyment.

Should you but this cereal? If health, nutrition, and organic content are priorities for you, but all means eat Optimum.
If you want the pizzazz of cinnamon or blueberry flavor, Optimum will seriously disappoint.

MistieCamp Crook, SD

Nature’s Path Organic OPTIMUM Power Breakfast Cereal

This cereal is my mainstay. While trying to keep my weight down, it’s a great snack to grab instead of something not near as healthy. I can no longer find it in any of the nearby stores, so I have it delivered monthly from Amazon. Really helpful. A healthy, delicious cereal for kids and adults. My grandchildren love to snack on it while watching TV.
KrissyShaver Lake, CA

also having trouble finding locally-yea Amazon!

Even when I could find this easily it was always closer to the $5 a box cost, but here on Amazon its very affordable. Tastes great, and keeps you full until lunch at least.
TiaCamden, IN

Good cereal — Always in stock!

This is good cereal, but I always had trouble finding it in stock at Whole Foods. Now it is always in stock at home, and at a good price.
ValeriGlenmont, OH

Product old and not as described

I ordered this product and received it Feb 27th. 2012
All six boxes have a sell by date of April 2012

The product description states that it contains 100% of the RDA for Vitamin B12.
The product delivered contains no B12 what so ever!
Nature’s Path rep told me that they stopped fortifying their cereals in 2008.

The product is also on the non returnable list.

If one views all the other vendors on Amazon they all use the same incorrect description.
None of Nature’s Path cereals are fortified with B12.

Caveat Emptor.

IrishBelgium, WI

Best cereal I’ve ever had, keeps you full!

This cereal is amazing! I’m a cereal lover, and I find it hard to find truly healthy cereals (despite what packaging may boast), but this cereal *really* is healthy. I expected it to have very few blueberries, but it’s actually packed with them, and the fruit gives the cereal enough sweetness that I don’t need to add artificial sweetener (which I love). The blueberries, the hint of cinnamon, and the slight “maple” taste you get from the puffed wheat really do a lot for the flavor so you don’t feel like you’re really eating a healthy high-fiber cereal. Since it is packed with fiber and protein, it keeps me feeling full for hours which cereal doesn’t normally do! Instead of being hungry an hour after I eat it, it actually holds me over from breakfast until lunch. What I also love about this cereal is that the crunchy “sticks” stay crunchy until the last bite – the flakes do get soggy (as all flakes do by the bottom of the bowl), but the sticks stay crunchy the entire time.

I’m thrilled to see this sold at Amazon, you can never count on local grocery stores to keep somewhat-“specialty” items in stock for long. There’s not a huge difference in the price here rather than at the local store, but at least I can buy it in bulk and not have to worry about finding a new cereal in a couple of weeks!

DelorseWoodbourne, NY

Nature’s Path Blueberry cereal

This cereal is crunchy, tasty and loaded with protein and fiber. It is great with milk, yogurt or by itself. I am very pleased that I always receive fresh boxes from Amazon, nothing is ever outdated. I would recommend this cereal to anyone looking to eat healthy and feel good about themselves.
NatalyaWray, CO

Best out there, doesn’t get any better than this cereal

I have been eating this Optimum flavor for almost 10 yrs every day, sometimes I add almonds sometimes I eat it dry and chase it down with water to be sure to get in water for the day. Its tasty, sweet, and high in fiber. I would highly recommend this to friends to at least give it a try.
CallieVale, NC


This cereal is so delicious, it keeps a nice extra crunch even after sitting in my almond milk for a few minutes. Very faint flavor of cinnamon,lightly sweet, not too sweet, just perfect and curbs your appetite with one bowl without eating the entire box. I get 3-4 servings per box, not too bad, breakfast for under a buck, this price is great with subscribe and save. I tried this after the granola sky rocketed in price and am so glad I did. Will be repeat buyer for this one.
BillyRedmond, OR

Tastes good and is healthy

I wish it had more berries, but this cereal doesn’t have too much sugar and still tastes alright (and every once in a while you get a berry which is awesome)~!
SeanEdmon, PA

Great Price!!!

Excellent price compared to the grocery store. Extremely filling cereal that’s great to snack on!
GaleLanham, MD

Great ceral

We first found Nature’s path at Costco, but like many good things they carry only seasonally, or try to copy a brand and put it out under Kirkland name. This is better then Kirkland.
MariSearcy, AR

I love this cereal but I always feel that it needs more berries.

I used to buy dried berries from Wild Oats but have been having trouble finding dried berries that are not too sweet(the ones at Whole Foods are just gross; the ones at Hy-Vee are too sweet; other local stores don’t seem to carry dried blueberries)

Does any body know where I can get some?–If so please leave me a comment.

LucianoLickingville, PA

Whole family loves it!

My mom had this, and it tasted great. You could tell it was healthy with all the fiber sticks, fruits and other whole-grain looking goodies, And it tasted delicious.
Mom, bro and Dad all love it. I’m told my college student bro even eats it out of the box for a snack. Can’t complain about that! (yay for healthy food that’s delicious!)
FredLopez, PA

Where are the blueberries???

Don’t know if I got a bad batch, but I’m on the 3rd box (of a 6-pack) and there are NOT 7 blueberries among the 3 boxes. Also, no cinnamon flavor. Very disappointing since I’ve tried their Flax Red Berry which was very flavorful. Will not get again.
JereLake Leelanau, MI

Not for me

I have to agree with Renbur about the sodium. I bought a box of this cereal at the grocery store to see if I liked it before ordering from Amazon, and I’m glad I did. It’s tasty and nicely filling but it’s so salty that I end up drinking water all day. Comparing it with other cereals it’s one of the highest on sodium: 230 mg for a one cup serving (this is up from the amount of sodium shown on Amazon).

I already order Heart to Heart from Amazon, and like it. Now I’m looking for a cereal to give me a change. Any suggestions?

JeannettaRoanoke, VA

Love this Cereal!

There is nothing else like this on the market. No GMO, highest fiber of any cereal I can find and high protein. It keeps me healthy. I won’t eat any other cereals, mostly junk.
EdisonSaint Benedict, LA

Whole grain flakes and crunchy fiber twigs.

Who would ever believe it would be enticing to hear a cereal product called a “crunchy fiber twig”? Well, it actually did appeal to me because I get so tired of nothing but mush in my cereal bowl as soon as I add the liquid. And this product did not disappoint, at least not where crispiness was concerned. I liked reading the box with the folksy, down home feeling used to convey the basic philosophy of the company and their own naturally biased view of their product. As always though, it’s up to the consumer to separate the hype from the facts.

The box I bought in the grocery store is different from the one pictured here and I think there has been recent repackaging and reformulating of the cereal. I notice here on Amazon that the product description specifically says there is no vitamin B12 or Folic Acid in this product so that must have been a sticking point before. I found that the cereal itself had a quite nice “nutty” taste and the fiber twigs are very crunchy. A serving size is quoted to be 3/4 cup which is 200 calories. The sugar content per serving is 9g and sodium count is 230mg. The description of the sugar source is “evaporated cane juice”. From reading the nutritional list I know not to count on this cereal to supply any appreciable amount of my daily requirements for vitamins or minerals. There are 13 ingredients listed for this cereal. I find it quite interesting that it is called Blueberry Cinnamon Flax when flax is listed as ingredient #5, blueberries as #10 and cinnamon as #12. But something we consumers can easily forget is that these ingredients are listed in order of their volume within the combination. I poured out some dry cereal and tasted each item separately. There is a definite sweet coating on each piece with the exception of the blueberries which have a concentration of their own sweetness from being freeze-dried.

My findings are that the flakes get soggy almost immediately but the “crunchy fiber twigs” stayed crunchy all the way to the final twig, and I’m a dawdler over my cereal. It took me more than 15 minutes to finish the bowl because I was reading and the twigs were still crisp. This cereal does not contain flax SEEDS and it never claims to. If you are expecting seeds, you will be disappointed. There are not many blueberries, but the ones here are very flavorful. In order to get as many blueberries as I would like the box would have to contain almost half blueberries and that is not just ridiculous, it would also be cost prohibitive. I simply accept that as a fact. I used Kefir instead of milk for the yogurt cultures I want and added a fresh peach. This combination (even at the 3/4 cup recommended portion size) lasted me all morning. I was impressed. To begin with I had been slightly worried about the cinnamon flavor in the cereal because that isn’t something I’m particularly fond of. I need not have worried because I could not actually taste the cinnamon at all. If you look forward to that taste, you will have some objections to the company using that as a selling point for this product. On another day I took a small zip closure bag of this cereal with me when I knew stopping for lunch would be a problem. It was really good dry from the bag and kept me from giving in to the temptation to stop at a fast food restaurant. Now that was a bonus. I plan to order the six box package here on Amazon. The price is virtually the same as in my grocery store chain, but my store has a monopoly in our area and they stock what they chose when they chose. This is my way of spending MY money the way I want.

LaraShelbyville, MO


This cereal is tasty and high in fiber. However, the sodium content is much higher than I thought, so I won’t be ordering this again.
DeannSkidmore, TX