Necta Sweet Saccharin Sugar Substitute 0.25 Grain Tablets – 1000 Each

INDICATIONS: Necta Sweet Saccharin Sugar Substitute Tablets dissolves quickly and does not leave a residue. Necta Sweet Tablets are truly calorie free and low carbohydrate in content. There is no lactose or dextrose in our specially-designed formulation.

Quick facts

  • Necta Sweet Saccharin Sugar Substitute 0.25 Grain Tablets provide to dissolves quickly and does not leave a residue.
  • There is no lactose or dextrose in our specially-designed formulation.
  • It is dissolve quickly – even in iced drinks

Top reviews

this is something I’ve used for years

I searched through store after store because I’ve used this in my coffee for about 50 years. I was delighted to find this available thru Amazon. My troubles were over. The NectaSweet is exactly the amount of sweetner I like, not too sweet-and never bitter. The delivery was really faster than I had anticipated. Overall, this was a great buy. Agatha Raisin
ZoeLake Zurich, IL


I have always used this product and have always been pleased with it. I prefer saccharin to sweeten my tea and coffee over anything else. It has gotten harder to find in stores and I’m glad I can order it.
NishaNew Franken, WI

Glad I found these!

I used to be able to buy these at Walgreens until they stopped carrying them. I prefer them over sugar packets. Glad to have found them! Shipping was fast!
BrockCypress, CA

review of product

I am fully satisfied with this product that I am using with most of my meals with pleasure.- thank you!

Gabor Vermes

SharleneLogandale, NV


I’ve used this product for many years and found the best price on Amazon. No bitter after-taste like other sweeteners. Works in coffee or tea and I’ve even added a few 1/4 grains to perk up cooked oatmeal.
FletcherDeal Island, MD

Good price, good product, swiftly delivered

Good sugar substitute, easily dispensed, quickly dissolving, and much more convenient to use than droppers or paper packets. Can recommend it wholeheartedly.
SierraThomson, GA

Saccharin tablets, 1/4 grain and 1 grain

The tablets sweeten drinks without adding calories, and leave no bitter aftertaste. They do not dissolve quickly, and unlike the best I have used, they do not dissolve with effervescence, which is almost instantaneous and very entertaining to watch. They are as advertised.
IanLivingston, IL

Shipping charges

Product arrived as promised. I thought the shipping was extremely high and had I realized it was that high, I would not have ordered it.
ErminiaRock, MI

Postage costs ridiculous

Postage cost for 1 bottle of Necta Sweet Saccharin tablets was about twice the cost of the item, and was calculated on a per unit basis, even tho the item was very small and several would go into an envelope. So ordering a number of them didn’t reduce the cost to a reasonable amount. I would find a different source.
AlitaAttica, IN

old things may be better?

To avoid all the chemicals and sugar in all the newer sweeteners like Splenda…I was advised to go back to Saccharin…. it’s very very sweet…a half tablet, and they are small, is enough for one cup of tea.
MathaMulvane, KS