Necta Sweet Saccharin Tablets, 1/2 Grain, 1000 Tablet Bottle

Necta Sweet Sacccharin Tablets have become America’s Best Selling Saccharin Tablets. Unlike other brands, Necta Sweet Sacccharin Tablets are truly calorie free and contain no lactose or dextrose.

Quick facts

  • Each 1/2 grain Necta Sweet saccharin tablet is equal to 2 teaspoons (10ml) of sugar or 1 pink packet of SweetnLow
  • Each 1000 tablet bottle of NectaSweet 1/2 grain saccharin tablets contain the equivalent of 2000 teaspoons of sugar or 1000 Sweet n Low pink packets
  • Necta Sweet saccharin tablets dissolve quickly into recipes and beverages
  • NectaSweet saccharin tablets contain no dextrose or lactose and are gluten free
  • Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate; Sodium Saccharin; Silicon Dioxide; Modified Cellulose Gum and Povidone

Top reviews

Finally found it

Good old Saccharin, so glad we found you. Hard to find this product which is so much better than the new sweetners.
ElwandaJamaica, NY