Nescafe Dolce Gusto for Nescafe Dolce Gusto Brewers, Cappuccino, 48 Count

Cappuccino: Luscious milk froth contrasting a dark-roasted and strong coffee to deliver a very well-balanced premium, indulgent coffee experience. 24 Coffee servings with 24 Milks. Each serving requires 1 capsule of each resulting in 24 total servings.

Quick facts

  • Delight in your favorite real coffee shop drinks at home. Brews in under a minute and without the mess or clean up
  • 100% Arabica , cappuccino offers a slightly sweetened milk, blanketing a shot of espresso
  • Each box makes 8 cups and includes, 8 espresso and 8 milk capsules. Comes in a package of 3, for a total of 24 cups.
  • Single-serve capsules are used in Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machines to create coffeehouse quality drinks at home.
  • Nescafé Dolce Gusto coffee capsules are compatible with Nescafé Dolce Gusto award winning coffee machines only.

Top reviews

No Coffee in there!

I tried this and the first cup was wonderful and then lo and behold, only hot milk, no coffee.

Don’t these people have some kind of quality control?

Trying to make coffee for company and having only milk was very annoying and the other couple would not even consider buying the machine.

BrigitteLewis, NY

Try them first

Everyone’s tastes are different. With that said, I would definitely recommend trying these first. I tried Nescafe cappuccino pods (along with some other flavors) in the machine I bought that uses these pods. Really wanted to like them but they were AWFUL. Bitter, synthetic–like something from a vending machine. The cappuccino maker has been returned to Amazon; unfortunately, the pods are a grocery item so not eligible for return. I have two boxes–50 dollars’ worth–sitting in the box they arrived in–feel like I put fifty bucks into my office shredder. Bottom line is, should have tried them before ordering any equipment/pods off the internet. Save your cash–try them first!
JesusitaGlad Valley, SD

Incompatible with Nesspresso machines.

Amazon website automatically suggest these pods with Nesspresso machines. These pods are huge and INCOMPATIBLE with Nesspresso machines. Please beware of that. The coffee maybe good, but it’s advertized with the wrong products. As far as I can see Amazon is not selling Nesspresso pods at all.
DarlaCedar Glen, CA

Middle of the road

I would not rate this as my least favorite of the available flavors available for the Dolce Gusto coffee machine, but somewhere in the middle overall. We do not drink more than a cup of coffee in a given day, but some of us do like frou-frou coffee now and then.

I found that leaving the milk out made it have a more acceptable taste and flavor, otherwise it seemed to have a sight aftertaste. I personally am not a cappuccino/espresso expert by any means, so I am not sure if that is normal or not. I actually prefer my coffee served black, with no sugar, creamer/milk, so I am probably a little more biased when it comes to rating something like this.

MildaJamestown, OH

Just O.K.

If you like gas station cappuccino, you may like this. Although the Dolce Gusto coffee maker is a great machine, the coffees are all mediocre at best. This is no exception.
CieraMarlin, WA

Disappointed, tastes like coffee creamer

I like my espresso drinks. I wouldn’t say I am an expert but I have at least one mocha (whole milk, half choc) daily from Kaldis, Starbucks or my new thing is making it on my office DeLonghi 32Bar Pump Espresso machine.
I wanted to like the Dolce Gusto Cappuccino, I really did. I wanted the no mess option for my home kitchen. It would save me money, it would save me time. So I read the reviews and I purchased it after serious consideration.
I am disappointed. All I could taste when I drank it, was a sort of powdered milk taste – it reminded me of coffee creamer which I never drink (the last time was stuck waiting for a car service at Midas three or four years ago). So if you really like your espresso and froth, this will not cut it. If you were having a party and your guests were not foodies, or wanted coffee in the morning in a rush, or if you don’t mind the taste of coffee creamer, then this is not the worst espresso drink I have ever had. It compares to an average restuarant that serves this type of drink BUT does [not] compare to a coffee house despite the claims on the box.
See my review on the Cafe Lungo option if you want to know what it tastes like when you remove the milk capsule as a factor…
MargaretTouchet, WA

Easy, quick, and great tasting capsules

I bought the Dolce Gusto machine in 2008, and have been an avid fan of the machine and the capsules ever since.
While I do have a couple pointers (not quite complaints, but advice to make your Dolce Gusto experience better) that pertain to the machine itself — and thus the final coffee product — I feel the capsules themselves are not at fault for any of the machine’s problems.
After many days of getting used to the machine, I’ve found that loosely following the recommended milliliter measurements on the boxes is a good start, and from there it’s up to you. Personally, I do just the recommended amount of milk and then pour the espresso until I see the tiniest hint of transparency in the flow. From there I wait anywhere from half a minute to a few minutes (the longer you wait, the more espresso left in the capsule makes it’s way to the bottom ready to get the last flush of hot water…but at the same time, the more the foam melts into the coffee), depending on what other busy morning activities I’ve gotten myself into while preparing the drink, and then push another few seconds worth of espresso out of the capsule. Does this make a world of difference in strength? I doubt it…but it gives me just that much darker of a drink and it makes me feel like I’m getting the most bang for my buck.
Ofcourse, the fact that I can get that much more espresso out of the capsule by waiting a bit isn’t necessarily all the capsule’s fault, but it is truly my only caveat (I also wonder if it’s possible to make recyclable capsules…). Either way, unless I’ve really overdone the amounts of milk or espresso (or haven’t gotten back to the machine in time to turn it off), getting a ‘watered-down’ cappuccino is not possible and, in my opinion, purely an ‘operator problem’ (see tip above).
Also something to note: a generally accepted typical single shot of espresso is made up of 8g of ground coffee and the final product shouldn’t be any more than 35mL. The instructions on the package tell you to pour about 40mL (and there is exactly 8g of espresso in the capsule). In other words, if you overdo the espresso capsule, you’ll be getting a noticeably watered down espresso (as for the whole cappuccino, I usually can’t tell if I’ve overdone it a touch).
Guests have always commented on the excellent look (use clear glasses for quite the show), feel, and taste of the foam and milk. I have to agree that compared to using other capsule-based machines where one has to purchase an extra milk-frother (and deal with the clean-up, supplies, etc), this system easily produces a comparable (at least) milk and foam experience, with very little hassle (if any).

When it comes to flavors, there’s been a long-standing tie between Cappuccino and the Latte Macchiato in my household. We tend to always have a supply of Cappuccino around with the occasional box of Macchiatto every month or two. Cappuccino is definitely a favorite. Top notch. Never had a problem with a bad after-taste, or at least nothing but the great taste of good espresso.
For those who like to know where their coffee comes from: the milk is from France and the coffee capsules are from England (although the actual 100% ground and roasted arabica beans themselves, I don’t know). Also, there’s 8g of ground coffee in the espresso capsules (the Latte Macchiato has less — in fact, the Macchiato box recommends 50mL of espresso for a capsule that contains 6.5g…in other words, the amount of espresso that you’d find in a fairly small single shot with the amount of water reserved for a small double shot…perhaps one of the reasons I tend to prefer the Cappuccino).

And ofcourse, buying the boxes from with the subscribe and save is the most inexpensive option I’ve found.
Also, make sure to sign-up online at Dolce Gusto’s website for the award points you get with every box. With a box of three from Amazon (through subscribe and save), AND factoring in the 10 award points you get with every box (with which you can redeem Amazon gift cards), the price per box drops to a little over 7 dollars (compared to ~9 dollars a box at Sur la Table and other retailers).
And since I’m a money-saving statistics addict, I’m especially happy about the fact that the online rewards program keeps track of all the points you’ve ever recorded (thus telling me how many boxes I’ve ever purchased). This helps me calc. how much money I’ve saved in total in comparison to, say, Starbucks.
All in all, if you’re not quite willing to shell out major bucks for a real espresso machine, and have limited counter-space to begin with, the Dolce Gusto machine is an easy choice (they just released new and improved versions, too). **And, as of early October ’10, they’ve revamped their boxes, giving them a classier, more matte-like finish (along with a recycle symbol on the bottom) and a cleaner look in terms of pictures and text. Great improvement to the design, and a fun, refreshing face-lift.**

In terms of capsules, the Cappuccino is a solid choice — a staple in my cabinet.

RollandRaritan, IL

Best of 5 flavors available

This flavor is by far the best of the 5 flavors available, whether served hot, or brewed hot then chilled for iced cappuccino.

While I’d still like to see Krups align itself with a better coffee producer than Nescafe or see Nescafe improve the quality of the coffee in their capsules for this system, this one is not at all bad in terms of taste, and the Krups system lends itself to very artful presentation with very easy clean-up.

KrystalMount Tremper, NY

Just not very good!

If you enjoy making cappuccino’s with your Dolce Gusto, I would suggest just buying the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Espresso, 16-Servings (Pack of 3) and heating/frothing your own milk. The milk pod just didn’t have a nice flavor in my opinion. Perhaps my pod was heat damaged, but it tasted sour. Unfortunately, I had to dump it down the sink because it really was that terrible and couldn’t be saved.

Since Nescafe states that the dark pod is espresso, I would be confident ordering a box of the espresso pods and frothing 1% milk with the BonJour Primo Latte Frother, Rechargeable Includes Electric Base. I use this all the time to make cappuccino’s at home and they are far better in flavor than this product.

The only reason I’m giving this two stars is because the milk pods are supposed to be identical between the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Chococino, 8-Servings (Pack of 3), the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Latte Macchiato, 8-Servings (Pack of 3), and the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Cappuccino, 8-Servings (Pack of 3). Unfortunately for me, the Cappuccino milk pods were awful tasting compared to the milk pods for the other products. I just assume that my box was heat damaged, resulting in an undesirable flavor. Your experience might be different.

TomokoDeerfield, MI

Flavor reduced for Nescafe Cappuccino

After about a year of subscribing to this product (Nescafe Dolce Gusto Cappuccino), my wife started to complain about the flavor is becoming lighter and lighter. I don’t normally use this product, but I have to agree with her after I tasted it. Does this have to do with the gas price going up? I don’t know, maybe there is a connection. These days, if a product does not go up on price, something got to go down. Sorry, I have to cancel my subscription.
JesusaSaint Lucas, IA

Great Tasting Coffee

The coffee is great tasting but is expensive in my book. If Nestle hadn’t sent me the machine for free I wouldn’t have bought it. It leaks and is not a great machine for an office. Our office doesn’t like it because you have to keep going to the bathroom to refill it with water because it only holds two cups worth of water. It does make a hot cup of coffee in a very quick time though.
InocenciaBath, IL

Not impressed

The Dolce Gusto Cappuccino is weak and watery, even with more coffee and less milk. The milk also has a definite aftertase.
ShawandaLyme Center, NH

Another good drink from Nescafe!

This one is a good drink, but, for a warm espresso + milk beverage, I still prefer the Latte Macchiato, which is very slightly sweeter. It would also be nice if this cappuccino developed a little more foam. Overall, though, I really like this one.


ConradWaterloo, AL

Gas Station “Cappuccino”

Length:: 1:39 Mins

I am more of an espresso/americano guy, but every now and then I really love a good cappuccino. This beverage tastes like the “Cappuccino” you would get out of a gas station machine or a vending machine. The milk has a slightly weird taste and it is sweetened! Why not let customers add sugar to taste rather than over sweeten the product? The drink is not strong or bold and as a little on the watery side when made according to the included instructions. It leaves you feeling really full and heavy not like a true cappuccino you would find in a local coffee shop. If you really want a cappuccino and have one of these machines, I think you’d be a lot better pulling an Espresso shot and adding your own fresh milk (yes, that does mean you’ll need to froth it!).

Note regarding video: the reason the saucer is cracked is due to bad product packaging for the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Machine. This is how it arrived to me.

DwanaBolingbrook, IL

Great Cappuccino! Easy to Make, Fine-tune to your taste

The cappuccino and the Latte Macchiato are where the Dolce Gusto machine really shines. On the cappuccino, I get a great cup of cappuccino with perfect foam, perfect flavor. I did not expect such quality when I got the machine. The plain espresso & coffee lived up to those expectations; the cappuccino and macchiato blew them away.

I have begun to fine-tune the drink to my flavor preference. A little less milk, a little more espresso for some extra strength. Or for a little later in the afternoon, when I want a lighter beverage, I can do more milk less espresso. I like the free that Dolce Gusto gives to make me feel like a barista and have some control over my drink.

The cost, since each beverage takes 2 pods, is about a dollar apiece. A bargain, considering the great taste, convenience, and ease of preparation.

ChanceEast Berkshire, VT

Totally Opposite Experience

All I can say is that I’ve had the complete opposite experience of the only other reviewer so far… the Dolce Gusto Cappuccino we’ve made with our machine has been excellent and has not had any of the chemical taste that the other reviewer mentioned. I don’t know why our experiences are so divergent, but we are very happy with our unit and with all of the Nescafe Dolce Gusto capsules we’ve tried thus far.
IzettaThetford, VT

Frothy Cappuccino, No Waiting

The Cappuccino is a close very close 2nd place as my favorite drink from the Dolce Gusto. (The Chococino is my favorite, because, well, it’s got chocolate.) The cappuccino is a rich frothy beverage with just the right coffee kick. I also like not having to wait around for it.

I was curious about what was in the coffee capsules so I actually cut one open and, yes, that’s real coffee, not powered “instant” coffee.

One thing to note about the size of the drinks. The Dolce Gusto Cappuccino is an 8.2 oz drink. In Starbucks’ world, this is a “short” drink, which is 8 oz., not a “tall” drink, which is 12 oz. Several years ago, Starbucks started selling customers a “tall” drink when they ordered a small drink, instead of the traditional small drink a “short”.

JoelCedar Grove, TN

Our favorite Dolce Gusto flavor so far

My wife and I just recently purchased the Dolce Gusto machine and we were very curious about the cappuccino flavor. Since I grew up in Germany, I am very familiar with a typical european cappuccino taste and I had high expectations.
I think Dolce Gusto hit this one out of the park. With a little addition of sugar and experimentation of the milk to coffee ratio this capsule can make a delicious cup of cappuccino in about 30 seconds. We are very pleased and can’t wait for our free Mocha capsules.
LaurynPortland, OR

Got my husband into “fancy coffee”

I love the quality and taste of the Dolce Gusto Cappuccino capsules. I recently bought this machine and I love making the different coffee drinks. My husband was formerly not a “fancy coffee” drinker, but these cappuccino capsules have converted him. The milk capsule is perfectly frothed and foamy, and the coffee capsule is a really nice, rich coffee that smells wonderful! I just add some sugar (his preference), stir a second, and top it off with some cinnamon. Because he likes a weaker coffee, I let it brew a few seconds more & fill up his really super-large mugs. Nice. If you don’t like your coffee super sweet it’s not necessary to add sugar – the milk capsules already have a hint of sweetness to them.

The capsules are easy to use, don’t make a mess and don’t mess the machine. The coffee is brewed in the capsule itself, so there’s no leakage to clean up, even though you’re using a milk product. The machine came with the capsule bin (which I line with a small plastic bag so I don’t have to ever wash it). I simply dump the used capsules into the bin as I use them, then dump the bin bag when it gets full.

The only negative is the price. They certainly could be cheaper, but I find it’s a pretty good price for a wonderful cappuccino.

TerrenceWebster Springs, WV

Very good, especially for a convenience product

I thought this flavor was very good. It might be my second favorite after the Chococino. I don’t add milk or sugar to mine, but just drink it as it comes out of the machine. I do put a little more coffee in the cup…and a little more foam, I just eyeball it. The milky-type beverages are really not my favorite way to drink coffee…I am more of a black coffee/espresso drinker, but these are a nice change. The Nescafe machine makes it worthwhile for someone like me (who wouldn’t invest in a big espresso/cappuccino machine) to enjoy these types of coffees at home for myself and for guests.
OmerMooreton, ND

My favorite flavor

This is the one flavor I order the most. I’ve had several attempts at Cappuccino from single server machine and was never impressed… until this one. The product is perfect for my tastes, I never need to add any milk or sugar, it’s great as it is.

I ordered 2 packs of this product as it’s my new favorite weekend morning drink. Again as with all of the products I find the price of the capsules to be too high but so far it hasn’t stopped me from ordering more 🙂

KaroleFredonia, AZ

Starbucks at home

This is really a specialty coffee right out of the Nescafe Dolce machine. I loved this. Sprinkle a bit of Cinammon or Cocoa on top and have yourself a $5.00 Cappuccino for around $1.00. Excellent flavor. Hide it from the teenager’s or you won’t have any for yourself.
JadeMetamora, IN


As part of our ongoing Dolce Gusto flavor trials, this morning hubby had a Cappuccino. He said it was very good and he will continue to drink this flavor. We make it by putting the milk in first, then the coffee, so it gets all nicely mixed up.
JaneyPoint Washington, FL

Just right for me!

Everyone including myself, hubby and visitors always love this Dolce Gusto Capsule flavor the most. It is not too strong but has the right amount of flavor and enough froth too that I can give my little one a few spoons of it when she is eying my coffee. If you are looking for a stronger one then put less water.
LoganAlpha, MI

Good but a bit sweet.

Overall, I really like this cappuccino. However, be advised that there is additional sugar added to the milk cartridge. I did notice a slightly sweet aftertaste that I do not get from my regular coffee house cappuccino.
NaidaChesterfield, MO

fabulous cappuccino!!

Nescafe Dolce Gusto is truly a great coffee, easy to make, and better quality than any $5 cappuccino you get at a coffee shop. Buying the machine was the best investment ever, and these cappuccinos are now famous between all of my friends!! They all rather come over than go get a $5 one at a coffee shop.

My husband serves has these in his office and clients are always impressed and happy to stay talking longer to enjoy the cappuccino.

MaryHawk Springs, WY

Good Coffee for “Made at Home”

After trying all of the options, This comes the closest to my favorite latte. I add a little flavored syrup and it passes for a “real” espresso drink. However, make it cold with real milk and a little more flavoring and you’ll never be able to tell the difference between your $4 coffee house drink and this 50 cent capsule of wonder.
DimpleDenver, KY

Beware of soy!

The milk pods that come in any of the flavored boxes all contain soy lethicin. If you have a reaction to soy, beware. Otherwise, the coffee is good. The company doesn’t offer a whole lot of flavors yet … but if you have this coffee maker, Amazon is the place to buy the boxes of pods — the best price!
IkeSandwich, MA

Great Product

Excellent taste and froth. If you like Starbucks you love the Dolce Gusto coffee machine.
RosanaCampus, IL

Great way to have a cappuccino for around a buck a cup!

Been using the Krups machine for a couple of months now. Alternate between cappuccino and latte Dolce Gusto capsules.
Really like the prices I have been getting on Amazon, plus I know I don’t get “expired” boxes of capsules.
TimothyWindow Rock, AZ