NESCAFE Dolce Gusto, Iced Cappuccino, Makes 24 Cups, 8 Espresso and 8 Milk

Cappuccino Iced: Serve this combination of strong espresso and creamy milk over ice for a refreshing pick-me-up. 24 Coffee servings with 24 Milks. Each serving requires 1 capsule of each resulting in 24 total servings.

Quick facts

  • Delight in real coffee shop drinks at home, in under a minute and without the mess or clean up.
  • A delightful Creamy caramel coffee treat
  • Each box makes 8 cups and includes, 8 milk and 8 espresso capsules. Comes in a package of 3, for a total of 24 cups.
  • Single-serve capsules are used in Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machines to create coffeehouse quality drinks at home.
  • Capsules compatible with Nescafe Dolce Gusto award winning coffee machines only.

Top reviews

Great drink, but Nescafe needs to rethink pricing structure

I’m quite happy with my Dolce Gusto machine, and 95% of the time we drink the Caffe Lungo. That product comes in a box of 16 capsules, but since there is no milk/sugar capsule involved in Caffe Lungo, we get 16 drinks from every box. One capsule makes one drink. The iced cappuccino also comes in a box of sixteen capsules, but you need two (one coffee, one milk/sugar) for each drink: so you are only getting 8 drinks from every box, at the same price as the other. In other words, the iced cappuccino costs twice as much. I think Nescafe should make each box the same number of SERVINGS, rather than the same number of physical capsules. I do like to have these around for super hot days (like today πŸ™‚ but it’s not a product I’ll repeat after August is over, simply because of the pricing issue.
RhonaBuhl, MN

Great product but capsules are waaaay to expensive

I certainly agree with all of the other comments . I love the pot but cannot deal with the price of the pods.
Had I known how expensive it would be I probably would not have purchased the pot.
ZulaBagdad, KY

Cappuccino Ice

I agree, fabulous quality but the price…. way too costly. Most stores are dropping the coffee pot and coffee because of lack of sales. I’m sure its the price. Too bad! Add shipping and the cost is way off the charts. Also, the expiration date on coffee is very short. If you aren’t careful you could buy a box off the shelf that has already expired.
AlSalisbury Center, NY

Not that expensive compared with “ordering out”

This is by far my favorite of the flavors! I do like mine a little sweeter than it comes, and I’ve found that a little agave nectar is the perfect solution…it mixes wonderfully with cold drinks, adds just the right amount of sweet, and doesn’t make me feel quite as guilty as plain sugar.

I’ve noticed that the biggest complaint is the price, but I don’t think it’s that bad. I purchase my capsules locally–and usually on sale. On average, one box (or 8 servings) costs me around $9. That is just over $1/drink. If this is a new addition to your diet–then this may be a little pricey…but for those of us who are willing to spend $2-$5/drink at a coffee shop–this is a savings! A little perspective and moderation can go a long way in appreciating what you have in front of you!

IvoryTownsend, MT


This is one of my favorite dolce gusto flavors. I’m more into cold drinks. Just make over ice and it’s delicious! No need to add sugar or anything, but sometimes I’ll skip the milk capsule and add hazelnut creamer to it. There is three boxes of 16 capsules (8 of espresso and 8 of milk) which makes 24 drinks. Little pricey but compare it to Starbucks and it’s a steal! Lol πŸ™‚
EleniNorth Evans, NY

Great tasting summer beverage

We like the regular Cappuccino and thought we would give this a try. If you follow the exact measurements we thought this had a really good taste to it.
GustavoDeal Island, MD

Great, Loved it but what happened to the price?

I purchased this coffee flavor for the summer when I drink less hot coffee. I love my dolce gusto coffee maker and have subscribed to receive several different coffees. I had not subscribed for the iced cappuchino because I wanted to try it first. I now go on to order and subscribe and see that the price has doubled. I am assuming because it is being sold by an alternate vendor and not Amazon but as much as I loved it I am not going to pay double the price. Amazon please go back to the orginal price and you will have an order from me again. Thanks.
NaomiRhame, ND

My favorite

I love this little machine and the ice caps are my favorite. Can’t get enough and it’s sweet enough that I don’t have to add extra sugar. For those who complain any of these caps are not flavorful enough, your adding too much water. If you want a mega sized coffee, use two sets then. This is just right for me, not too sweet and right amount of flavor. I enjoy them every morning, it is always such a treat and reminds me of Europe a little and a feeling of being back home. My husband likes cappuccino the most.
LanoraMiddle Island, NY

worth the expense

I’m a long-time iced coffee addict but find most ready-made products cloyingly sweet. This coffee has just the right hint of sweetness and a lovely frothiness that I’m unable to replicate with my cheaper home-brewed version. Expensive, yes, but worth it.
WanitaFountain Inn, SC

Nescafé Dolce Gusto Brewers, Cappuccino Ice

This is a great iced coffee flavor. It has a pretty good amount sweetness, personally I wish it would be a tad bit sweeter ,but it is still flavored better than the vanilla latte macchiato. The coffee has a nice rich flavor and the milk foams up well. I will admit it does not compare to a coffee house, but frankly what home machine does and it is far better than anything you will get in the milk case of your grocery store.
ZenobiaHarmony, ME


I love my dulce gusto machine. That thing is infinitely better than it’s K cup competition. My favorite is the cappuccino. I ordered a 3 pack of this iced cappuccino thinking I’d like it because I really enjoy iced coffee at Starbucks. This stuff though, not so great. It’s not bad, just not good either. Maybe if they offered it with some hazelnut flavoring, it would be better. I keep trying to offer the iced cappuccino to guests at my house because I’ve got three boxes of this stuff and I’m not going to use it all myself unless I get really desperate for caffeine. This beverage has yet to impress anybody I’ve served it to either.
HenriettaBaldwin, NY

I have one these each day

I loved this for summer it’s really yummy.But I drink caramel latte and the hot chocolate in the fall-winter.This has a nice light and airy sweetness and a strong shot of coffee flavor.
YvetteCarefree, AZ


Since I purchased my dolce gusto circolo I’ve been saving time and money not driving to get my morning venti mocha daily. Portions are approx. 8 oz per serving which is less than I am use to, but just as tasty.
HarrisNaples, ME