Nescafe Taster’s Choice Instant House Blend Coffee, 7 Ounce Canisters

Instant coffee is prepared in the same way as roast and ground coffee, but with an added step at the end of the process. NESCAFÉ TASTER’S CHOICE is made by first selecting premium blends of coffee beans and roasting them to perfection, the coffee beans are ground and brewed. The resulting brew is a high quality coffee which then gets freeze dried to preserve and fresh lock the rich roast flavor and aroma of NESCAFÉ TASTER’S CHOICE. The benefit is you get to simply add back hot water to brew the coffee fresh in your cup. No machines, no hassle. It’s as simple as that.

Quick facts

  • 7 Ounce canisters (Pack of 3); One 7 Ounce canister makes up to 105 cups of coffee
  • Made with a fine blend of Robusta and Arabica beans
  • Our signature blend, smooth, mild roasted flavors made only from the highest quality beans
  • Real beans used to make real coffee
  • Gluten Free, Certified Kosher

Top reviews

This coffee tastes excellent!!!

This coffee was smell and taste are excellent. I drank this coffee everyday and my family also like it. This coffee very famous to eveyone.
I love this coffee. One or two coffee drink was good. this coffee was better taste ever than other product.
ClarissaVado, NM

I prefer Taster’s Choice to brewed coffee!

This is, without any doubt, the best instant coffee I’ve ever tasted. It’s like an ultra-smooth brewed coffee. There’s no bitter after taste.
I highly recommend it!
AlexWolf Lake, IL

It’s great!!!

It’s great taste and it smells good. This coffee is my favorite coffee.
Also it is plastic bottle so it doesn’t break. It is easy to open cap.
I enjoy this coffee. Please try it.
EunaCambridge, NE

Does Not Have a Bitter Taste Right After Drinking


1) It has a great taste.
2) It does not have a bitter/burnt taste right after drinking.
3) It tastes better than Nescafe Clasico (Classic).
4) It lives up to its name: “Taster’s Choice.”


1) It costs more than Nescafe Clasico.
2) The design on the container is ugly. Nescafe Clasico has a better design. They should invest on a better design so as to attract more customers. I bet many people have not bought this coffee because of the design.

CherryEast Mc Keesport, PA

It’s Instant but one of the best

Ok, it is instant coffee and can’t compare to fresh brewed. But I’m at work and the stuff we brew at work, where they NEVER clean the pot, is like this dredging silt and as strong as acid and who knows how long it’s been sitting there “cooking” on the warmer. Plus, at those times when I’m the only coffee drinking around, I don’t want to make a whole pot of coffee just for my one cup (and I’m too cheap to go buy a coffee at Starbucks). This instant fills the gap. Nascafe bought it a few years ago but the taste seems to have stayed the same good taste. However, it’s become rather difficult to find–even Walgreens is locking it up so you have to hunt down someone with a key to get a jar–and they are selling a jar (I think it’s bigger than 7oz) for over $15! I can’t find it at any of the supermarkets or grocery stores–which is why I’m here buying instant coffee online. Sigh, what is this world coming to? Can’t wait until they have those food/drink machines like on Star Trek where you just ask and it makes it happen. Anyway, I have found I will drink just about any instant coffee when I’m desperate, but would far prefer TC if I can get it because it just has a really mellow, solid taste. The free shipping is making TC via happen for me.
JeffryWales, UT

Taster’s Choice….A Tasty Treat

I became aware of the Taster’s Choice coffee after sampling some in the local grocery store. I had a coupon for it so I bought some. Then when I finished that, I went back to get more and the price was OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. I thought, ” Can’t afford that!”. Then I got online at Amazon and found that that if I order through the automatic setup, I can afford it. And the taste is very good. Not too strong, not too weak.
Good stuff. Will continue until they discontinue it. It seems that every time I start liking a certain something, the manufacturer quits making it.
But, until then, “Bon Appetite”!
JammieBalko, OK

Great instant coffee

I love Taster’s Choice Instant Coffee. I have used it for the last several years and love it along with the decaf one.
BillyCommerce Township, MI

Best tasting instant coffee.

I once tried to fool my husband with a less expensive instant coffee. He knew right away it was not his favorite, Taster’s Choice!
TimikaJackman, ME

pretty good–but it’s just not the best

The original blend of Nescafe instant “Tasters Choice” is very good; but I don’t think it quite measures up to brewed coffee. I like the little extra “zing!” that you get from good old brewed coffee; although when I’m in a pinch or if I can’t brew coffee for any other reason then I do use this product.

This is not to say, however, that this coffee doesn’t taste at all like coffee. It’s actually pretty good; but it’s just not my personal favorite. Even with the fact that Nescafe regular instant ground coffee is rather consistently tasteful, there’s an ever so slight blandness to it that turns me off. You may want to add a little extra sweetener or milk to this product as I do when I drink it.

You probably should refrigerate the container after you open it; but I have left it outside on my kitchen countertop and the coffee I make with this still tastes fine. You can store it in a kitchen cabinet, too. You can even put unused containers in your freezer for up to several months, maybe even a year. It will stay fresh and taste the same after you let it defrost. In addition, this product is kosher if that matters to you.

All in all, Nescafe Taster’s Choice Regular Original Blend is one of the better instant coffees out there and it remains extremely popular. It’s not my personal favorite; it has a somewhat more bland taste than brewed coffee has. The extra added taste simply isn’t there. Nevertheless, it’s a decent choice when you want instant regular blend coffee.

AlidaMuldrow, OK