Nespresso: Decaffeinato Intenso Capsules, 50 Count

Roasted cereal notes and cocoa combine in this blend which brings together the full-bodied flavour of dark roasted Arabica beans with a hint of Robusta.

Quick facts

  • Size of cup: 1.35oz
  • Intensity: 7

Top reviews

Didn’t get my Nespresso Capsules

it has been 2 months,
I filed a claim and nothing yet.
I blame Amazon, I buy a lot on there web site,

If it won’t get resolved soon, I will never by from them again

VadaGackle, ND

Ecellent Decaf Espresso

I purchased these nespresso capsules for my machine and love the real high test taste even though they are decaf. It’s wonderful to have a great tasting cup of cappucino at 9PM and not worry about sleeping!
ToryMineville, NY

Great flavor.

Incredible flavor without the kick of caffeine. No more waking at 2 in the morning. I can drink great tasting coffee at any time.
LaraeShiprock, NM

Rating coffee, not the price

The coffee is excellent. I have to drink decaf and this has an excellent flavor. I ordered my machine from Amazon (cheaper) but not the capsules. You can get 50 for 36 and change (includes shipping price) by getting them from the company website.
JeriPeridot, AZ

Pricing seems way out of line.

I don’t understand why this would be advertised on Amazon at all? Buying from Nespresso the capsules are .57 ea. These are .97 each. I saw this advert and trusting Amazon, clicked on it. Plus, what is a “used” capsule? Somehow this whole category is not worthy of Amazon with these prices and items.
HarriettMontvale, VA

Scared me away!!!

Went right to the Nespresso website after reading these reviews. Bought my coffee for $.57 each. The reviewers were right: this is a rip-off.
MyrtisTatum, TX

Buyer beware – pricing out of line

Nespresso makes GREAT coffee and GREAT machines. I switched over to a Nespresso machine 7 years ago and have never looked back. I save a small fortune every year by making my lattes at home.

That being said, the Nespresso capsule offers posted here are from a third party who is putting a large additional margin on their price.

You can order the same products online from Nespresso for approx $0.55 each (half the price here).

LadonnaSpray, OR