Nespresso OriginalLine: Rosabaya, 50 Count

With red fruit and winey essences, this coffee presents a blend of roasted Colombian Arabica beans resulting in a subtle acidity.

Quick facts

  • Size of cup: 1.35oz
  • Intensity: 6

Top reviews

Delicious and light

This is one of the best ! No aftertaste or bitterness. Capriccio is normally my fave but this may have surpassed it! Delicious!!!
RoyceLorenzo, TX

Best Short Nespresso

After trying about 15 different varieties of the short Nespressos, Rosabaya De Columbia is the one I’ve settled on. It’s potent without being bitter and is closest to the traditional espresso you would get in a French or Italian restaurant. For the long one, I prefer Fortissio Lungo.
ChristopherSonyea, NY

Love it BUT!! Too expensive on Amazon

So far this is my fav. HOWEVER. if i were to buy direct from Nespresso the 50 capsules would only be $32.50
MelissiaMartinsburg, PA

Overpriced – do not buy!

Nespresso does NOT officially distribute their product through Amazon – what you are purchasing here is a re-sold product from third-party seller who has purchased it directly from Nespresso (exactly what YOU should be doing) and is now re-selling this product to get a nice profit from simple-minded customers. Buy it directly from Nespresso, people – you WILL get a cheaper price and you WILL get a more fresh coffee (you can’t know how long this coffee was stored at third-party reseller’s location).
PasqualeBeaver, OR

overpriced here

This isn’t a bad flavor. It’s very smooth and creamy without any bitter aftertaste. It’s rated with an intensity of 6 but I would give it a two. I found myself using 4 of these per cup to get the richness I wanted. I know I know…. It’s espresso you’re expected to use 1 cap … I tend to use 2 with a bit of crème usually as I don’t enjoy any of the nespressos as a pure espresso shot but I have to say, I was not satisfied with this blend. If you like a strong and rich blend with a hint of pepper or spice, I highly recommend the Indriya from India.
Also, go buy from the Nespresso site. It’s cheaper and they have a fast delivery.
GeralynJackson, NH

Buyer beware – pricing out of line

Nespresso makes GREAT coffee and GREAT machines. I switched over to a Nespresso machine 7 years ago and have never looked back. I save a small fortune every year by making my lattes at home.

That being said, the Nespresso capsule offers posted here are from a third party who is putting a large additional margin on their price.

You can order the same products online from Nespresso for approx $0.55 each (half the price here).

LonnaAzusa, CA