Nestle Chunky Bar, 24 Ounce

It contained Brazil nuts, cashews, raisins and chocolate, and come in a thick, almost square shape (to be more exact, the shape was that of a truncated pyramid). What better name for such a bar than Chunky.

Quick facts

  • Chunky is a candy bar that is a big chunk of chocolate with peanuts and raisins

Top reviews

YUM, YUM !!!

What else can I say? No other candy bar has this great taste of divine chocolate with the perfect combination of raisins and nuts. A favorite of mine since a little girl. Arrived fine when I bought them but watch out for hot weather deliveries.
ArieJefferson, OH

Good old Chunky–missing candy bars!

I love Chunky candy bars-they remind me of being a kid and sharing them with my dad! When this package arrived the outer card board box was sealed but the actual silver box of candy was not. The box was missing 3 candy bars not a big deal when you have ordered 24 except I now wonder what other tampering could have been done. I would go with a seller directly and not try to save by using Amazon Prime for this one!
PageElkville, IL