Nestle Crunch Crisp Halloween Fun Size Bag, 12.0-Ounce Bags

Crunch Crisp Bars have layers of baked wafers, crisped rice, chocolate crème and then covered in chocolate.

Quick facts

  • Crunch Crisp Halloween Fun Size Bag
  • Bring out the Kid in You
  • Nestle Crunch Crisp Halloween Bags

Top reviews

Sinfully Delicious

I bought a 4 pack of 12.0 oz bags. Each bag contains approximately 18 fun size bars. A serving is listed as 2 bars, with 50% (10 g) of your daily saturated fat allowance. No wonder these things are so divine-tasting! Though some people might find this amount of fat too much for their taste. It leaves you feeling like you’ve just eaten a decadent dessert from a fancy restaurant. These little treats are so rich and smooth and chocolaty, with a wonderful balance of crispiness that melts in your mouth. I bought these with the intention of giving them out as Halloween candy, but I’m not sure they will last that long!

The unit price was not displaying properly when I bought these, so you may want to double-check for yourself. It was listed as fifteen cents an ounce, but my calculated value was actually 50% higher. It’s almost as if someone entered in that you are getting 6 bags instead of 4. Hopefully someone will catch this and fix it. Either way, it is still a great price for chocolate candy.

HeleneFleetwood, PA