Nestle Crunch Girl Scouts Thin Mints Limited Edition Cookie Flavors Fun Size Bars


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SO awesome!

I bought these for baseball camp this summer and we ate these things while traveling to Cincinnati and back for a week! Golly, are they good! They are a wafer, like those kind that have the creme in the middle, chocolate though, covered in dark mint chocolate. SO good and they even unmelt quickly when held in front of the car’s air conditioner blower! Ahh, sugar. The mother of invention! They’re not overpowering in the mint category either. Just a very light cookie, two separate pieces that you can share (oh yeah, like THAT’s going to happen!). Just bought 4 more today – that’s how fast they disappear in this house. Highly recommend!
DeanCalder, ID

Very tasty and yummy

Crunch needs to continue to make them because they are so tasty it makes me think I am eatint thin mint cookies.
WyattGordonsville, TN