Nestle Hot Cocoa Mix, Dark Hot

Nestle Hot Cocoa Mix is the only hot cocoa . You know you’re getting a rich, creamy, chocolaty mug of hot cocoa with every packet. This season you can create warm connections with loved ones by enjoying a delicious hot cocoa treat, anywhere, anytime.

Quick facts

  • Pack of two, 50-count envelops (total of 100-counts)
  • Made by the chocolate experts at Nestle
  • Rich, creamy, chocolaty mug of hot cocoa

Top reviews

Sugar, corn syrup, AND artificial sweetener? No thanks!

I bought this 2 pack of Nestle Dark Chocolate cocoa packets for the office. Unfortunately, even with sugar as ingredient #1 and high fructose corn syrup as ingredient #2, Nestle thought it essential to add sucralose (a sugar substitute, Splenda equivalent) as a final ingredient. That makes for a nasty, saccharin-y, hypersweet and artificial aftertaste. Nasty. Guess I will have to go back to Costco for Milk Chocolate Swiss Miss. Adios, Nestle.
FredericaLouisville, AL

Worst Cocoa Ever

Nestle makes some seriously lousy cocoa. If you can taste any cocoa or mint in this bland product, you don’t have a human tongue. The drink you’re supposed to enjoy smells exactly like bales of hay. And twenty seven clams? Does it come with shares of stock in the company?
DominicaLilly, PA

Rich Chocolate Mix

The taste of this product in my opinion is NASTY to say the least.

Nestle’s should bring back the recently discontinued (Milk Chocolate) flavor 50000 11164

Nestle’s you BLEW IT by dropping the Milk Chocolate flavor.

Not everyone likes coffee or hot chocolate that is so thick or taste like MUD!!!

ChuckWoodstock, OH

Didn’t like it, Wrong one

I had bought Nestle Dark Chocolate in a single box at local store and loved it. Then on Amazon, I saw the 50-count, 2-pack size and the outside of the box in the picture also said “Dark Chocolate” so I ordered it. Much to my surprised, it was awful, and the ingredients were different too. It showed up as “Dark Hot” when I ordered it but I went by the picture online and thought it was just a different name for differentiating it from the regular single boxes of Dark Chocolate. Nope. Tasted awful and I ended up embarrassingly giving one box to the needy Food Bin and gave the other opened box to some people at work. Not the same thing at all even though it says “Dark Chocolate” (still does), it is NOT the same as the single box of Dark Chocolate with 8 envelopes sold in pack of 12. I will not buy the actual one I like at Amazon as the price is about the same as my local store. But if you like the Dark Chocolate generally sold as 8 packets in a box, be aware it is NOT the same thing as the 50-count box labelled Dark Chocolate on the outside.
NylaVeguita, NM

Fat free and taste free, sorry to say!

REally wanted to like this but it has no taste. Now I am stuck with 4 canisters.
AaronBelgrade, MN


Another non-diet food with artificial sweetener. I tasted the bitterness of the sucralose, checked the label and sure enough,it was there at the end. The first ingredient is SUGAR, why ruin it? Skip this unless you’re not on a diet, love sucralose, and not a chocolate lover. Gross.
LovieSundown, TX

Terrible – Tastes nothing like store bought product

I had been purchasing this product for several months at our local grocery store. The product became unavailable and I couldn”t find it anywhere. Someone mentioned Amazon so I searched and found it at a decent price. However, after receiving it and having a cup – it TASTED nothing like the store bought product. It tastes exactly like milk chocolate not the dark chocolate it is suppose to be. There is no way this is the same product – whether its an error in packaging or just a different product I’m not sure. Now I’m stuck with 100 packs of cocoa that I do not want. Beware !!!
OliverSilver Lake, MN

250% Price increase!

Six weeks ago I bought this for $19.99, now it is priced at $49.99. What is going on? This is just wrong.
CassiMatherville, IL

Great tasting drink.

I enjoy this drink every morning before going to work. And my little child loves it so much. This is a rich chocolate drink.
StefanieFairplay, KY

Excellent product and service

The item was received much earlier than was stated on order, came in perfect condition, price was excellent, and product is very good.
AlixNunn, CO

Nestle Hot Cocoa Mix, Fat Free

The box of cocoa came surprisingly fast. That variety of cocoa is not available in our city, so grateful to get it by mail. Most pleased.
YvetteSpring Arbor, MI

Nestle Chocolate

I love this product! Thanks for the speedy service and extra packaging that keeps it dry even in the rainy Pacific NW.
DelsieKotzebue, AK

Packaged goods–not so good.

I LOVE Nestle Rich Hot Cocoa and I was so excited to find it on Amazon for a reasonable price, but I was really disappointed with the condition of the cans once I got the box they came in opened. Two of the six cans I ordered were crushed on top and one can had a massive gash in it which caused some product to spill out during shipping. This was really disappointing as chocolate isn’t cheap. I was also incredibly nervous about using the product not knowing if the gash was man-made or if it was the result of improper handling from the warehouse? Consumers cannot be too careful these days with past cases of product tampering. Overall, I was satisfied with the length of time it took for me to receive the product. I just wish the presentation would have been better. Canned foods should NEVER have holes or gashes in them and crushed cans are usually caused from poor packaging.
CleoRosebush, MI

You have to be kidding me…

Why the hell would you pay this much when a grocery store is within a few miles from home, costing much less. Someone please explain.
WynellChrisman, IL


Makes a great cup of sugar free-fat free 25 calorie hot cocoa! It’s not quite as “rich” a product as some of the gourmet cocoas, but for those of us on restricted diets, it’s a really good product. I like the canister because it’s convenient and pretty much spill proof. I took the little single serving packets on vacation and they just don’t travel as well as the canister. PS Add a dash of cinammon or maybe a little almond flavoring if you feel like having a gourmet cocoa!
KimberlyJud, ND

The best hot cocoa I’ve ever tasted

This is, quite simply, the best hot cocoa I’ve ever tasted. Being a self-admitted chocoholic, I’ve tasted a LOT of hot cocoa. I even prefer Nestle’s Double Chocolate Meltdown to pricier choices like Godiva or Ghirardelli. This cocoa is smoother and more chocolaty than anything else I’ve found out there. I highly recommend it.
MelvinPound Ridge, NY

Excellent in Coffee

I have been desperately trying to find something to replace the “non-dairy” creamers which I had grown accustomed to in my morning cup of coffee. I just can’t drink coffee without some added sweetening.

Then I came across this product! I can put one tablespoon (and a dash of cinnamon) in my coffee, and I’m good to go. Easily 60 or more calories less per cup than I was previously drinking.

TerryWilliston Park, NY


This price is twice what one can buy this product at the store. What gives? Nobody should consider this product at these prices.
PhilipTennent, NJ

Still Not Twice as Good

I’ve bought this product from Amazon for almost two years for $20.19 shipped by Amazon as an Amazon Prime product. Amazon no longer carries it directly and the reseller is charging $44 for the same package plus shipping(down this week from $49 last week). The cocoa is not twice as good at these prices and I wish Amazon would find a reseller whose price is somewhat closer to the old amazon price. This is a very disappointing message from Amazon to its loyal customers. W. Grace
KirkTooele, UT

If you like hot chocolate you will LOVE this!

I have tried hundreds of hot chocolates from the really expensive and really cheap and this is by far the best you can ever have. It is creamy and the wonderful taste of Butterfingers. It is like a candy bar in a mug. However it is not overpowering.

If you want to try something delicious this is perfect.

SalleyLovington, NM


The stores that use to stock this item no longer carry it. I don’t know why. Thank you AMAZON. I have been drinking this for years and now I don’t have to worry about not finding it. I LOVE IT !!!!
NorikoStump Creek, PA

Falls short of a dark chocolate experience.

Looks like they didn’t really taste test this product. Nothing in the realm of dark chocolate springs to mind when drinking it. We were disappointed.
TienDixon, WY

creamy and delicious!

Im so happy amazon sells this item it is hard to find in my area my whole family loves the french vanilla flavor gives it a better taste! Highly recommend!!
HerthaAlgona, IA

Yummy and fun! A crowd pleaser!

Whenever I have guests over, I offer them a glass of Butterfinger cocoa. They love it! It really is fantastic! My local grocer is no longer stocking this so I was SO happy to find it on Amazon! Great deal!
OdellSherman, CT


Butterfinger hot chocolate is very good. It taste like a butterfinger candy bar. I like using it with my coffee for special treat. I get the satisfaction of the candy bar with a lot less calories and being warm/hot it is extremely comforting.
DawnaLongstreet, LA

Great value

I have been drinking this for years mixed in when I make instant coffee to ameliorate the “instant” taste and drink it stand alone lots of times also. There ARE richer, creamier, better tasting cocoas out there but I like this stuff and you can’t beat the price and the convenience of just adding hot water instead of milk. Its outstanding to carry when camping- light weight and pretty secure in its little bags.
RachaelNew Vienna, IA

One of my favorites

I buy Nestle’s Fat Free Hot Cocoa mix and add some Fat Free Hazelnut Dairy Creamer, and I have a drink that’s low in calories and high in taste. I got tired of having to go to several different stores to find this size and particular brand. Those little one serving packets are not for me. So I was very excited to realize this particular size and brand is carried by Amazon.
MarionOzona, TX

Hot cocoa in Coffee

We use a tsp. of this in our coffee each morning. I cannot buy it in the store where I live anymore. I was so grateful to find in on Amazon and it was so easy to order and have delivered to my front door. Try it you will like it.
RonaldClearfield, UT

Winter beverage

I appreciate being able to purchase this item by the case. It is my favorite Winter beverage.
BlondellGreenville, UT

Doesn’t get much better than this

Hands down the best cocoa I’ve had in a long time. Kept searching for a decent replacement since my stores stopped carrying this. The only thing that comes close (haven’t done a side-by-side taste test) is Hershey’s Dutch Hot Chocolate cocoa mix.
PaMontgomery, VT