Nestle Kazoozles Rope Cherry Punch – 24 Ea

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Love this candy!

I can only find them at Sheetz Gas Stations. I searched for them online and found them and like that I can order them and get them sent directly to my house.
LewisMurray, NE


Ordered these for my husband for Valentine’s Day. They are one of his favorite candies and they are hard to find. He was so excited when he opened them. They taste and smell so good!
CatherinCheyenne Wells, CO

A Favorite Candy

I got these first at my local gas station, and was hooked. I got my nieces hooked on them, and then they discontinued. I bought out the clearance Kazoozles, and then looked for them here.

The candy outside is like a soft, smooth, sweet cherry twizzler, and the inside is a delish filling that really blends nicely with the outside. It’s hard to describe, but if you really like good candy try it out.

I wish they were a little cheaper, because I hate spending over $20 on candy, but the 24, 8 stick packages will be worth the price I think. They are about $1.60 at the store retail, and have 2 sticks. These have more per bag and are less then 1$ a bag. I haven’t got them yet, so I will come back and comment on the freshness and size.

LaelOlean, NY