Nestle Mexican Chocolate Abuelita Drink Mix, 10 Packets in 10-Ounce Box

Nestle Mexican Chocolate Abuelita Drink Mix, 10 Packets in 10-Ounce Box

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  • Nestle Mexican Chocolate Abuelita Drink Mix, 10 Packets in 10-Ounce Box with a Pack of 6

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found what the wife was looking for

Had a hard time finding this product. Looked on amazon and there it was. Bought all that was there.
AprylGlennallen, AK

Delicious and different

I really enjoy this product. Not the usual hot chocolate taste – far more sophisticated.
JoesphMeriden, CT

it’s HERE!

this is thee best hot chocolate. reminds me of doing “las posadas” at christmas in school and, afterwards, having buns and mexican hot chocolate. my family begs for this as a treat – it costs quite a penny in stores – even at walmart. definitely cheaper here. this is the same taste of the whole tabs, but without the work.
JaneyBlacksville, WV

Tastes great but VERY unhealthy to drink~!!!

Like the other reviewers stated, I found this cocoa to have a fairly rich chocolate taste but, after I received it, when I read that it had artificial sweeteners in it….I was very upset. As one reviewer wrote….MIGRAINES cometh!!… after drinking this stuff. Before I realized how unhealthy this stuff was, I found that it took 3 packets to make a truly rich, large cup of chocolate drink. Any amount less and it was like drinking colored water. And it was really very sweet…to my taste any way –> maybe that was the three packets I needed to get the rich chocolate taste. Frankly, with the articial sweeteners and the small amount you get for the money, I will NOT be buying this product ever again! I recommend you try it locally if you must ingest artificial sweeteners but I’ll stick to Xylitol, truvia, and other natural, non-life threatening ones along with the natural ‘dirty’ sugars.
GlennieWeston, CT

Ruined with “Sucralose”

I love Mexican Hot Chocolate, and Abuelita is no exception. In fact I LOVE the syrup variety of the Abuelita.

Unfortunately these powder packets are sweetened with Sucralose – aka SPLENDA.

Splenda isn’t bad, but why? Why not use sugar? The difference IS noticable, and I have had a 10-pack of these packets sitting in my drawer at work for WAY too long. They actually give me a headache when I drink them. I made up 3 of the packets (with about 2-3 weeks in between to allow the disgust to fade between each attempt). None of them turned out to come even close to comparing with the real stuff.

So if you can’t taste Splenda then go for it. On the other hand if you can’t handle the disgusting aftertaste left by artificial sweeteners, then leave this behind and either get the syrup or the tablets.

KareenHollister, OK

Not Exactly Stupendous

For me, this is nothing more than weak hot chocolate that tastes as if a cinnamon hot drop hard candy was ground up and dropped into it. I had really been looking for ward to this, but to my palette generic store brand cocoa is more appealing. No matter how hard I tried, I could not get it to adequately mix with milk. Always a grainy, chunky bottom layer persisted towards the last ounce and it surely did not enhance the flavor.

Sorry Nestle, but this product is definitely not for me.

JoseNineveh, NY

It WAS our favorite….

After living in the Southwest for many years, I developed a fondness for the cinnamon-chocolate flavor combination. I used to always buy the tablet of chocolate and added it to hot milk, stirred and stirred…and had a fantastic cup of cocoa. Wonderful, but not real convenient. This product makes my favorite cup of cocoa instantly, no heating of milk and stirring to dissolve the tablet routine, and I can take our favorite hot cocoa flavor with us on camping trips. Its not quite as creamy as the version made the old fashioned way, but a dab of cream added to the mixed cocoa takes care of that. Unfortunately, the powdered mix includes artificial sweeteners, which we are not thrilled with.

If you don’t mind the artificial factor, this is great. If you do mind…stick with the tablet version!

ZulaTuckasegee, NC

Finally Found It

I have been trying to find someplace in the Northeast selling the Abuelita single packets. I even tried to order directly from Nestle. Seems it is only sold in the Southeast (I originally tasted it in Florida) and Southcentral (found it again in New Mexico).

Love this product. The hint of cinnamon in the chocolate gives it a bit of a different taste. And it’s not too sweet.

SonIrving, NY


Chocolate with a just the right touch of cinnamon ~ and you don’t have to shave the hard block of Abuelita to make a cuppa. Yum!
AlfonsoKewadin, MI

Not what I was expecting, but still pretty good with adjustment

I grew up munching on Abuelita chocolate and was excited to see a hot chocolate mix in the grocery store. However, one packet was fairly watered down in taste compared to the tablets.

But I figured out that using about one and a half packets fixes the taste, and makes a very delicious drink. It gets thicker and starts to remind me of this: Maizena Chocolate Drink Mix, 1.5-Ounce Packets (Pack of 48), which is excellent.

RoniHailey, ID