Nestle Nido Fortificada

Nido Instant Milk, 3.5-Pound Container

Quick facts

  • 3.5 pound container
  • Instant milk powder

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Nestle Nido from Chile best powder milk in 48 years of milk drinking

Nestle Nido made in Chile Ingredients, Whole milk, soy Lecithin ( emulsification properties ), Vitamin A Acetate, Vitamin D3. I did a three milk blind taste test. I mixed nonfat milk from a large country wide grocery store chain by the directions, Mixed Nestle Nido from Chile by the directions, and bought a pint of whole milk from a country wide dairy. I left the milks in the fridge over night in uncoverd identical marked glasses . This was to give them time to rest. The next day a friend blindfolded me and the test began. First a whole milk that was very good. Washed mouth and the second milk was nonfat. Easy pick taste like most nonfat powderd milk. Washed mouth. Tried third glass and was stumped. I sipped both whole milks and could tell one was fresher. I picked the fresher as the store bought and was wrong. The best was Nido from Chile. I have had two years chef prep and years cooking in the field. It is my assumption that the store bought had picked up flavor from the carton. I will keep Nestle Nido from chile as a back up and for emergency stock. I also boiled both whole milks and found the Nido performs as well as store bought. One thing to remember is to make sure the country Nido comes from does not add sugers or other flavorings to cover a bad product. Pricey but good for emergency or every day use if you through out spoiled milk.
DomoniqueDuson, LA

Makes 13 Quarts of WHOLE Milk

Instant Dry Whole Milk. According to the label, this 3.52 lb can makes about 13 quarts. Rather expensive per quart, compared to fresh milk from the grocery store, but cheaper than a trip to the store when I run out of milk and need some quickly. Ingredients: Whole Milk, Soy Lecithin, Vitamin A Acetate, Vitamin D3 (per label). Imported from Chile. Instructions say to add 3 heaping tablespoons of NIDO to 1 cup of WARM water — I guess you can chill it after it’s mixed.

Haven’t tried it yet, so can’t comment on flavor.

LaneHaiku, HI

good taste but high sucrose content

The milk powder is very sweet and definitely not natural taste. High amount of sucrose added in,which lower the cost.(Sucrose is much cheaper than milk)

The taste is good though. For 12 dollars, it is not bad.

MargeneIngram, KY

Product of Chile or Mexico?

Be aware that Nestle USA recently switched supply of NIDO from their Chile plant to Mexico and the quality is like night and day. Most if not all the previous 5-star ratings were based on NIDO from Chile were the quality of the milk is far superior than the Mexican milk which is horrible!
ElliottUrbana, MO

Thank You Nestle!!!

Finally I’ve found an instant milk that’s NOT FAT FREE! You can never find this stuff in the store, it’s all non-fat. Well hallelujah here’s a straight up instant milk, fat intact just the way nature intended.

I know what you’re thinking – does this compare to Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128fl oz? The answer is an emphatic NO!

DarrellNicasio, CA


My hubby and I rarely can finish a gallon or half gallon of milk before it goes bad. this is the perfect answer! tastes gr8 (we make it a lil creamier) and it’s there whenever you need it. no running to the store to make a cake or cereal etc. i even use powdered eggs

saw that this was not often available so i bought 2 here then my walmart finally stocked it @ $13.88. it’s where the hot cocoa is, not baking area like i thought.

It may be in spanish but it’s AWESOME!

VeroniqueOkabena, MN

Easy way to make milk

I found the taste of Nido to be like store bought milk. The convenience of not having to carry home the containers every time is a plus for me. It would have been nice for a measuring spoon to be included so one could get a more accurate mixture of Nido and water. It is still an easy drink to make and it is tasty.
JanessaBellwood, NE


I was about to make another purchase on this milk. I was going to do the monthly shipment. I’ll never buy this again when it’s cheaper elsewhere….It’s a fantastic product, but too bad the price doubled like that..I just paid 13 for this….What happened??
NicolasaDavis, WV

Nido is Great tastes like real milk

Today’s milk is mostly milk mixed with water it doesn’t taste like it used to, I tried this NESTLE’S Nido and let me tell you …it brings back childhood memories when milk tasted like milk, I will surely buy this milk from now on.
ThaoGlenford, NY

Really awful.

We bought this specifically to add body to homemade yogurt. We’d seen only good comments about it. Using less than half a cup of Nido to 42 oz of fresh whole milk resulted in the worst tasting yogurt we’d ever made. We couldn’t believe it was the Nido, so tried again, this time with a scant 1/3 cup. Still horrid. Went back to the store brand, not great but certainly edible, until we were able to pick up some Saco, which worked well. I’m not sure whether the Nido was rancid or just didn’t fit our taste. It *shouldn’t* have been rancid, being in a sealed can just purchased, and not beyond expiration…
ZanaMelvin, AL

Nido dry whole milk

I really like the vacuum sealed can. The milk was good. It had a little to much of a cream taste for cereal. I think I will try mixing it half and half with non-fat for cereal. It was really good for making milk gravy. I would recomend it. This can was from Mexico.
AlanWaterford, NY

excellent milk–insane new price

I was getting this on subscribe & save; price skyrocketed & I skipped–and less than one week later it was even less than original price, then no longer subscribe & save. As another reviewer stated, this product is available cheaper elsewhere.
JohannaPowell, TN

Was excited to order powdered milk for the first time…

So I was so incredibly excited for this powdered milk to arrive. I looked at the reviews for this product and they were generally positive. I saw one dissenting review from a person who said they switched the manufacturing plant from Chile to Mexico and it was horrible now. I thought he was wrong and was just some bitter man with time on his hands.

Boy I was wrong.

I never tried this product when it was made in Chile, but I can tell you that it now tastes horrible and nothing like regular milk. It tastes like cheese, really old rotting cheese. It smells terrible, and all my buddies who I had try it agree with me. I have a friend who picked up powdered milk from Albertsons and his is substantially better. It’s a store brand I believe, but I can’t order that on Amazon.

I want to request my money back from Nestle. This is probably the worst product I ever ordered during my time here at Amazon and on prime.

EmeryNew Lisbon, WI

Want taste as close to Whole Milk as possible?

We lived in the Middle East for several years, while my children were toddlers/milkdrinkers. Our milk choices were canned, reconstituted, dry nonfat, and several with indecipherable labels. Then we tried Nido (Europe). I had to experiment a little but finally came up with the best-tasting method. Mix it up in the blender – I think aerating it helps it taste fresher. Next, refrigerate it overnight before use. It becomes delicious! The family liked drinking milk again, and my tea stopped tasting strange.
OcieTracy, CA

Very Close to the Real Deal

I use this as my coffee creamer at work instead of the non-dairy substitute creamers available in the break room. Tastes just as good as half-and-half at home in coffee.
ShaeTulsa, OK


DinahLynn, MA

Real whole milk

In an emergency situation, skim milk is not nearly as attractive as full fat milk. For my food storage pantry, I choose Nido whole milk powder. The large containers keep a very long time in storage, and they are light enough to travel well. May I suggest you combine this milk powder with a meal replacement, like Carnation Instant Breakfast, for a more nutritionally complete source of calories. Both items are dehydrated, so they are light and will travel well, and keep for long periods of time on the shelf.
OneidaSouth Lyon, MI

Instant WHOLE milk!

This NIDO instant whole milk has been a staple in our pantry for years. It makes delicious milk, when needed, but my favorite use is in cooking and baking. I add it to creamy hot cereals as they cook, like Farina Farina Creamy Hot Wheat Cereal (28 Oz.) or Cream of Wheat Cream Of Wheat Original Stove Top 10 minutes, 28-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4) for added flavor and nutritional punch. Also, our littlest guy, who is 3 yrs old, “doesn’t like milk” but he gobbles it up with this method. I also add it to mashed potatoes to make them thick and smooth and we add it to hot chocolate making a really good, luxury smooth flavored hot drink. Like ALL dry milk, NIDO is not cheap, but the price on Subscribe & Save is less than any store, even WalMart, and we can have milk at any time, anywhere. NIDO requires no special treatment – just stick it in a cupboard and its there when you need it!
MarjorieGalena, MO

Quality and Value

This is such a great buy. It makes it so easy to always have milk on hand. I have tried one other brand (different website) whose flavor is a little richer, but that one has lumps that are annoying. This Nido is really excellent and mixes easily and thoroughly.
JanetBarnet, VT

Great with Coffee

I am looking for a replacement for the usual coffeemate, and this milk powder is the best fit. It is the only milk powder that is creamy and easily dissolved. I am happy with it.
OzieGarneill, MT

fast shipping good product

used in the creation of homemade yogurt, makes end product (yogurt) richer, creamier, thicker, more like greek yogurt. Didn’t want a no-fat or low-fat product, as I am not on a diet. For very rich, thick, creamy (not runny or watery) yogurt: 3.5 cups whole milk, 1/2 cup nido whole dry powdered milk, 1 cup plain yogurt. (time in electric yogurt maker runs 4.5 hours – 6 hrs, depending on brand of plain yogurt used). Product came in less than a week, packaging was secure, and is excellent for use in making yogurt. Good product for making yogurt, probably for cooking too, pleased with purchase, product, and timely fashion of shipping.
ChristianaYorktown, IN

Good to have on hand!

This milk is whole, not non-fat, therefore it has a much, much better taste and is wonderful to have on hand. Never know when the power will be out or other emergency might happen. Is a great fill-in in a pinch!
JoeyKeithville, LA

Makes great frothed milk for lattes and capps!

I got this to make milk froth for my Nespresso Pixie. I was using a Dolce Gusto machine for my coffee milk drinks with the powdered milk capsule, but this is better. Since I don’t use milk much for other things, this works better with less waste. It also froths better too, with just a hand held frother to rinse. I just use the Nespresso to pour some hot water into a cup with the milk powder and a packet of sweetener, and hit it with the frother. The Black & Decker one works great. Then I do a shot or two of espresso, and an instant capp or latte with no fuss! Tastes as good to me as frothed milk from a fancy machine.
JeroldBelle Mead, NJ

Goes bad quickly

What is wrong with this stuff? It is only good for like one day and then it tastes rotten! Don’t buy it- you’ll regret it.
MyrtaCockeysville, MD

Even most critics of powdered milk will like this stuff!

Nestle Nido tastes nothing like most of the dry milk powders. You know how most powdered milks are really only okay for baking or for emergencies? That’s not true for this stuff. It tastes great – even when it’s used alone. It is rich and creamy. It completely and easily dissolves in cold water – which isn’t something that can be said about most powdered milk. The best part is that it doesn’t really taste processed and doesn’t have any odd aftertaste. I know what farm-fresh milk tastes like (my grandfather had a dairy farm) and even though I’m picky about my milk – even I still like this.

My main reason for purchasing this is because I like to add it to hot cereals. I can make grits, oatmeal, cream of rice, etc with water and then simply mix this in once I’m finished. It is also perfect for adding to coffee, making homemade hot cocoa recipes, making yogurt, adding to recipes, etc.

This has become a staple in my home. I love the convenience and taste of this. I do prefer the cans from Chile more than the ones from Mexico – but both are still good.

KeeshaPatoka, IN

Kids love it

Our kids drink 3 or more gallons of milk per week and it was taking up a disproportionate amount of space in our refrigerator compared to other things. My wife remembered Nido from when she was a kid so we tried it out. Our experience is very positive. It tastes great and the kids love it. Now we make a gallon of milk when we run out — no need to run to the store. The canister is giant; I haven’t figured out exactly how much milk it makes, but its quite a bit — off hand it seems like a better bang for the buck than liquid milk. We’re now going to be using this exclusively because it fits our lifestyle better.
CarlitaRedkey, IN

Love it!

I just eat it with a spoon. It’s so addictive!
On the negative side, I can’t believe the price has gone up by more than $3 in less than a few months.
KrystaDanbury, NE

very good taste for kids.

i keep searching for a good milk powder for my 7 year old and i believe this is a good choice for her. i’ll keep buying this.
VernonMiami, MO

Tastes like real whole milk!

I grew up on powdered milk – the nasty watery skim kind. This is NOT that kind of powdered milk. 4 TBS and a bit of warm water transform this powder into a lovely and delicious 1 cup of whole milk. The powder mixes very well and easily (no nasty clumps), and has the proper consistency and color of milk. We don’t use a lot of milk typically, so if we need or want it we would buy a small container, use some, and wind up throwing most of it out when it went bad. Buy this stuff and problem solved. Best of all, it tastes great, and works equally well for cooking.
VasilikiFelch, MI

ok for the taste

I have looked everywhere for powdered milk that is not fat free and finally found it! Sent it to my cousin away at college and he says it’s ok for the taste. Good for late night dorm snacks.
TerenceGallupville, NY